Radha Mohan 18th October 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 18th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Even though Radha begs him to turn around, Damini believes that if she had known that Mohan would jump into the fire, she would not have done anything of the sort. Mohan sees the fire extinguisher but then informs Damini that it is broken, and Damini panics because she remembers how she switched it. Mohan calls to Gungun to assure her that she will be fine and is about to be burned.

When Tulsi is rescued, Mohan destroys the mud vase that was in the corner, prompting Ajit and Ketki to come back with water. Tulsi screams that their love is so great that he was still able to save her, if not her body, then at least her spirit. They are all concerned for Mohan after he stumbles and scares them all. Kadambari asks Rahul where the fire extinguisher is, and Rahul responds that he searched the entire house but was unable to find any. Mr. Trivedi then says that the rescue team is on its way. Mohan notices the tap and jumps over it while everyone else becomes very alarmed. He then tries to turn on the tap but the water is flowing so slowly.

Mohan has reportedly begun exercising his intellect, therefore Kaveri proclaims that he will undoubtedly discover a solution. Gungun asks Mohan to take action since she’s feeling heated. When Radha is unable to comprehend what Mohan is doing and asks Gungun if she remembers what Radha said about Bihari jee only helping the courageous and self-sufficient, Mohan directs her to remove everything. They are all unable to comprehend him, but Mohan gets to his feet and jumps over to them both, telling Gungun to hurry up and put his feet in the bag.

When Kadambari cautions that Gungun would fall, Mohan tosses her with all his strength, and ajit and Rahul are able to catch her. They all feel relieved. Mohan asks her to keep Bihari jee in mind. He then binds the bag and asks Ajit to catch Gungun. Ajit assists Gungun in emerging from the sack while checking to see if they are okay and if she burned herself. Gungun explains that he would also throw Radha out in the same manner, and Tulsi thanks Bihari je for saving Gungun. Kaveri exclaims that she lost once more as Mohan threw Gungun out like a ball and they even caught her.

Everyone is shocked when Mohan says she would have to do what he asks her and Mohan hugs Radha as she is about to be burned. Kadambari warns Radha to take care as he says he is searching for the things to save her, but Radha says she won’t leave him here and they’re going together. Mohan says he already lost Tulsi so cannot lose her too.

As a result of the fire, Mohan and Radha begin to cough. Mohan then detects that Radha is going to be hit by the shelf; he embraces Radha while holding the shelf, and the oil can drops off it. When she sees it, Damini is astounded, but everyone else is happy. Radha keeps looking Mohan in the eyes as they are so close. Mohan says he doesn’t want anything now that he’s managed to save her, and he won’t feel bad if he passes away, but Radha stops him and says there’s no need to talk like this. She adds that he doesn’t just have to keep Gungun alive; he also has to spend the rest of his life with her. She coughs as she continues to explain that he still has Gungun calls for Radha, but she tells Mohan that he even needs to beat the boys who would tease Gungun.

Radha also says that he must carry out her rituals because she needs him in every aspect of her life. When Mohan says that he doesn’t want to let go of her but that she must look around as if he needs to save one of them, Radha responds that he said that Radha and Mohan are always together.

Kadambari cries for someone to aid as both Radha and Mohan are in distress. Radha begs him to notice that Bihari jee is all about them, explaining that whenever she was in trouble, Bihari jee always came for their assistance, so she is certain he would do so again. As they both struggle to breathe, Kadambari appeals to them both once more. Mohan is able to shove the shelf aside and embrace Radha, but Damini is unable to take it. Radha will experience no harm, according to Mohan.

Both Mohan and Radha fall asleep, and despite everyone’s requests for them to wake up, they remain unconscious. As the fire spreads, Ajit returns at once with a fire extinguisher, and he immediately begins using it to put out the flames. Mohan and Radha eventually wake up after coughing.

While Ajit eventually succeeds in holding off the fir, Ketki worries about Radha, and Kaveri reassures Damini that Mohan is well, Kadambari begins to pray to Bihari jee. Gungun and Radha both praise Bihari jee, and Radha requests Mohan to make sure she is constantly in her vicinity.

A hug from Mohan to Gungun reassures her that everything is alright, but she continues to grieve while Kadambari treats Radha with ointment.

When Radha and Mohan saved Gungun, Damini exclaimed that her whole plan had failed. Kaveri said she believed Radha and Mohan had special abilities when they were together and could rescue everyone.

When Mohan inquires about the origin of the fire, Gungun replies that she was playing with Radha when she slipped and injured her ankle, went to fetch the medication from the kitchen, but a smelly water poured on her, and then the fire began abruptly. Ketki observes that Damini seems restless.

When Ketki enters the kitchen, she smells kerosene and notices the Diya. Ajit informs her that even the gas was shut off, but Ketki’s arrival explains that the fire began because of the Diya. Mohan then asks how the kerosene got into their kitchen given that they use gas. Damini, furious, claims she knows who is responsible and begins to walk towards Radha. Kadambari questions whether Radha is to blame.

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