Radha Mohan 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Radha Mohan 27th May 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Damani sits on the bed next to Gangan, Tulsi wonders what Daman is thinking because she is sure she will do something, Damani tells her not to be afraid because she is not going to scold her but she wants Gangan Always be rude like this because then everyone would get angry with her, they don’t care that she doesn’t want to be married to Mohan but after that she will be his mother,

Gangan in this house Will have to stay but it will be hell, Tulsi angrily warned Damani to stay away from her daughter and not make her part of this evil plan. Damini says she can stay in the same house until she is 18 years old, after which she can run away wherever she wants. It will be seen that he has done this. Tulsi slowly removes her hand, then Damini manages to show her love by touching Gangan’s face before leaving. She will not be able to become a mother.

Shakir says he can’t understand because he first rescued Radha from the kidnappers but then she manages to return home on a bicycle. Mohan says it’s true, her bangles fall from her coat. The question is what are they doing in his pocket? , He replies that he has left out the signs which he followed.

Shakir praised Radha for her intelligence when she says that she does not have that much intelligence and she always gets into accidents. Shakir asks if he thanked her for all the help, Mohan replies that he did not thank her when Shakir explains that he is not the Mohan he knows because he always tells others Thanks

Radha is telling her grandmother that when she pulled out a knife to kill Mohanji, she got scared. Grandma replied that he is a strong man so he can take care of himself The lie just seems strong but today he looked the other way.

About this, Daddy does not understand that when Radha explained he saw her as a broken father who is full of pain, Grandma insisted that he come back because everyone in this house is one. As it is but Radha replies that she thought so too but now she can’t come back before it’s over. But Radha replies that he told her that she could not come back unless she was happy.

Gangan thinks in his room that he had promised Mohan that he would stay in the house because it contains memories of his mother but when Damini marries him there is no place in the house for his memories. She’s not going to stay, so she’s going to leave this house forever. Tulsi pleads with Gangan not to do such a thing because she knows what happened the last time she left.

Radha gets upset when Mohan asks what she is doing because he has kept her standing at the door for so long. Mohan enters the room and says that he has come to return her belongings. So he takes out the bangles and gives them to her, she immediately starts wearing bangles. He then puts his hand in his other pocket but screams in pain. He pulls out the ring and says that it belongs to him.

He says that he is really intelligent but his beard says for no reason that The brain is half, the grandmother is gone. Bhagwan ji cried and said that they have met but Radha is still innocent and she does not know what she is doing because Mohan is much bigger than her, he is still not affected by it. ۔

Mohan turns to go when he sees that he is not fit to wear the bracelet, he comes back to help her which makes her upset and so she thanks him, she replies Given that he should ask for help when he needs it, then it will not happen.

What is the need to thank her, Radha replies that she was thanking him for saving her life, Mohan replies that he came to thank her for saving her life when Radha replied that he did nothing as it all belonged to Bihari ji when Mohan asks him. Don’t start these religious books in front of her, she says he is the one who prints them all, Mohan turns to leave, she insists he should do what he came for, he says Maybe he is not in the mood when Mohan asks him.

They both get entangled to move it because when one puts his hand forward the other grabs them both, Mohan grabs Radha’s hand and forces him to move it, he turns to go back but his Dupatta gets stuck in his watch. Radha tries her best to remove him but she is not able to do so, he tells her to wait a minute then removes her watch and advises her to do it calmly, if he is not able to wait then there She turns to leave but he stops her saying that it is open,

Mohan leaves but she starts smiling, Radha doesn’t come. Know that Damani and her mother are watching her, Damani’s mother asks her to see how this girl is teaching love to Mohan, Damani ran towards her room in anger, she stopped thinking about all these times She starts beating things first when Mohan compliments Radha, then explains that she is a guest in their house,

Damani’s mother comes to warn her not to break things but then Mohan and Radha The closeness between them should be broken, because now he has shaken hands with her, and one day he will shake hands with her too. Put a suture on her neck on Tuesday, Damani replied that she will kill him before it happens, she is only taking Radha in this house because she needs him for the condition that Mohan gave her. Put it in front, then she will show Radha what happens when someone tries. t o Come between him and Mohan.

Radha is worshiping in the temple at night when she shouts, she never thought that one day she will shake hands with Mohanji, now she wants to end the differences between Mohan and Gangan. She will try her best because she does not know how. Her father is romantically involved, and she prays that he will definitely end the differences, which is why they are embracing each other.

In the morning Tulsi asks Gangan what she is doing on the laptop as it has been going on since last night but Gangan shuts off the laptop screaming, she doesn’t know where to go, Ketika and Rahul at the door He even went to Rahul boarding school but he says she can’t go anywhere because only Mohan has the right to make decisions in this house and he will never allow her to go to boarding school.

They both leave when Gangan immediately starts searching for the boarding school and manages to find her. Radha suddenly comes into the room and asks what she is doing. Gangan immediately turns off the laptop when Radha Explaining that she can’t read anything in English, Gangan shouts excitedly. Then there is something she can do. Gangan prints the admission letter and asks Radha to print it. Radha does not understand to ask what it is for.

Yes, Radha is surprised and asks why? A large sum of money, Gangan responds that she wants to donate in the name of her mother but Mohan will never donate, Radha says that she will get him to sign it but Gangan must do something for her in return. She wonders how Mohanji mentioned it. She was excited that there would be a picnic there but it was just her wish. , گنگن آئ۔ Radha finally remembers telling Mohan how someone told him that he killed his mother and from that day on he became Mohan, Radha tells him that he always called Mohanji as Papa. He is shocked to hear this.

Precap: Radha gives the papers to Mohan and says I need your signature. Mohan is about to sign the paper. Damani snatched the paper and said what are you doing Mohan?

How did you get ready to go to Gangan boarding school? You can check and sing on the admission form for this admission. Mohan is confused and says to Radha you told me that these are donation papers, why did you lie to me?