Radha Mohan 19th October 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan Written Episode

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Radha Mohan 19 October 2022

When Damini states that she knows who placed the kerosene in the kitchen, she gently approaches Radha before turning to smack Dulari hard, shocking everyone. When Radha also attempts to stop her, Kaveri calls her. Damini asks Dulari why she was not paying attention when it was her fault that everything had happened; she responds that she knows it because the delivery people came to the house; she then wonders if she should remind her; Dulari apologises and says she made a mistake; Mohan wonders how she could have made such a big mistake that could have resulted in so many issues for them. When Damini is going to strike her again, Mohan begs her to stop. Radha prevents Damini from stepping between her and Dulari and declares that enough is enough since she has no right to smack Dulari in this manner.

Radha must be relieved that Damini is not taking her own life since, as she maintains, she has no idea what may have happened to Gungun. Damini tells Mohan that she is still alive due to Dulari even though they were ready to lose their daughter. They all know how much Dulari loves Gungun, and she would never do anything to harm Gungun. Dulari has always served this house like a daughter; she works the entire day for them just because she is a servant, so Damini thought she could slap her. Radha explains that the truth about a person can only be known by their intention and not what is right and wrong. Even slaves are people, and everyone has a right to self-respect, Radha responds. She turns to Mohan and asks if he agrees that her error is irreparable, in which case he may immediately dismiss her, but no one has the right to slap her or otherwise violate her self-respect.

In addition to acknowledging that they are helpless in the face of what has occurred, Kadambari expresses gratitude that Gungun is safe and that they were spared from a major catastrophe. It wasn’t an accident, according to Radha. When Mohan inquires as to what he means, Radha turns to face him and reveals that she fell into the bore well just as Hriday arrived at the home, and it was not an accident. This was also not an accident, Radha says. When Dulari accidentally spills the kerosene and it catches fire, Radha says everything was planned out to the last detail. Tulsi agrees and speculates that Damini is to blame.

In the past, Radha and Gungun encountered several instances when their lives were in danger; this may have been a coincidence or not at all. Mohan considers what Radha said and notices that someone is assisting Hriday. He turns to Rahul again, but Radha stops him by saying they wouldn’t do it based just on speculation but rather with evidence, therefore they should contact individuals who are qualified. When Damini asks Radha to be more specific, she says that she wants him to contact the police. Everyone becomes agitated when Tulsi asks Damini to confess whether she has done it and attempted to injure Gungun. Damini and Kaveri are shocked, and Mohan agrees that they should contact the police.

Ketki wonders why they shouldn’t contact the police; Radha responds that they must since Gungun twice put himself in danger. When Damini asks whether she is ever going to learn, she responds that if word got out, the court may not give them custody of Gungun. Kaveri argues for Damini. Mohan concurs with her and adds that if this information spreads, child welfare officials would arrive. Dulari tells Radha to stop, explaining that it was her error in placing the cans on herself, and Kadambari cautions her to put an end to the issue immediately or risk being fired. Tulsi informs Radha that she is correct to mistrust Damini, while Kadambari screams that Bihari jee made sure a major crisis was resolved. Damini grinned, believing her strategy had accomplished.

Radha turns to see Damini looking at Gungun but she quickly departs. Kadambari believes she would praise Mohan in the puja tomorrow. Dulari yells that she hurts, but Radha is applying the ice pack. After a while, Dulari gives Radha a hug and says that she felt good today despite no one talking about her self-respect. Dulari adds that she did nothing wrong and even forgot to get the item when she ordered because Damini told her to get it from the delivery person.

When Dulari responds that she would go to bed in her own room, Radha inquires as to if Damini had informed her about the kerosene. However, Radha tells her that she cannot allow her to be alone today and makes a bed on the floor for her. Radha is unsure about how to convince Dulari that she is being falsely accused, just as Rahul was. Radha believes that Damini was certainly upset with Gungun, but questions whether she would truly go to such far to get vengeance. If this is the case, Mohan jee should not wed Damini.

Tulsi is enraged after discovering the talcum powder in the hallway and the earring in the kitchen.

Kaveri advises Kadambari not to discuss ending the relationship in this way because Gungun is also a family member and they would not act in such a way. Kadambari cautions her to avoid engaging in this emotional drama because she is aware of what Damini is capable of and that she will stop at nothing to get married to Mohan. When Kadambari shows Damini that she is sleeping, Kaveri remarks that if Damini were at blame, wouldn’t she be dozing off like this. Kaveri assumes that her daughter is dozing off sweetly, but she is shocked to discover that they are only pillows.

When Damini insists that she has done nothing wrong, Tulsi throws her to the ground and asks if she has grown so brave that she has tried to kill her daughter. Tulsi then pulls her towards the balcony while saying she should take the name of Bhagwan because today is her last day. Tulsi then lifts Damini in the air as she begs for her to be allowed to leave, and Tulsi eventually agrees.

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