Radha Mohan 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Radha Mohan Written Episode

Written Episode of Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 15th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Damini rushes to Ajit and says, “He always orders anything for her, but Radha makes the dishes herself in the kitchen.” Ajit is moved hearing this and she even gives her own ice cream to her when it finishes, saying that this is how mothers are supposed to be. Radha made kheer for her on the day of her mother’s birthday and they even celebrated it together, which none of them ever did. Gungun clarifies The way moms should be is to accompany their children to purchase clothing, not to assist them in getting dressed or making sure they are ready for school. Ketki bua also applies the Tika to protect the child from evil eyes. Gungun clarifies She receives a toy from Rahul, but he never engages in play with her; instead, Radha always does; as a result, she asks Mohan once again whether this is how a mother is meant to act; Radha then begs Gungun to stop.

Gungun shouts that none of them would stand up for her, only Radha is standing next to her, and she wishes to explain that she was really terrified and even soiled her bed, but Radha did not hesitate and slept the whole night with her. If Mohan remembers why they partnered because they both were suspicious of Hriday and she even hugged him because of Radha, as she always kept saying Mohan really loves her and then she realised he truly loves her, Gungun explains to him that his number was blocked in her mobile and she did not like him at all, she used to hate him but they became friends only because of Radha. She adds that he also did not have a mother but then got the love of Kadambari.

Gungun claims that while she never met her mother, Radha would have been precisely like her if she had been around. Damini becomes enraged. Tulsi agrees with Gungun and urges that Mohan marry Radha if he genuinely loves her. Gungun reveals that Radha is likewise quite similar to her mother.

Along with the rest of the family, Mohan and Radha are all in a state of shock. When Gungun says that she just wants a mother that she loves, Rahul tenses up and Mohan looks at Gungun as she sobs. Kaveri runs to stand next to Damini and is enraged as Mohan kneels and embraces Gungun.

Kaveri says that if Mohan consented, they would both undoubtedly become outsiders. Mohan responds that he knows she won’t be able to find a mother who is better than Radha, and he adds that not only would she not find a better mother from Damini, but from the whole world. He argues that although she cannot experience the same emotions from anyone else, they cannot wreck Radha’s life for their own benefit; she deserves someone better than him. Since even his own family finds him irritating, Mohan inquires as to whether she is unaware of his condition.

He then explains that Damini is a childhood friend who also wants to wed him, but he does not want to jeopardise Radha’s happiness. Mohan is stating the truth, according to Kaveri, since everyone finds him annoying. When Kaveri comments that she is just concerned about Radha since they both have a significant age gap, Damini instantly cuts her off. Gungun then queries why Mohan is making his decision on his own and suggests that he consult Radha.

When Gungun runs to Radha and asks her to share her feelings, Radha continues thinking back to all the times she felt close to Mohan, how he was always there to stand by her and declare that she is his Bhagwan. As a result, she also proclaimed her love for Mohan when it was raining. In response to Tulsi’s desire that Radha confess her love for Mohan and her lack of objection to marrying him, Gungun asks her to speak up. Kaveri responds that Gungun will now unquestionably marry the two of them. Gungun begs Radha to be honest and admit her love for Mohan.

Mohan attempts to stop Damini, but she won’t listen, claiming that Radha accomplished what she came here to do since she indoctrinated him with such ideas. Radha did it, not Damini, she says, adding that she was ready to have the event. Damini swears she won’t give up today and accuses Radha of brainwashing Gungun into thinking she wants to be her mother. Damini now knows how Radha’s name appeared on the card and how she was able to perform the ritual because this was exactly what she wanted all along: to use the daughter to approach the father. Gungun accuses Damini of doing these things and says Radha didn’t come up with them. She approaches Damini furiously and kneels down to tell her that Damini is too young to grasp the seniors’ games. When Damini rises up again, Gungun pushes her away.

Radha tells Damini to stop explaining why she would force her to do anything because she does not have such intentions. Damini responds that she wants to do it because this is what she was taught to do, that she has fulfilled her desires, and that Radha is to blame for trying to become Gungun’s mother and then the wife of Mohan. Radha asks her to stop explaining why would she force her to do anything because she does not have such intentions.

Damini is about to answer his inquiry when he asks her why she would do something of the type, which alarms the whole family. Tulsi shouts that she should tell Mohan that Radha also loves him because she knows that once he learns the truth, he would wed her and that the only reason he hasn’t proposed to her yet is because he believes Radha doesn’t love her. Gungun compels Damini to explain why Radha would do anything of the such since she believes that now is the perfect moment and Radha would never accept it. The guilt Damini is placing on Radha is much worse, says Mohan, adding that he knows she was harmed and that she has no answers.

Mohan is interrupted by Gungun when he suggests that they should let Damini speak; Radha intervenes by saying that they should get some water. Mohan stops Radha and says, “I don’t know what else to say to you, but what happened with her today, they are sorry and if it’s possible she can forgive them. Truth be told, the way she has stood by them is commendable.” He thanks Radha, who responds, “You have to question your love for Gungun because even though you are not her biological mother, you feel like she is your daughter.” As the three of them seem to be the ideal family, Gungun, who is holding their hands, comments that Radha and Mohan look nice together and once again asks them to be married. Damini is outraged when she sees this, but Mohan is still staring at Radha.

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