Pishachini 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Pishachini Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Pishachini 13th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Pishachini Written Update

Pavitra breaks the Maha Pishach’s crown to open the episode. Rani yells and collapses on the ground. It returns to Mata Rani with the trishul. While attempting to beat Rani, Pavitra believes she has forgotten Rocky and wonders where he is. Before her, Rocky becomes evident. Rani searches for her throne. Rocky receives a bear hug from Pavitra. Rocky gives back the embrace. In a joyful mood, Pavitra strokes his hands and gives him another embrace. Rani is furious.

Rocky and Pavitra embrace and hold hands. The Pishach trio is visibly shocked. The Mata Rani is thanked by Rocky and Pavitra. Rani stands up and leaves the area. Everybody becomes aware. The three Pishachs behave as if they are awake. Rocky’s father queries Sapna and Bubbly about their whereabouts. According to Sapna, it seems that we had a restful sleep. Bubbly wonders whether we all passed out. Rocky’s father inquires about the Pishach group’s well-being. Amrita claims that we were unaware of what was going on. Rocky queries, “Really, do you not know?” He is stopped by Pavitra, who claims that the air freshener is to blame for everyone’s fainting.

Workers, according to Amrita, had sprayed air freshener. According to Prateik, this may have occurred. Rocky’s dad claims that everything is good. Sapna compliments Rani and attributes all success to her. Rocky queries if you believe that Rani is to blame for all the positive things that have happened. According to Sapna, you were away from home without knowing it. Your Dadu is excellent, she continues, but please open your eyes so you can see clearly who is pure gold and who is just garbage.

Sanchit is taken to a room after being found sitting on the floor. All of the visitors are asked to eat by Rocky’s father. She made an excellent reason, Prateik assures Pavitra, and Rani would be pleased. Whatever I did, according to Pavitra, was for my family. We will go, according to Dada ji. Will you go, Rocky asks as he stops him. As they giggle, he is astounded to see their Pishach avatar. Rani yells out her frustration. All of your opportunities to become Maha Pishachini have passed, according to Maha Pishach, and other Pishach will now take advantage of it.

Because of Pavitra, Rani screams, “Now I have to wait for 200 more years.” Rocky remembers what his family thought of him. There, Pavitra shows up. Rocky recalls everything and claims that you entered Devi mode and flew into the air. How, he queries? She calls me extremely unique. Rocky claims that despite your repeated claims, I have never taken you seriously and have urged you to return to London. He apologises. Everyone finds it difficult to believe, according to Pavitra. Rocky claims that had you not remained behind and engaged in combat with Pishachini, you would have abandoned us and departed the area. Even now, he claims, there is no certainty that you would triumph, but you have impulsively chosen to confront her.

You have showed me faith, according to Pavitra. Rocky claims that I was close to Dadu, who was the face of the Rajput family, the pride and honour of our family, and who had a pure and sincere heart. He asks how he came to be Pishach.

Rocky’s sister confides in a third party that she used to be ignored by the family and that they stopped giving her any thought. She claims I haven’t met you but I still feel your anguish and hope to do so soon. Maha Pishach, the man Rocky’s sister is speaking to, dissipates into thin air.

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