Radha Mohan 17th October 2022 Written Update

Radha Mohan Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 17th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Damini enters the store covertly at night and selects the kerosene, remembering how she asked Dulari to go get it from the delivery but at first he didn’t understand but eventually agreed when she decided to reward him. Damini then signalled the person who believed the necessary components to put an end to Gungun had finally arrived. Damini believes she would start much more fire than Gungun when she wraps a rope around the bottle’s lid.

Mohan is standing there and remembers how Gungun mentioned they should get married because they look good together. Gungun mentions she is still angry with them both but Mohan explains she would hear him play the flute otherwise would not be able to sleep. Gungun explains she is not that smart and might forget it but Radha assures her she would remember it. Gungun signals her to turn back. Mohan threatens to wake her up by throwing water if she doesn’t fall asleep properly. Damini remembers that Gungun feels pleased throwing water on other people, but today she would also feel the same but will not get wet with water. Damini places the kerosene thinking tonight would be the last time Gungun sleeps as she will surely die. Gungun assures that she has once again grown brave and does not want to listen to the flute.

Radha asks Mohan why he keeps apologising for what happened today; Mohan responds that Chanchal Sharma and the lawyer wouldn’t attend the other functions, so it wouldn’t be an issue; however, he is only thinking about how strange it would have been for Radha since she was made to sit in his Haldi function and even perform all the rituals. Mohan then leaves wishing he hadn’t kept apologising. Radha attempts to capture Gungun but is unable to do so, so the two run away. Damini also dumps talcum powder on the floor as she considers pulling a joke on Gungun. Gungun embraces Radha and asks whether she should tell Mohan that Radha really loves him and wants to marry him.

Kaveri is concerned and wonders what will happen to the ghost when Damini lights the Diya and explains how Guru Maa said that since Tulsi died in a fire she would not have any strength and this time would not be able to protect Gungun, Kaveri praises Mata Rani. Damini believes that everything she learned from her is now coming in hand so she is going to kill the child of this house.

When Gungun asks Radha if she has become angry with her, Radha responds that she has hurt her a lot today and that she is going to prepare the chocolate milk. Radha is attempting to stop Gungun, but after a while she quits following her. Tulsi decides to go check on Mohan since she believes that he would be scared as well if Gungun threatened to tell everyone how much she loved him. Radha is once again making every effort to apprehend Gungun.

Tulsi declares that Gungun is young but not stupid and knows what is best for herself and even her father, but he is unable to comprehend the situation. Mohan is in the room when he sits down on the bed thinking Gungun is young, and he cannot make her understand that they cannot ruin Radha’s life as she can never become her mother. They are dealing with a different issue every day, and Mohan wonders why he feels as if something horrible is going to happen. Turning to Tulsi, he asks what she is staring at and mentions that she would be napping. The last time Mohan had this emotion, Tulsi passed away, but he has no idea what could occur now. Mohan worries if he would die without her if Tulsi’s mother were to win the legal battle and remove Gungun from him. Radha and her mother would also understand that she would adore Gungun as if she were her own daughter, Tulsi responds when Radha says that the answer to all of these issues is there in front of him.

Damini and Kaveri are waiting for Gungun to fall from the talcum powder, but when she jumps over it, Radha falls instead and sprains her ankle while screaming. When Gungun returns, she asks if Radha hurt herself before mentioning that she would go get the first aid kit and apply the ointment that Radha used. It’s in the kitchen, she says. Damini believes that the drama would now begin.

Gungun makes every effort to unlock the door, but it remains jammed. She exerts all of her might to pry it open, causing the kerosene to fall over her body. When the bottle lands in front of her, Gungun yells in pain. Radha senses something is off and decides she has to investigate, but she is unable to rise.

Damini warns that it is the stench of her death and warns Gungun not to approach her in any manner. Damini believes that just as the Diya would ignite the rope, she would also catch fire. Radha is able to stand up with all of her power.

Mohan decides to go and check on Gungun while still seated on the bed since he worries that she would have trouble falling asleep without the flute.

When one of the ropes from the Diya burns, it eventually falls to the floor as Gungun searches for the first aid kit in the kitchen. Gungun is so startled by what she sees that she is unable to move, and Damini begins to smile as she notices her fear. Gungun calls out to her mother for assistance because she thinks there is a problem and she needs their assistance. Tulsi is shocked to see Radha and Mohan in the room because she remembers the day she passed away and tries her best to help them but also falls on the floor calling Mohan. This worries Damini because Gungun is running around the kitchen. Radha is able to pick her up and they sit on the counter. Radha reassures that nothing would happen to her since she is with Gungun. Damini believes that because Radha and Gungun will both pass away today, destiny is on her side.

The family promptly leaves the home when the fire alarm goes off, and Ketki asks Mohan whether there is a fire. Mohan replies that he is unaware of any fire. Radha successfully puts out the fire.

When Kadambari asks Mohan what is going on, he responds that he will check when he hears Gungun screaming and starts to rush frantically. Gungun roared so loudly, according to Damini, that they had to flee.

When Ketki asks Mohan to do something, he is confused because he keeps thinking about how everyone has told him in the past that he killed his own wife. Kadambari tells Rahul to bring the fire extinguisher. Mohan is shocked to see Gungun. She keeps asking him for help when he remembers how Tulsi also perished in the fire and he was powerless to stop it. Kaveri continues saying that she genuinely loves Gungun and would commit suicide if anything happens to her, while Damini, who is approaching from behind, behaves as if she is concerned and wonders how this fire began.

Gungun begs Mohan for assistance once again, but Radha tells him not to enter the building since the fire is getting worse. In order to prevent her scheme from failing, Damini tosses the bucket, which enrages Kadambari. Ketki then wonders why she was responsible for the full bucket of water falling.

Tulsi declares that he must defend his new family. Mohan manages to leap in the fire, frightening everyone, and he is able to reach Gungun and Radha. Radha detects the flames coming from the shelf and begins putting it out with her own hands. Mohan spots her, but she continues.

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