Radha Mohan 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Radha Mohan Written Episode

Written Episode of Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 30th September 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

In order to complete the ceremony, Damini walks slowly. Tulsi asks Bihari jee to expose Damini’s actual identity in front of everyone so that she might fulfil her goals at that point. Pandit jee recognises that Damini was the one who used to meet Hriday as she sits in front of him as Radha attempts to signal him. Damini is ready to carry out the ceremony but is stopped by pandit jee. Tulsi swears she won’t leave her since she attempted to hurt her daughter.

When the Pandit jee tells they do not complete the ceremony with their right hand thus she must offer him the Kalish, Pandit jee explains she must add milk, Tulsi is rushing towards Damini. Even Pandit jee declines to name Damini as the guilty party. Radha leaving the home and then returning raises the question, “What’s going on between Radha and Pandit jee?” If Radha is smart, then she is much smarter, declares Damini as she pours the milk.

Damini remembers seeing Radha conversing with the Pujari; Kaveri wonders how she can act in this way and whether she should even consider the truth; Damini realises she saw him at the Mandir where she met Hriday; Kaveri then wonders why Radha called him here; Damini believes Radha may have asked him to come so he can recognise her as even he might have seen her. He would do the ritual to purify the home first, and then they would finish the rite, according to Radha. Damini says that she is the enemy when Pandit jee attempts to contact Radha because he believes he was drawn into the room and realises that Damini is the person he saw at the mandir and is the enemy of this home.

Pandit jee promises to confront Damini’s whole family with the truth about her, but Kaveri says he should first collect the money, so Damini gives him a sizable sum. Kaveri responds that he would not ask for any amount but that they are giving him a lot of money right now, what is going to be his response, so Pandit jee also agreed. Damini adds that she is providing this money so that he remains quiet. When the Pandit jee declares the procedure to be complete, Damini concludes the Pooja and departs. When Radha prompts him to consider if he missed someone, Pandit jee slips the cash further into his bag to ensure that no one is home. Radha is unsure of what to do since nobody in the family is her adversary, but the issue is that she hasn’t been able to identify anybody. When Mohan arrives, he queries what she means by the adversary.

When Radha attempts to clear herself, Pandit jee departs. Mohan predicts that Radha would try to lie again since he saw her signalling Pandit jee. He adds that although he was rescued by the snake bite and even the thugs, he could be saved again in the future. When he says he shouldn’t speak like this again, Radha interrupts him and says she doesn’t know how to tell him the truth and is afraid the family would split up once again. Radha refuses to divulge the truth, despite Mohan’s efforts. He wonders why she is holding back and insists that she speak the truth.

When Mohan asks whether she discovered anything with Hriday, Radha responds that there is someone in the home who was aiding Hriday, which is why she returned; she had hoped that Pandit jee would be able to identify her, but that did not happen. Radha then displays the photographs and letter to Mohan. Mohan declares that the individual could have threatened or used blackmail to pressure him. In certain cases, intimate friends might turn into adversaries, according to Mohan, who also claims to know how to get those who are hiding to come forward.

When Radha asks how it is possible given that her strategy failed, Mohan responds that it was because she was by herself since Radha and Mohan are most matched when they collaborate. When Radha hears them, she begins to feel uneasy, and Mohan wonders what is wrong with her since her cheeks have once again become crimson. According to Radha, a mosquito bite may be at blame. Radha asks Mohan what his strategy is when he tells her to go near to him but then turns away, becoming concerned as he does. Mohan says he has a plan and will know it will work.

When Kaveri informs Damini that their time together is about to come to an end and delivers her the letter, she promptly interrupts the conversation from Hriday. Damini then begins to read the letter, in which he demands the five lac rupees today or else threatens to disclose her reality to the Trivedi family. Kaveri wonders whether Hriday believes that they are the chickens that will lay golden eggs. Hriday is stealing the money that he was scheduled to get from Radha, according to Damini. Given that even they don’t have so much money, Kaveri wonders how long they will continue to pay him.

Gungun explains that there is a social event in which she will also take part, but she will require a companion since both Mohan and Radha have busy schedules. Damini stumbles into Dulari as she and Kaveri are walking, causing Dulari to drop the bag. Kaveri is startled but manages to quickly conceal the bag. Kaveri advises Damini to maintain her composure till she marries Mohan and warns her not to repeat her previous behaviour. Damini has been unable to control herself, according to Kaveri. Kaveri doubts the necessity for bringing such weapons and should put the rifle away after pulling it. After becoming agitated, Kaveri decides to depart to avoid the goon raising the price again.

When someone asks Kadambari which saree she prefers, she is seated. Ketki approaches and tries to call her, but she is busy. When she finally asks what happened, Ketki gives her the letter to read, to which Kadambari responds that she received the letter and had considered speaking with Mohan but had not been able to locate him since the afternoon. Damini wants to find the truth but believes that Radha has something in mind after the Pandit.

Radha says that he is the one who should be sacred and asks Mohan if he believes that the enemy would come here. Mohan responds that the person has worked closely with Hriday so will know how low he can stop to complete his task. Radha and Mohan become frightened when they unexpectedly bump into each other.

Damini wants to stop her, but when Kaveri hears Damini’s call, she assumes that she won’t pick up the phone today. Kaveri wonders whether the auto driver hasn’t eaten breakfast, causing him to drive quickly.

When Mohan asks why the adversary of the home hasn’t arrived, Radha responds that it’s possible that there isn’t one since even Pandit Jee failed to identify anybody. They dispute because she can’t say “007” correctly, to which Mohan responds that she should follow her logic rather than her emotions. He also tells her to concentrate. Radha concurs with him and inquires as to who he is. Mohan responds that he is the 001 because he is the greatest. Since the adversary has attempted to damage not just him but also his Radha and Gungun, Mohan believes he will eventually discover who the enemy is. While still standing, Radha abruptly turns to look at Mohan; when he asks what is wrong, she tells him Kaveri has come and begs him to see. Because Kaveri is their opponent, Mohan proclaims that they have discovered the true offender.

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