Pishachini 17th October 2022 Written Update

Pishachini Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Pishachini 17th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Pishachini Written Update

Today Pishachini Episode Starts with Rani pokes her neck with her long nails while threatening Sanchit. She promises that you won’t tell anybody. Sanchit is incredulous. Rocky had a nightmare when Pishachs calls. Pavitra ponders what may have occurred. Sanchit is put under hypnosis by Rani, who instructs him to sleep well. She offers to sing him a lullaby and instead sings a bad song. He zzz’s. Rocky is next to Pavitra on the bed. She calms him by reciting the sacred mantras. Rani keeps singing.

Where is Matri, Bubbly is asked by Sapna. It is on the table, claims Bubbly. Call Rani, as instructed by Sapna. Should I also call Pavitra for her first fast, Bubbly asks. Assuring her that she must be prepared and asking her to contact Rani first, Sapna nods in agreement. When Rani feels Bubbly’s approach while Sanchit is massaging her feet, she poses as though she is receiving Sanchit’s blessings. Bubbly arrives and declares that Sapna was correct—she is really sanskari. Rani claims that Sanchit also observed a fast for her.

Rocky is seated in the bathtub, which Pavitra fills with ice cubes. Rocky claims he’s okay. According to Pavitra, Vidya is speaking to the writer and she is certain that a miracle will occur and everything will be alright. He claims that even if no miracle occurs, he will still not be sorry about having had some wonderful, romantic moments with her and that he has no regrets. Keeping her hand on his lips, Pavitra. He claims that I must follow your instructions and refers to Hitler as the top ruler. I have this characteristic, according to Pavitra. All of the ice, he claims, is melting. She claims to have additional ice with her.

Manoj consumes meals and breaks his fast less often than Sanchit, according to bubbly, who is maintaining fast for her. She leaves. If he is maintaining the fast for him, Sanchit queries. She warns that if you don’t observe the fast for me, your life will be more important than mine. The door to Pavitra’s room is rapped. Rocky requests that Pavitra to get sargi. He requests that she let everyone know that he is asleep. Rani may be seen standing as Pavitra opens the door. When Rani notices the ice cube on the ground, she queries how he is doing.

He is asleep, according to Pavitra. Rani attempts to enter the restroom, but Pavitra prevents her. You can’t rescue Rocky, says Rani. Rocky considers his options as the water turns to steam and evaporates. Once someone enters Pishach Lok, according to Rani, there is no way to leave; no one returns from there. Nobody can take Pavitra from her husband, she declares, adding that she would stop at nothing to rescue him. Rani is invited by Bubbly to come and have sargi. She requests that Pavitra prepare and arrive.

Waiting for Vidya to arrive is Pavitra. There is sargi for everyone. Sanchit is given it by Rani. Shikha arrives and announces that she is fasting in the same manner. Bubbly is asked about Amrita by Sapna. According to Bubbly, Amrita already had the sargi. Vidya visits and sits down there. If she is maintaining the fast, Bubbly queries. Vidya claims she arrived after smelling the cuisine. She assures Pavitra in a hushed voice that Nashak will mail as soon as he has a solution. Rani considers their conversation. She appears and tells Pavitra, “You can’t rescue your spouse; assume he is dead.” She exclaims to Sapna and Bubbly how fantastic the dinner is.

Telling Rocky that she is heading there is Pavitra. She rises and commands Rani to consume kheer. Rani claims to be on a diet and to eat less. Rani must use her hand to eat, Sapna is instructed by Pavitra. I’ll use my hand to prepare my lovely Rani sargi kheer, according to Sapna. Pavitra departs. She is prompted to speak by Sapna. Shikha mentions how much she loves Veer, a history professor. He is really Pishach. Shikha gives him kudos. He wants to meet Sapna, she claims. She is asked to talk about Bubbly. Let him come, Shikha commands. Sanchit is seen by Sapna. Let him eat, Rani adds, adding that not all ladies have a happy ending as she does. Pavitra gives her a glance. As Rocky left for Pishach lok, Rani considered how she would celebrate Karwachauth.

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