Radha Mohan 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Radha Mohan Written Episode

Written Episode of Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 13th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Chanchal jee explains that children tend to turn away from their biological mothers but that Gungun has been loved as her own child and turned over the meaning of a stepmother. Damini in frustration tries to explain she is the mother of Gungun but Mohan yells at her, he takes her away, explaining they want some fil. Gungun introduces Radha as her mother which shocks everyone. Gungun explains she is the best mother in the world before hugging her. Radha turns to look at Mo Ajit tells Ketki to take a deep breath.

When Damini protests that he is telling her to calm down despite Gungun calling Radha mother in front of everyone, Mohan assures her that he went there to ask Gungun to do so, but he is unaware of what she did today. Damini responds that she will tell the lady the truth, to which Mohan asks if she has become upset, since they cannot do anything in front of the lady and must let it happen as it is. Damini responds that she felt as though he did not care when Gungun referred to Radha as her mother, that there is nothing wrong so what if he is also OK with the rituals that are taking place, and Mohan asks what she is trying to convey. Gungun has accepted Radha as her mother, so what if he has also begun to love her, says Damini. When Damini says that she is aware of Gungun’s deep affection for Radha, Mohan is taken aback.

Gungun responds that she loves him in response to Radha’s hushed statement that Mohan doesn’t love her. Gungun says she is right in every way whereas Radha says she has made a huge error. According to Radha, what she had intended is not occurring, and what is occurring is incorrect.

Mohan reminds Damini that while he has pledged to marry her and would keep his word, he is only doing so in order to provide a mother for Gungun; otherwise, he would not need a wife. After instantly apologising for her actions and explaining that her sole goal in life was to marry him, Damini grabs his hand and asks how she can watch while Radha does all the rites that they were both meant to perform. Mohan replies that he will teach her what she has to do.

It’s been a very long time, Radha shouts, so where is Mohan? Radha questions Chanchal jee’s assertion that Mohan prioritises his company above his family since he always rushes to answer Gungun’s call. Chanchal jee claims that Mohan cares more about his business than his family. Rahul wonders when Mohan works since he can’t even recall the colour of the walls at their workplace. Ketki responds that he wouldn’t remember because he has been working from home since the lockdown.
Damini is told by Mohan that if she can’t watch the rituals, she should stay in the room. As Mohan departs, Damini declares that Gungun’s life is about to end because she was the reason the Haldi function was called off. Damini then calls a friend and says she has an urgent task and doesn’t have time, and she picks up the photo and covers it with candle wax.

Gungun reveals that her parents are perfect for one another and that their names, Radha and Mohan, sound nice together, exactly like the Bhagwan. Chanchal jee departs, saying that she must take a call. Kaveri signals Rahul, who begins yelling at Radha and asking why she sat on the sofa. Kadambari warns him to lower his voice and behave, but he is adamant to push Radha out of the sofa. When Rahul is about to be struck by Mohan, Chanchal jee enters, saying that he is the youngest and has plenty of time to complete the ritual. Mohan then

When Radha tries to leave, Mohan says that they should begin the function. He then goes to sit next to Radha and declares that Gungun has exceeded all bounds today, but he was unable to say anything. He asks Radha to assist him in the act because they are friends, and Tulsi responds that he still doesn’t understand that Radha has come to be by his side for the foreseeable future.

When Chanchal jee asks Damini who she is, Gungun responds that she is Damini aunti, one of their relatives. As Kadambari begins the ritual of haldi, Gungun smiles and covers Radha’s face with haldi while saying that they must have done something nice for her to visit their family and that she would not forget what Radha is doing for them. Kaveri says with a smile that Damini is her niece and she is Kadambari’s older sister. Everyone is in a state of shock when Gungun confesses that she works for Mohan. Gungun shouldn’t have made such a grave error, in Damini’s opinion, that she cannot be forgiven.

Everyone is shocked when Damini confesses she is the wife of Mohan while Radha has taken her place. Damini begins strangling her, which disturbs even Chanchal Sharma. Mohan indignantly shouts her name and orders her to stop the act since neither Radha nor the mother of Gungun are the wife of Mohan. When Damini abruptly awakens from her dream and remembers how she mistreated Radha, Gungun instructs her to apply the Haldi. As she performs the ceremony, Mohan observes that she is enraged and keeps motionless. Damini kneels down and embraces him, apologising for what occurred and explaining that she must stay with them no matter who she names Mother. There is no need to get so near, Damini says, since everyone else is waiting for their turn. Gungun calling Tulsi begs her to stop since things have gone out of control.

Ajit and Ketki arrive to carry out the ritual, hug Radha, and Mohan remarks that she is very talented as an actor. Ketki responds that she may not be acting because she is so happy. Gungun says she doesn’t believe in such traditions, but since the mother is of her choice, she will perform the ritual. Tulsi declares that she is blessing her new parents. Since no one can make Gungun Trivedi, the daughter of Mohan and Tulsi Trivedi, do anything, Gungun phones Damini and inquires as to what the relatives are planning to do now that Radha and Mohan’s wedding has been finalised. Damini turns and sees the knife. She reaches out to take it, but Kaveri stops her, saying there is a proper moment. Damini is compelled to turn and, thinking that Gungun may enjoy herself as much as she likes because she would eventually be unable to speak, directs her wrath towards Gungun.

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