Radha Mohan 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Mohan Buries The Belongings Of Tulsi

Radha Mohan 10th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 10 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Despite Tulsi’s warnings that the photo contains a secret, Radha persists in her attempt to remove it. When Mohan enters the room and asks what Radha is doing, Radha explains that she is removing the photo of Tulsi at the behest of Damini, who enters the room and exclaims that Radha got really mad at Damini.

Radha feels Damini didn’t tell her this even though she was aware of the complete truth, despite Mohan’s allegation that they had a discussion about this.

Mohan said he wanted the photo so he could remember the kind of marriage he doesn’t want, and he promised to remove it when they get married. Tulsi exclaims that she will never let this marriage happen and that she will not even let the photo be shifted anywhere. Damini says Radha is innocent and doesn’t know that she is marrying Mohan, as well as his memories of Tulsi with her.

Damini inquires about Tulsi’s other belongings, as Radha had previously stated that keeping the clothing of a deceased spouse generates a great deal of marital strife. A stunned Radha is confronted by Gungun, who questions why she was trying to take the portrait of Tulsi from her mother’s room, which belongs to her and would always be there. Gungun urges Damini not to touch him as she attempts to stop him from talking about the elders.

When Damini asks what Mohan is doing, he replies that he is ending the chapter of Tulsi because her belongings will no longer be in this house, and he leaves while Damini tries to follow him. Radha tries to stop Damini, but she does not listen. When Mohan is done, he tells Damini that he is ending the chapter on Tulsi because her belongings will no longer be in this house. As Mohan steps out of the home, the two of them join him in following him.

At this point, Mohan is standing, and Rahul wonders what this new drama is all about. Kadambari also questions Mohan about all this when he puts down the belongings, explaining that he is going to burn everything that belongs to Tulsi and those that are still with him. Hearing which they all get tense, Damini’s mother questions why he is burning the jewellery as it is made of gold; as the gold does not know who is the owner, Damini signals. Radha begs Mohan to stop, fearing that the Aatma of Tulsi ji may become enraged. When Mohan asks Radha why they burn the dead, she responds that it is thought that the Aatma is relieved if they are burned.

After discovering this, Mohan hurried to pick up an Od while Kadambari inquired if anybody could explain to her what was going on. Tulsi, who is standing on the balcony, cannot believe what Mohan is doing and is shocked to see how he is throwing everything in his hole. Mohan begins digging the hole and says he will not allow Radha to find peace because he will bury them all so that she remains trapped in this house and suffers like him. He throws all of Radha’s belongings into the hole he has dug.

As Mohan fills the pot, recalling the lovely moments he shared with Tulsi, he leaves in fury. Kadambari follows him inside, and Damini and her mother are all smiles. Radha is quite nervous. When Rahul says he plans to burn the garments, Gungun says Mohan is a horrible man, and Radha doesn’t want to listen to her anymore since she’s a bad person, too.

With a smile on her face, Damini plans to remove Tulsi from the house in the same manner she just did with her stuff. The moment Radha realises that Damini lied to Mohan about wanting to remove the photo, the latter becomes enraged, but her mother assures her that if Radha tells Mohan the truth, he will fill her life with hatred. As a result, the two decide to invent a new story.

When Damini admits she lied because she thought she was about to marry Mohan, the latter still remembers Tulsi, even if it is in anger, and he would When Radha delivered the invitations to Mohan, she saw that he was still referring to her as Tulsi, despite the fact that they were ready to tie the knot. Tulsi, who is perched precariously on the balcony, begs Radha not to believe her when she says that Damini is just playing on Radha’s ignorance. When Damini asks how she would feel if her husband had the possessions of another woman, Radha responds that Tulsi jee is not another woman; she was Mohan jee’s first wife.

Tulsi screams that they didn’t even offer her this job when she was still alive. In response to Radha’s insistence that she has always taught Gungun to speak the truth, Damini declares that she is wrong for loving Mohan and taking care of his entire business when Tulsi died; this decision was made by Kadambari; however, she cannot let it happen and is now going to tell Mohan the truth; when her mother tries to stop her, she acts requesting that Damini not do this as Mohan can never get angry with her.

Despite Damini’s mother’s request, Damini insists she will tell the truth to Mohan. Radha intervenes from the back and tells her she did it for the right cause, and Bihari jee can also forgive her. She understands how difficult it will be for her to live with Tulsi’s memory. She is the only one who can bring happiness into Mohan’s life. Damini, says Tulsi, won’t bring happiness to Mohan’s life; she’ll only bring misery. Damini embraces Radha, and Gungun shouts that this is exactly what she wanted because she is just like everyone else and wanted to get rid of her mother’s possessions. Despite Damini’s awe at Radha’s intent, she aims to exploit the breach between Radha and Gungun for her own benefit.

Seeing that Radha is still standing, Mohan jumps in front of Gungun, pleading with her to listen to what she has to say because she is still on the other side of the room. When Gungun runs towards her, Radha catches up to her, begging that she listen to what she has to say. When Gungun pushes Radha, Damini puts her feet behind her with the intent of making Radha fall.

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