Radha Mohan 24th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Radha Mohan 24th May 2022 Written Update. Radha Mohan 24 May 2022 Written Episode Zee Tv Serial on tellyepisode.com

Kadambari also advises Radha to put a bottle of juice when Ketika arrives and thinks that they should all go on a picnic with them. Ketika’s husband agreed to go and call her. But Kadambri replies that no one is going because there is only one moment when they will all be together so they will be the only ones going on a picnic.

Damini is bathing in her room when Gangan cuts off the water supply. Damini wonders what happened to the water when Gangan takes off her clothes while standing on the stool. It benefited him. . Then Gangan takes her phone and leaves but it is locked so she manages to open it with a photo frame.

Mohan is working on the bicycle, his father asks what he is doing when Mohan replies that he is taking off the helper tires because he will be able to teach Gangan how to ride it as he did Taught him, Mohan realized that he was talking to him. Her father seriously asks why he is saying all this to her, her father leaves thinking that Mohan has spoken to her politely because of his daughter but they pray that Mohan Always smile in life

Mohan received a message from Damini stating that she had gone for a picnic spot with Gangan as they were both planning a surprise. Mohan says that Damani is doing a lot for him so he should do something too.

Gangan rushes out of the room while Damani is calling them. Tulsi smiles and says that she is his daughter.

Gangan goes to Radha who is putting things in the trunk of the car when she asks why Gangan is not wearing clothes and she agrees to help him but Gangan pushes him inside the trunk and locks him. Gives, Tulsi tells him to let go but Gangan doesn’t agree.

Mohan goes to the trunk with Radha, he is really excited thinking that he will enjoy a picnic with Gangan and so he also turns on the music which makes him unable to listen to Radha’s calls. She thinks in the trunk. That she will be able to get out after pushing the car seat, Mohan is shocked to see her then she also screams when he drives the car on spikes and causes her accident.

Mohan asks what she is doing here, she asks him to help her because she is trapped, he insists he should try to free his feet first. She again asks him to help her so he manages to get her out of the car, Mohan asks how she got into his car, she is going to name Gangan but then she tells She was putting things in the car. When she is locked, she tries to turn on the car but it does not start, so Mohan asks Radha to help her pack her things and stop the taxi. She begs him to help her.

However, he is worried because Gangan will be waiting for him. The bag also fell on the road due to tears. Radha tells Mohan that Gangan was not waiting for her at the picnic because she had pushed him in the car. Mohan is shocked to hear this. Not worth it. To stay in his senses, Mohan kneels down and picks up the letters in his arms. He looks very upset and says that he was happy for no reason that today is a picnic. Radha is troubled by

The kidnappers have a knife in their pockets and started walking towards the car. Mohan is sitting on the side of the road while Radha puts everything back, she is looking at the photo album sitting next to him. When she calls him, he tells her that the picture is from when she was only a few months old and he used to breastfeed her.

He turns the page. Helps to bathe, he says that he is just like his father and usually the first words of the child are mama but does she know what Gangan said, he revealed that he said papa. Mohan says everything was fine until he was four years old but then someone told him that he was his mother’s killer, how could he convince the child that he was not the killer.

Mohan asks if she knows what’s in the letter and says she has all the feelings she couldn’t express to him and if something happens to her she can at least know that her father How much he loves her but he starts tearing the ham down. How does she feel now that this will never happen because she will not believe what he said? Radha walks towards the car and starts picking up the pieces of the letter.

Mohan screams that his misfortune hurts him too, Radha doesn’t understand when he explains that he is talking about the nest, Mohan brings him to the car and starts fixing it. Gives what Radha doesn’t understand, he says he’s going to fix it or else the birds won’t have a home to return, Mohan says she’s too young and doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a family Because it takes a long time to build a house and when it breaks down it can never be built.

Then man also perishes like him. Radha offers her help but he says that he ordered her to stay six feet away from him, so he should stand there, Radha goes to park near the car when kidnapped The cars shouted that the mother only wanted to kidnap the girl, they covered Radha’s face and took her away. Mohan turned around, wondering what had happened.

PreCape: Damini tells Gangan, I know what you did. Now tell me, where did you send your father? Mohan is in the forest. He says, Radha, if you don’t come out, I will go. He saw the broken bangles and went inside. He saw that some thugs were holding Radha. He fights them. Radha tells him to be careful as a bully points his gun at Mohan.