Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Ahilya Gets Justice For Renuka

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 27th May 2022 Written Update. Sony Tv Serial Punyashlok Ahilya bai 27 May 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

The story begins with Ganguba that we thought they both died in the mission. The wife says no, he was injured, but Khandrao and I took him to a secret place and treated him, even Veda did not expect him to survive. “We didn’t know if he could come here to make a statement,” Khandrao said.

Tokoji says that means you were with his wife in this project. Khandrao says yes, the hearing went on. The wife says that I trust Shivji, he shows his miracle, I took the time to visit him, Veed treated him and brought him to consciousness. She remembers meeting him at Veda’s house. Wade says they both regained consciousness. Sri Hari looks at him and joins hands. FB over. Khandrao asked Sri Hari to tell the court why he had abducted Bhola, at whose request.

Dwarka and Parvati came to meet Gautam. Parvati looked at Yashoda and hugged him. She cries “I can’t live without you and Dad,” she says. Yashoda says yes, every girl thinks so, later she forgets everything because of her husband’s love and father-in-law’s love. “I don’t have much hope for my marriage,” says Parvati. Yashoda asked, “Why are you saying that?” Harko says that every girl is upset because of marriage. Yashoda says I will make her happy by showing her clothes and jewelry. “I’m ready, but I don’t know if Khandrao can come for the wedding,” says Parvati. Khandrao demanded an answer from Sri Hari.

Sri Hari starts coughing. Gnuji says he looks sick, we will take his statement later. The wife says that I know that this matter is not more than his life, Veedji is also here. She calls Ved. Veda treated Sri Hari. Khandrao asked if Sri Hari can stay here and make a statement, does he have any problem? Pandit says no, he is fit. The wife says we know your crimes, but your truthfulness can reduce your punishment. Sri Hari says that we kidnapped Bhola for money.

She asks, “Who gave you the money?” Sri Hari took the name of Kailash. Kailash is upset and defends himself. Lakshmi says that Kailash told us to be Bhola’s fictitious relatives and take her away, he will give us a lot of money. Kailash says he is guilty, the court should not believe him.

The wife says that the court should not believe in anyone, just why you, everyone is taking your name. Kailash says that they are only defaming me, the wife can do anything to prove herself right. Khandirao shouts, stay within your limits, you are blaming her, she can’t do anything to defeat the truth. Lakshmi makes a statement against Kailash. “We are not lying,” she says.

Gautam said the ruins are here, don’t worry. Parvati says I can’t hide my trouble from my mother, she is in the palace but she is never with me, she is only with my wife. Harko says you are saying this when your wedding is about to take place in two days. Parvati says that Gautam has chosen me. Yashoda asked what was the matter.

Gautam says I also want to know, what happened today, why are you crying? Parvati fell at his feet. She says you will be my mother in two days, can I ask you something? Gnuji gets angry at Kailash. He says you wanted to kill Renuka and Bhola, and you chose me for your support, I am angry with you. He starts acting. He remembers Kailash explaining his backup plan. Kailash gestured to him and shook his head. Parvati says I have no place in the ruins of life.

Gautam says there is no such thing. Parvati says let me say, I only need two days for that, can you give me that? Gautam assured him that whatever he wanted would happen. Dwarka smiled. Kailash pleaded guilty. “I didn’t want Renuka to forget,” he says. Khandrao called the guards. Kailash is arrested. The wife says that you have suggested adopting a child from Renuka family, now Kailash has been found guilty, is there any problem in adoption now?

Precap: Parvati told his wife not to interfere in his marriage. She sat down for the wedding and smiled.

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