Radha Mohan 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Gungun Plans To Take Revenge From Damini

Radha Mohan 1st June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Radha says she needs Gungun’s help but Gungun doesn’t understand so she asks what she needs, Radha explains she needs her help and asks if Gungun will lend her some of her books because she wants to learn English but her Rosie mam says there isn’t enough time, Gungun brings her books, Radha is shocked at how heavy they are and says she doesn’t want to learn so she requests a book that is a little lighter, Gungun smiles and brings it when

Radha goes to the Mandir, mentioning that Bihari jee has always stood by her side in all of her problems, but she is about to embark on something extremely difficult, so he must always be by her side. Radha also mentions that she is aware that Gungun made a mistake and lied to everyone, but she has tried to inform her and is confident that Gungun will never lie again.

Gungun is sitting in her room, thinking about how everyone blamed her for lying when it was actually Damini who was lying; she exclaims that she will not accept anything Radha says because she advised her to be nice and tell the truth but everyone just scolded her, which was not right; she will show her tomorrow that being her mother is not easy; she will show her in the morning what it means to be her true mother.

Radha is attempting to study English late at night, and Mohan sits by her with several books, explaining that he is the one who used to teach Gungun everything when she was small, and that if she wants to start, she must start from the beginning.

Radha inquires whether Mohan would be the one to educate her; he laughs that those around him will be the ones to teach her; he adds that he understands why she wants to do it, and that she should not consider changing since there is no need; Radha clarifies that he said nothing wrong since they require English for everything nowadays; she adds that she does not know the names of the drugs and must remember them by their colour, but she believes she should know them by their names. Mohan promises her that if she works hard enough to learn and do her best in class, she will find out.

Mohan explains that these two books are the most essential, revealing that one is her text book and the other is the copy book in which she will write. She is perplexed, asking why one is her text book and the other is the copy book in which she will write.

Go not goo, Mohan asks if she made the drawing in the book, but Radha responds that little Gungun would have made it since these are her books, Mohan exclaims she used to draw them everywhere in the house, he begins to reveal how she used to love everyone and especially him, but he has no idea what happened to her that caused such a dramatic change, but what happened today is really wrong.

Radha emphasises that nothing that occurred today can be undone; Gungun just needs some time since she is still a kid. Mohan agrees to give her some time, but advises Radha that she will not be given any since she must concentrate on her studies; he is a very severe instructor; Damini and her mother get enraged, and Radha goes back to her room.

Damini’s mother enters the room and exclaims that it is really wrong that Mohan once threw her out of the house but then brought her back and is now teaching her English, she exclaims Damini must do something about her, she mentions Radha is playing with fire because she has gotten too close to her Mohan, which is not acceptable, her mother inquires about Gungun, Damini replies she has already started ruining her life in this house and there will be consequences.

Radha is looking at Mohan who explains that they must study from their minds, Radha asks if he thinks the nose is a little big, Mohan does not understand and asks what she means, Mohan warns her to just focus on her studies and look at the book, she makes a mistake after a while which he corrects explaining that it is enough for today, Radha tries walking the other way when he signals that her room is on the other side, she leaves explaining she

Tulsi is sitting next to her sleeping daughter and attempts to reach out to her, but she is unable to do so. Tulsi then notices Radha sitting next to Gungun and kisses her hand before saying to her that she doesn’t have to lie since it’s wrong. Mohan pulls Radha back, covering her mouth, and she wonders what he’s doing.

He explains that the only reason he covered her mouth was so she wouldn’t make any noise, and she wonders what she was doing, to which Radha responds that her Dadi said it’s nice to whisper good things to children because they tend to reach their hearts and stay in their minds. When Mohan says she needs to inform her Dadi that she is incorrect, Radha attempts to defend her, but Mohan clarifies that he meant that Radha does not have half mind, but rather a little additional mind.

Mohan grins and says she should say more kind things before leaving, so Radha returns after straightening her bed. Gungun wakes up, declaring that these techniques will no longer work on her since Damini shattered her mother’s portrait, and she would make certain that Damini is kicked out of the home.

In the morning, Radha is working in the kitchen when Damini arrives, calling Dulari. When Damini inquires about Dulari, Radha says that Dulari is doing some job, so she is preparing the breakfast, and she has cooked paratha with kheer, which she made particularly for Gungun. Radha responds that she believes children should be taught with love and care rather than anger and frustration;

Damini explains she is going to make the pasta for Gungun; Radha responds that she does not know how to make it; Damini responds that she is the one marrying Mohan, so she must be the one to persuade Gungun; she asks Radha to leave. When Gungun arrives with a grin and asks what she’s preparing, Damini tells her she’s making Pasta Hearing, to which Gungun thanks her, and Damini becomes concerned, wondering when she become so sweet.

The entire family is at the breakfast table, and Kadambari inquires if Mohan is not going to eat, to which Damini responds that he went to sleep a little late, so she sent his low salt breakfast to his room. Shekar, who has just entered the house, wonders how he can’t have breakfast, and is about to call him when Kadambari stops him, stating that he might not be able to eat because of Mohan, to which he sit Kadambari is surprised to find spaghetti on the breakfast table; Damini responds that she cooked it for Gungun since everyone had reprimanded her the day before, so she assumed everyone would be good to her today.

Ketika says Gungun should be reprimanded for what she did, but Damini says it’s not her way since she believes children should be cared for with love, echoing Radha’s words. Damini’s mother also says this is what she taught her daughter.

Shekar suggests she place a lot of them in Mohan’s room since he is often angry, Radha replies it is not like that because his heart is made of pure gold, Damini becomes frustrated and asks if she can bring them water, Radha agrees before leaving.

Gungun is eating the spaghetti when she suddenly starts coughing; Radha inquires as to what occurred, but she is unable to respond; everyone is staring at her as she begins to suffocate and is unable to breathe properly; everyone, including Radha, becomes nervous.

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