Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 26th May 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Punyashlok Ahilya bai 26 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The incident begins with Ganuji saying that Kailash should not be insulted without any evidence. The wife says that the victim has to prove the guilt by bringing evidence and witness, this is a matter of law, the culprit is released due to lack of evidence and witness, I have no evidence against Kailash, but I Has seen Renuka attacked.

Running away from his home, no one has an answer about the culprit. Ganuji says that if a woman goes out of the house then strangers and thugs can chase her, Kailash is not included in it. “But she had a reason, you don’t think we should consider it,” she says.

He asks how many laws you want to change for Renuka, so everyone will ask us to change the law. Dwarka says that Khandrao and his wife are about to become parents, they work together in the court, you have only one excuse to meet them, that is marriage. She feeds Parvati. She says that Gautam will ask Khandrao to pay attention to marriage, think about how you can force Gautam to do so.

“I agree with you, but we have to stay on the point,” Khandrao said. The wife says that while Malhar has agreed to the adoption law, Renuka cannot adopt any child from a family that has abused her. The Pandit argues with him.

She says she has no evidence that the family is abusing her, only that she wants her late husband’s property and not children from the same family. “We can’t challenge old beliefs,” says Khandrao. Kailash starts acting and tells Renuka not to slander him.

He says I am ready to give you my little child, otherwise you can adopt a child from my other brother or sister. Ganuji says that Kailash has not had a good relationship with anyone till date. The wife asks Khandrao to give him some time to prove Kailash wrong. Kailash says I have not been wrong before, why should we waste time.

Khandrao says that we will hold the court again after some time, we will give the wife time till evening. he goes. The wife forgets and reassures Renuka. Renuka loses hope. Khandrao told him to trust his wife’s promise. Kailash asks Ganuji to send someone to keep an eye on his wife.

The guard saw Ahilya in the room. The wife leaves in a disguise. Sarja is in his room as his wife. Ganguba asked his wife if she got anything. She signs the number. He asks then what? They all go to court. The wife asked if a woman did not have the right to choose a child. She argues with Pandit.

She says it is only the mother’s passion to adopt a child. Pandits talk about lower and upper castes. He says that forgetfulness is not of the upper caste. Wives ask what will happen to those who have kept their deeds low, man is known by his values, not by caste.

Ganuji says that his wife has no evidence against Kailash. The wife says it’s true, I have no evidence, but I have a witness. They are all shocked. She calls the witness. Sri Hari and Lakshmi are brought there.

Precap: The wife asked Sri Hari to name the person who had hired her.