Radha Mohan 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Radha Mohan Written Episode

Written Episode of Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 14th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Gungun points out that they still haven’t applied each other’s haldi and urges them to hurry up while also asking Ajit to snap some lovely pictures. Radha and Mohan each take the haldi in their hands and Mohan is the first to apply it on Radha’s face, which Damini finds intolerable and causes her to get enraged. Damini makes every attempt to keep her rage under control.

Chanchal Sharma is grinning. Radha believes she has always believed that the moon and stars exist in space, but she has never wanted to marry him. She is happy that she now has the legal authority to put his name’s Haldi on her face. Radha grabs the haldi in her hand as well, and as Mohan turns to face her, she continues to look directly into his eyes before raising his hand slowly to smear the haldi over his face. As the Mehndi ceremony comes to a close, everyone applauds. Tulsi declares that she never imagined letting Mohan and Gungun into another person’s life and that she also wants to apply Haldi to Radha since she is the greatest option for them. When Radha sees Tulsi applying the Haldi to her face, she becomes concerned. When Kaveri asks when she became her friend, Tulsi is unable to put the haldi on Mohan’s face because she is reminded of how he made her pledge she would never go in front of his family and that she would also be unable to damage them. This causes tension between Kaveri and Damini. Tulsi laments that she cannot even approach him, so what can she do? When Radha bumps with Mohan’s cheeks after Tulsi pushed her in his direction, the Haldi was put on his face as well. Radha is in shock and is looking at Mohan, who is likewise in disbelief.

He asks whether she has grown dizzy so that he might get something for her to drink, and Radha responds that she would never drink anything of the like. Damini becomes enraged thinking that no matter how much Haldi Tulsi puts on her face, she would never allow Radha to be near to Mohan. Radha describes how she felt as like she was being pulled in his direction. Gungun cries out because her parents are unable to remain apart.

The criminal calls Damini and says he will be able to get the items to the home, but she would need to take care of how to bring them inside. Damini says she is capable of handling her responsibilities.

Chanchal Sharma remarks that Gungun’s parents are very close and are capable of taking care of her. She then turns around to report that her job is finished, but Gungun prevents her by stating that she must apply Haldi to her parents before leaving. Gungun also hands Chanchal Sharma the invitation to the wedding and asks that she attend as a guest. As the stepmother, Damini explains that there is a lesson for her that every wrong action results in punishment, which would be granted and Gungun would undoubtedly get the punishment after what she has done today, and it would be death. Damini becomes enraged thinking she also wants Radha to take her place at the wedding after today.

Assuring Mohan that the report would be in her favour and that the court’s ruling will also be in their favour, Chanchal Sharma reveals that she has at last seen what she was brought here to observe. She then wishes Radha and Mohan a happy wedding before departing. Gungun consents to lead her to safety.

When Mohan and the rest of the family are gazing at her in anger, Gungun returns. Mohan asks what she did today and claims that she has gone too far today. They should let it go, Mohan tells Radha, and he shouldn’t reprimand Gungun. He should also consider how Chanchal delivered the good news to them. Mohan urges Radha not to get involved since she always stands up for Gungun.

Because she didn’t appear to think it may harm anybody, Mohan wonders what kind of joke this was. He also wonders whether she considered Radha and how she might feel. Kadambari is astonished because Mohan exclusively thinks about Radha, and Damini is perplexed. A furious Damini turns to Kadambari and asks if Gungun considered the hurt Damini would feel by her actions as today was her Haldi but Gungun made Radha sit and even called her the mother; this is not right. Mohan says that Radha is her best friend so does a friend do something. Kaveri exclaims that Radha’s lifetime dream of marrying Mohan was fulfilled.

In agreement with Kadambari, Mohan says he can understand her hurt because she has been waiting for this wedding for a long time and has supported him through all of his difficult times, but today, when it was his turn, he failed. Mohan asks for her forgiveness and rushes to hug and hold hands with Damini. However, Damini is pulled away from Mohan by a gungun, shocking everyone once again. Tulsi affirms that Damini is unfit to be with Mohan while Gungun advises her to avoid him. However, Mohan does not want to listen to her. He claimed that he was getting married so that she would have a mother, but she does not feel like a mother from Damini; instead, she wants a mother like Radha to be pointing at her. Gungun mentions that there is no need to apologise to Damini because she is really bad. Gungun explains it is not a joke and she was serious because she always said she hates Damini. Radha is seen standing behind Mohan as he turns around. Even angrier than before, Damini.

When Mohan wonders what she is saying, Gungun explains that she wants a mother like Radha or wants Radha to be her mother; she does not want this idiot Damini who constantly reprimands her and tries to tell her what to do; she constantly sounds like a school bell. Considering how naughty Kaveri is and how easily they may be made to realise by reprimanding them, Kaveri wonders why no one would reprimand her. Gungun then wonders how Radha maintained control over her given that she never reprimanded her and even then succeeded in persuading Gungun that Gungun knows she is being mischievous yet Radha still looks after her. Gungun inquires as to whether they remember how she mistreated her when she first arrived and was the one who brought her back when she attempted to flee; even the son of Damini’s friend put her in the trunk, with only Radha standing by her side. Gungun recounts that Radha leaped to shield her from the bore hole and then came to strike Hriday when he attempted to attack her. Radha doesn’t even hurt a mosquito, yet she began hitting Hriday for her protection. According to Gungun, Radha would never allow anything to happen to her since she loves her and is the only one who can make her feel like a mother. The rest of them feel relieved but Damini is even more enraged. Radha is startled when Gungun rushes to embrace her. When Gungun asks Radha to be her mother, Radha also accepts Gungun as a mother. While Radha sobs while clutching Gungun in her arms, Mohan remains mute.

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