Pishachini 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Pishachini Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Pishachini 12th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Pishachini Written Update

Rani asks Sanchit what he was saying as the episode opens. Bubbly and Vidya arrived there right away. They turn to look at Rani as she tries to seduce Sanchit. That, according to Bubbly, is why I didn’t want to come here. Sanchit joins her for puja. Rani is told by Vidya that she will enhance her beauty. She inscribes Pavitra. The Dussehra puja starts. For the puja, everyone gathers in the hall. Amrita believes that nobody can prevent Rani from becoming into Pishachini. In Pavitra’s opinion, they must prevent Rani from becoming into Maha Pishachini. Rocky remains undetectable. Rocky is informed by Pavitra that they were unable to allow Rani to reunite with Sanchit, but that she would attempt to get the Maha Pishachini Crown tomorrow. Surprising Pavitra, Rani and Sanchit approach the Devimaa temple. Dada ji, Prateik, and Amrita all grinned. When Rani does aarti quietly, Pavitra wonders why her pishach avatar doesn’t appear in front of everyone.

Rani recollects the demon informing her that all the holy sites would remain unharmed when the crown was ready to be given to her. From then, Rani is moving forward of Pavitra while announcing her union with Sanchit shortly after the marriage. She believes that we are now married. Rocky’s mother reprimands Pavitra and queries where her son is. Rocky bhaiyya, according to Vidya, phoned and announced his arrival. Rocky approaches Pavitra and declares, “I’m with you.” Rocky the invisible and Pavitra do the aarti together. Rani surprises her pisach trio by flying in the air. Each person is engaged in aarti. Rani recalled the devil stating that when there are dark clouds, everyone would believe that she is going to get the crown and will all pass out and fall to the ground. To Rani, these people are useless to me; let them perish.

Everyone swoons and collapses. Rocky is startled when he sees everyone tumbling. Rani doesn’t want us to finish the aarti, according to Pavitra, so we won’t be sidetracked. She explains to Rocky that because he is invisible, she is immune to the effects of her second spell. Pavitra is asked to turn around and stare at Rani from behind. She urges Maha Pishach to keep his vow and declares that she is becoming Maha Pishachini today.

The floor begins to split, and the crown can be seen erupting from the havan. Rocky is urged by Pavitra to have faith in God because we shall triumph. When Rani sees the crow, she is joyful. She claims that because I have already tainted Rajput blood, when I get this crown, I will turn into Maha Pishachini and all Rajputs would perish. She claims that Rajput family saga is finished since Rani triumphed. Her pishachini avatar is taken. Rocky begs Mata Rani to keep their bond of trust intact and not allow Rani to triumph. He turns to face the crown.

Mata Rani is urged by Pavitra to maintain her trust. When she shuts her eyes, she can also see Rocky who is invisible. She recalled telling Rocky that in order to stop Rani from wearing the crown and becoming Maha Pishach, she needed his assistance. Rocky is asked to sit while a Facebook is shown. She feels the air he breathes on her face. He is being touched by her.

Rocky believes that everything will be OK very soon. She could touch Rocky thanks to the heavenly force that shimmers on her fingers. Rocky begs for her trust. Due to heavenly abilities, she is aware of this. Fb closes. As soon as Pavitra yells “Jai Devimaa,” the Devimaa materialises behind her. Ahead of Rani, Pavitra runs. Rani urged us not to do anything since Dada ji believes we are unable to act. Pavitra receives the trishul in her hand. Rani is waiting for the crown to be put on her head while standing with her eyes closed. Pavitra shatters it at that same moment with a trishul. Rani and the others are in disbelief.

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