Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Malhar And Khanderao Worry For Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th June 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update

Harku begins the episode by stating that he prepared the dish and added the medication as instructed by Vaid. According to Ahilya, you shouldn’t put the responsibility on yourself because the drug may have been tainted by poison or the poison may have been introduced accidentally.

When Malhar returns, Gangoba tells him to stay put so he can watch over Ahilya and Khanderao for him. He claims that I’ll be on this assignment for a long time, but I’m afraid Khanderao won’t be able to handle it. Thanks for putting your faith in me, Gangoba responds. Don’t worry. Tukoji confirms: you’re OK to leave, and we’ll take care of Khanderao together. Choti Rani, said the guard.

Malhar arrives at Ahilya’s house. To which I respond, “Fine.” According to Ahilya, Gautama has observed that as long as I’m healthy and my baby is well, everything will be OK. Dwarka is grateful to the Lord. Malhar has a tendency to hurl items when he is enraged. According to him, my grandson’s life was in danger before he was born, and if that is true, I will find and murder the person responsible. Dwarka wonders if Gunu ji has done this.

In Sushila’s place, Gautama apologises and folds his hands. Sushila claims that you saved Ahilya’s life. According to Malhar, you saved the life of my heir. Vaid ji has arrived. Malhar claims that you were the one who poisoned her. Why would I send poison to Vaid ji? If that person you sent the medicine through is still missing, Ahilya will inquire. Gangoba claims that we haven’t found that man. According to Vaid ji, he is one of my newest students. Malhar claims he learned how to add the poison to the mix from his mentor.

He inquires as to how much animosity the general populace has for Ahilya. Asked by Malhar, Gangoba is tasked with finding the guy. In the aftermath of the killing, Gunuji orders his henchmen to fill the hole. As long as he tells me to keep going, I will. To the palace he arrives.

He asks Dwarka whether she thinks he did this to Ahilya. Her response is a resounding “no,” and I’m not sure why. Yes, he says. She claims she couldn’t sleep all night because she was unhappy with Gautama and imagined she wouldn’t treat her poorly if she made a mistake.

I recall you telling me not to injure anyone in the family, he claims. It’s good to have Khanderao and Parvati back in the fold. He is concerned about Ahilya. Dwarka and Gunu ji are discussing the poison assault on Ahilya, and he hears them. He’s taken aback by what he’s seeing.

The temple is where Ahilya is. He saved her kid, and she is grateful to him. In Harku’s opinion, if you’ve never done anything wrong, you won’t be the victim of any wrongdoing. In Ahilya’s opinion, Khanderao would have reacted in rage if he had been present at this time.

Khanderao appears and embraces her. Dwarka, Gunu ji, and Parvati are all watching. Khanderao inquires as to your well-being, as well as the well-being of the infant, and asserts that he will not let the perpetrator alone. In the words of Ahilya, “I’m alright,” “the baby is fine,” and “have a nap.” Someone tried to take the baby from us, and I was afraid to leave you and the baby behind. She tells him to relax.

He declares that enough is enough and that he will not abandon you. He cradles her. Malhar is where he goes. Malhar inquires if you’ve met Ahilya, and you respond that you have. Khanderao agrees with Khanderao that Gautama was fortunate to see it at the proper time. Please do not ask me why I have summoned you here, Malhar claims that the guy will not be rescued.

In Khanderao’s words: I’m sorry, I don’t know why you called me. On the throne is where Malhar has him sit. A grin spreads across his face. He manages to get away with it. How did you force me to sit here for so long?

Khanderao wonders aloud. If Malhar claims that you will be the next king of Malwa, please tell me what a king should be concerned about. Darbar, according to Khanderao. Malhar enquires as to if there is any other option.

Khanderao talks about justice and the people. Malhar confirms that you should keep an eye on the throne’s foundation at all times, as there are those who would shake it and take the throne for themselves. ‘Who is the enemy?’ Khanderao inquires. Remember, I’m departing for a mission tomorrow; you must safeguard the throne and the foundation, as Malhar warns.


Ahilya expresses his affection for Parvati in his conversations with her. Parvati confronts her in a harsh manner.

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