Radha Mohan 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Damini stops Radha exclaiming

Radha Mohan 15th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 15 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Radha Mohan
Radha Mohan

The women ask if Mohan is the name of her groom, Radha asks what she has done when she responds that she has just applied henna to the bride’s hands, Damini comes from behind and asserts that she is the bride and not Radha, Kadambari also asks what happened once Damini replies that Radha got this same henna applied, Kadambari needs to ask what the problem is because today is the festival even if Radha got the henna applied,

Radha asks if she heard as she is not the bride but the woman standing there, the woman explains she made the mistake for the first time in life and so requests Radha not to tell Kadambari the truth then she’d be barred from entering this house or other, she requests Radha to go and wash that before anyone sees it, Damini stops Radha exclaiming that today is the festival but she must show the henna that got applied in her hand, Radha tries to leave but As there are just four hours left, Damini considers what guru maa stated.

Damini’s mother is at the door accepting the delivery; she believes Ketki ordered it because she cannot go without food. However, Mohan reveals that he is the one who placed the order, to which Damini’s mother responds that she thought he would’ve have kept the varth for Damini, as Ajit did for Ketki, and as he did every year. Mohan states that he does not believe in such things since, if preserving the varth lengthens one’s life, then Tulsi would still be alive, and he claims that they die at the appointed time.

Mohan asks if she does not have the varth and then invites her to eat the pizza. She attempts to reject, asking how she can eat it, but he explains that this is for someone special. Mohan asserts that there is a new rule, despite Damini’s mother’s refusal to disclose that she lives by the same rule. When she claims this is a medium-sized pizza, he opens the box. Mohan inquires as to how she knows the sizes, to which she responds that she has observed Gungun eating them and hence is aware of the sizes. Damini summons her mother, causing her to go.

Radha in the washroom wonders what kind of mistake Janki Mousi made when she thought Radha was Mohan jee’s wife. She looks at his name written on helen hand and exclaims that if Damini had seen her hand, she would have felt terrible. She considers washing it but decides against it because it would be evil. However, Mohan jee is about to marry Damini, so why is his name on her hand? Gungun calls Radha, causing her to exit the bathroom.

Gungun asks her what she was doing in the bathroom and why she has tears in her eyes. Radha tries to lie about her, but Gungun explains that this is why she asks her to practise lying and that she just wanted to say goodbye because she is leaving for school. Radha believes that Gungun is correct, since she does not lie but will one day become a major liar.

Tulsi wants Mohan to eat the pizza since he did not maintain the varth. Mohan sees Radha walking down the stairs and begs her to join him in eating the pizza because he does not want to eat it alone. Radha believes she would die due of her grandma because she cannot even lie. Radha rushes to stand by him when he asks if she would like to eat pizza. Radha says she prevents Gungun from eating all of these things, but he eats them while being a parent. She adds Gungun offered her pizza yesterday, but it tasted like rubber. Mohan explains that this is an unique pizza because he had three toppings for himself. He offers it to her, but she declines because Kadambari is calling her.

Mohan wonders why she is fleeing, given that he cannot eat the whole pizza by himself and if she does not eat it with him, she would be forced to hear his taunts. The pizza falls on Damini’s mother, while Mohan catches her after slipping while pursuing her. He catches her when Damini also arrives; they both observe Radha with annoyance, but Mohan apologises to her, claiming she squandered the whole pizza and he must now eat something different. Radha also departs with the pizza, but when Damini’s mother declares that she believes Radha has saved a varth for Mohan, Damini angrily declares that if this proves out to be true, she would kick Radha and Tulsi out of the home. With just three hours remaining, she takes her mother away.

Mohan, standing in the room, asks who has once again edited the picture. Tulsi explains that today is the festival, so he will have to see her face all day. Mohan responds that she must be unhappy since he did not keep the varth for her. Radha enters the room and explains that she brought him food since he had nothing to eat.

She hastily lays the tray on the sofa, fearing what would happen if he sees her name, and then starts to go, but feels dizzy upon approaching the corner. Tulsi shouts that she kept the varth and did not even get to eat it in response to Mohan’s inquiry as to if she is okay. Mohan sits just on bed with meal, prepares a mouthful, but is unable to eat it as he begins to think about Tulsi. In a fit of rage, Mohan flips the photograph before sitting down, prompting Tulsi to weep.

Damini stops Radha exclaiming she should not do this work by herself, she had seen that Radha had not eaten since the morning but is just working, her mother says they will die if Radha is not with them, but Damini asks Dulari to bring what kate asked, she forces Radha to sit down or have something to eat but Radha tries helen best to refuse trying to say she is not hungry but starting to feel as if she is going to throw up so would feel better after resting, but Damini does not

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