Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Parvati Gets Bitter Towards Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9th June 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 9 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update

Ahilya asks Parvati for her first rasoi at the beginning of the Episode. Parvati is abrasive when she’s irritated. Khanderao is a big fan of kheer, according to Ahilya. According to Parvati, changing his preferences would take time. The maids are sent out to collect flour as Harku watches. Parvati is chastised. In front of the servants, she tells you not to insult Ahilya.

As Parvati points out, there was always a stumbling block in the path of my wedding festivities since Khanderao and I had to enter the palace together, and since rasam wasn’t completed, there would be animosity in our relationship. She mocks Ahilya. Ahilya is said to be Harku’s first wife, according to Harku.

As long as the marital ceremonies are the same, I’m entitled to the same privileges as he is, Parvati argues. She is adamant. Ahilya is Harku’s first wife, and she has all the rights, but she is giving everything with love, and she accepted the marriage and welcomed him. You don’t get it. Harku is halted by Ahilya. I’ll get servants to help you, make the meal with a peaceful heart and affection, she tells you.

Harku is accompanying her. Making the kheer helps Parvati relax and de-stress. Harku claims that Parvati had a lot to say, but you were only listening. According to Ahilya, even the act of remaining silent has significance. Harku claims that she is selfish since she didn’t beg for your health, even though she was aware of the poison attack, and that she won’t be able to have a happy life because of it.

Think about it from Ahilya’s point of view; she’s not a horrible person, and she’ll eventually come to realise it. Parvati hears them and responds. Every relationship is new to Ahilya, and she needs time to get used to it, she adds. Harku tells me that he’s worried that it’s going to be late.

Ahilya receives a phone call from Gautama. Ahilya is on her way. Once again, Gunuji is enraged by the accountants’ behaviour. He assured me that Khanderao would give me the go-ahead.

Since he anticipates Khanderao being overloaded, I’ll take care of it myself. He puts his name on the line for his guy. The accountants are asked to leave by him. By the next morning, he expects his workers to do an immaculate job. Ahilya instructs Gautama to remain silent. If you touch my feet, Ahilya tells me not to. Let me verify what Gautama claims he told my Sasubai while Khanderao was still in my womb.

She notices the swollen foot. Ahilya claims that I’m experiencing some discomfort as well. In Gautama’s words, “I know.” She calls out to the lady. The godown, according to Ahilya, is where you work.

The lady chuckles. According to Gautama, Krishna used to be in charge of godown work, but since she’s now in charge of this place, she’ll be doing some light exercise and massaging people’s feet. Vaid ji is on his way to Khanderao. In the guest room, he adds, Vaid ji would keep an eye on Ahilya’s drug intake.

Harku says he’s pleased to see your compassion for Ahilya, and he wishes you the best of luck. Malhar appears anxious about Ahilya. According to her, everything is OK now. Everyone eats supper together. They sit down and have a conversation. They’re all stocked up on food. How did Ahilya’s first Rasoi go? Gautama wants to know. Smiling faces are the norm. What Khanderao did, Gautama explains to the others. She laughs heartily.

Dwarka tells Parvati to forget about the past, for it is her birthday. The woman requests Parvati to go to her husband and ask for a present. “Tell me what you want,” Khanderao says. Please don’t reject my request for a present when it comes due, Parvati tells me. My promise is to remind Dwarka if he forgets; he claims he cannot refuse. He claims he’s confident.

If you ask for something that he can’t provide, he won’t be in a position to do so. Ahilya catches Parvati’s eye. Rakma asserts that you should have requested any priceless object. She tells me that since I own something of great value, someone else has a claim to it. Rakma inquires about your thoughts. Parvati says she’ll wait for the perfect moment, and then she’ll ask for something that only she is entitled to.

Malhar tells me he’s concerned. “Nothing will happen to me,” says Ahilya. Khanderao’s absence necessitates Gunu ji’s appointment to the throne.

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