Radha Mohan 20th October 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan Written Episode

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Radha Mohan 20 October 2022

Damini begs Tulsi to release her, assuring her that she has done nothing wrong. Tulsi grants her request and releases Damini, who then drops to the ground and feels suffocated again as Tulsi raises her to the balcony using her powers. Damini begs Tulsi to stop, saying that she is in great pain, but Tulsi continues to hit her against the wall, claiming that Damini did not understand her warning to stay away from

As she descends the stairs, Radha considers how Damini prevented Mohan from contacting the police, and Dulari explains that Damini instructed her to accept the kerosene delivery. Radha chooses to examine the locations where she went with Gungun since she doesn’t believe she has any evidence. However, before she can get there, someone washes the floor. Radha checks the floor but is alarmed because she wonders how she could have slid when there is nothing. When Radha enters the kitchen to check, she immediately feels as if someone is watching her, but she doesn’t see anybody. Kaveri thinks she considered following them but is relieved she was able to wipe off the talcum powder and also remove this earring otherwise Radha would have sent her to jail, and she becomes concerned wondering if the ghost of Tulsi took her away. Radha remembers Gungun was running there, but she feels there might be a proof. However, someone manages to pull the earring.

Damini says she knows Tulsi wouldn’t be able to meet Gungun if she kills her, and Radha also has to leave this family one day because there are many enemies of the Trivedi family. Tulsi uses the rope to hang Damini, who explains that if she kills her then she would be breaking the law. Damini remembers that Guru maa said if a ghost kills a living being then they would have to leave. Tulsi tosses Damini to the ground in rage as she wonders what sort of law this is because she can’t even arm the person who attempted to murder her daughter.

When Radha, who is out walking, sees someone sobbing, she goes to investigate and finds Mohan sitting and gazing at a picture of Tulsi, remembering how Gungun was also set to burn like Tulsi. No matter how old a person gets, fate tends to bring them to their knees. He used to say he can handle everything but would never let any harm come to his family, but their belief is shattered one day leaving them helpless. Radha rushes to him asking why he is crying. He replies that his destiny always does the same as those who come close to him tend to die. Mohan adds that whatever may have occurred today has already occurred; those screams and demands for his name had occurred before, but he was unable to intervene. Radha notices that Mohan is facing the image and inquires whether he is referring to Tulsi Jee.

Radha responds, “But he has proved that he can fight as he saved her and Gungun today. Radha requests that he also believe in himself. She is confident that he will never let anything bad happen to anyone. Mohan admits that he got very scared when he saw her and Gungun in the fire. He thought that the fire has once again come to take his own people away from him so he would not be able to do anything. Radha is shocked when Mohan, who is feeling a bit relieved, embraces her without being able to restrain himself. Although she restrains her feelings, Radha also extends her hand to hug Mohan.

Tulsi apologises to Gungun, who is asleep, and explains that today both a mother and an Aatma failed since neither she nor the person who did it could rescue her or punish the offender.

When Damini wakes up, she tries to sit up but is unsuccessful due to severe pain in her body; frustrated, she thinks Tulsi made a grave error in allowing her to live; from this point on, she would say that when Damini makes a plan, no one has the strength to oppose it. Damini eventually manages to stand but glares angrily at the house.

She discloses that only Gungun gives him the light in life, thus he spends his whole life by staring at Gungun. Mohan complains that he feels terribly alone even with the entire Trivedi family at his side. She responds that there is no reason to exist without her. He resists when Radha begs him to come, so she extends her hand and motions for him to come. Radha then helps him get into bed before covering him. Mohan is doing his best to fall asleep while Radha wipes away her tears, but she sits next to him so he can sleep well. His hand rests on her lap.

After some while, Radha attempts to lift it and puts it on his chest. She gently stands up to depart, but he grabs her hand and prevents her from doing so. Radha is a bit anxious. Tulsi apologises to Radha and says that while she vowed to protect Gungun, she was unable to do it today, therefore her promise was broken. Tulsi declares that there is only one way to protect, and that is for Radha to take on the role of her mother. Tulsi declares that she would ensure Radha marries Mohan even if the way was unwise or challenging. Radha would now become Radha Mohan Trivedi since a mother would undoubtedly find a good mother for her daughter.

The criminals are having fun in the room when the lights start to flicker, which terrifies them greatly. They are shocked to see Damini approaching them; he asks what has happened to her, but she responds that she has come to give them the biggest moment of their lives, and the cost would be $5,000,000. When Damini says they must burn a school bus to the ground, he asks her what they would have to do. Hearing this, they are shocked, and Damini is enraged.

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