Pishachini 18th October 2022 Written Update

Pishachini Written Episode

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Pishachini 18 October 2022

Rocky exiting the bathtub to fetch some ice. His whole body begins to burn. After finding himself in Pishach lok, he returns to his room. Pishach Lok, in his opinion, is drawing him there. After asking Vidya to quickly find out, Pavitra leaves. Shikha was chatting to her lover when Vidya overheard them. Vidya claims that Shikha informed her family about her feelings for her boyfriend but left out the fact that they hadn’t yet met. Vidya is standing when she turns around.

He hasn’t met you yet, according to Vidya, who is summoning him over. Shikha begs her not to meddle with her personal affairs. When Pavitra enters the restroom, she discovers Rocky is gone. She then notices Rocky burning while standing. Rocky queries, “Who are you?” He is asked not to mention this by the astonished Pavitra. He recovers and the fire is started as she retains her touch on his body. He thanks you for coming and explains that he has the impression that one of his legs is in Pataal Lok. When Vidya arrives, she reports that Nakshak responded.

Rani sends Shikha a necklace and pendant as a present in an effort to keep her on her side. If she has any job from her, Shikha inquires. You are our favourite niece, according to Prateik. She claims to know them, Shikha. I asked you to watch out for Nikita, Rani says. Shikha claims to have taken Nikita’s phone from Pavitra and tracked her down. Where is she, wonders Amrita? Shikha claims she was absent from the previous site. If Nikita arrives here, in Prateik’s opinion, she won’t be living.

The person who treads on the pataal agni is attracted by Pishach lok powers, and Nashak promises to find a remedy. However, until he does, the person should seek refuge in a location where Pishach lok forces are weaker. Vidya reads the letter of Nashak. Rocky enquires as to the location. Temple, says Pavitra. Nikita receives a call from Shikha asking her to come to Bareily, where Pavitra has invited her and has something to say concerning her parents. She believes she is getting back at Prateik and Amrita.

In Pishach Lok, Dada ji runs into Maha Pishach and tells her that Rani doesn’t know what you’re going to do, but I want to support you no matter what. Why do you want to help me? demands Maha Pishach. According to Dada ji, Rani was defeated by a regular lady and was unable to win the Maha Pishachini crown. We don’t want to work for her, he claims, and we only want to be your slave.

Rocky is being led outside the room by Pavitra and Vidya. The fire starts abruptly. We’ll move quickly, says Pavitra. Rocky starts to burn once again. We’re going, says Pavitra. Dada ji returns to the space. Rani notices the lava exiting his chamber.

When they hear Bubbly and Manohar conversing, Pavitra, Rocky, and Vidya hide. Rocky tells Pavitra as they leave that he doesn’t want his family to see him in this state and doesn’t want to steal their serenity and joy. He claims he is unable to find refuge in this internal temple.

Rani questions Dada ji about his trip to Pishach lok. He claims he just went to take in the scenery. Rani claims she won’t have another opportunity. Rocky claims he can’t put his family at jeopardy. Although you seem immature, you are mature and have family concerns, according to Pavitra. She makes him think about Nakshak’s advice. Rocky suggests that we visit the neighbourhood temple. We don’t have much time, says Pavitra. Rocky advises that we must take a chance and go there. When they reach the door, Nikita is waiting there. Nikita notices Rocky’s hands starting to burn in an instant. I’ll tell you later, says Pavitra, but why did you come? Nikita claims that she came because she received your call. I asked you not to come here, according to Pavitra. It was a female voice, according to Nikita. When she requests to go with them, Pavitra tells her that they must take Rocky to the temple. To halt, Prateik commands them.

Rocky and Sanchit used to negotiate together, Sapna reveals to her husband. Sanchit brings up Rani’s remarks and disparages Rocky and Pavitra. When Nikita sees her parents, she becomes emotional. Shikha believes the real fun will soon begin. Rocky, in the opinion of Pavitra, has to be transported to the temple right away, but Nikita cannot be left alone with Pishachs, so who is to be saved?

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