Photos Reveal What Happens When Toddlers Are Left Unsupervised For 30 Seconds

We all know that toddlers are cute little bundles of joys, but they can create a lot of mess for us to handle if we leave them unsupervised even for 30 seconds. If you have a baby or planning of having a baby, we urge to have a look at this list of toddlers creating a mess when they are left alone. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Paint Project Goals

Playing with paint is really fun and the fun doubles if you have a partner to play with. The look on their faces shows that they don’t regret it.

We can assume that these boys didn’t have any papers, so they decided to paint their faces.

2. “I Was Just Checking My Emails”

This photo is a prime example of why you should never leave electronics gadgets alone with kids.

“I Was Just Checking My Emails”

The toddler doesn’t seem too much worried about it. Although there is some guilt on the baby’s face, we find it really adorable.

3. “Honey, We Need a New Couch”

If you have a toddler in your house, it is imperative for you to hide all the markers and pens. And do make sure you buy a special vault that should be used to store permanent markers.

“Honey, We Need a New Couch”

This toddler was left alone and he knew how to make the best of the opportunity. So, he created something that’s not coming out anytime soon. Better buy a new couch.

4. Sugar Addict

This baby looks like he just loves sugar. We are not sure what the parents were thinking when they left their baby with a bag of powdered sugar.

Sugar Addict

The inevitable happened and this picture shows how much the kid enjoyed playing with powdered sugar.

5. Toilet Paper Fun Party

Many toddlers really love to spin toilet paper off the roll, but they can take it a bit further if you leave them alone in the bathroom for 20 seconds.

Toilet Paper Fun Party

This toddler was left in the bathroom as well. As expected, toilet paper was removed from its holder and a huge mess was created. And just look how happy the toddler looks now.

6. Pillows with Fluffs? Bad Idea

If you have toddlers in your home, why would you even think about buying pillows with fluffs?

Pillows with Fluffs? Bad Idea

You made the mistake and now you must pay the price. At least these children had fun.

7. A Lesson Was Learned That Day

After seeing this photo, we are 100% confident that the parents learned a valuable lesson that day: never leave your child alone for even a second.

A Lesson Was Learned That Day

The only positive thing we can take out of this picture is that the kid managed to get some chocolate in his mouth. The rest is a big mess.

8. Lazy Crazy

You cannot really understand how a toddler thinks and this is a perfect example of that. Instead of holding the Doritos bag and watching TV, the kid decided to make eating more convenient.

Lazy Crazy

We are not saying the kid did the wrong thing because it looks like an easier option.

9. A Future Artist in the Making

Kids absolutely love markers. When it comes to playing with markers, kids certainly don’t just stick to coloring books and notebooks.

A Future Artist in the Making

This little girl is perhaps inspired by her mother and wanted to show that she has good makeup skills as well.

10. Colorful Cereal Looks Just Like Legos

If you are planning on buying colorful cereal for your kids to make eating breakfasts more fun for them, we would recommend you to consider this decision.

Colorful Cereal Looks Just Like Legos

Well, colorful cereal may not entice your kids enough to eat them, but they will definitely tempt your little angels to play with them.

11. Let’s Make Omelette

When you leave eggs on the countertop or in the refrigerator, you have to keep one eye on your kid and the other on the eggs.

Let’s Make Omelette

If you don’t, you’ll have to deal with the smell, cleaning up the mess and no eggs for breakfast.

12. Double Trouble

If you have one toddler, there will be a mess. If you have two toddlers, there will be a double mess. This goes on and on.

Double Trouble

These little brother and sister know they are in trouble, but the brother has a look on his face that says “why did you leave us alone?”

13. Inviting Trouble Into Your Home

When mommy decided to put a box of sand in the house, she didn’t know that she was giving an open invitation to trouble.

Inviting Trouble Into Your Home

We have to give full credit to parents for allowing their kid to play with the box of sand. We are sure they had fun cleaning the mess.

14. Getting a New Paint Job Done

This picture gives a loud and clear warning to all parents: never ever leave your kids alone in a room with paint.

Getting a New Paint Job Done

It is best to not keep paint in the house, or else, you’ll have a new paint job regardless of your wishes.

15. Love for Peanut Butter

Peanut butter provides a lot of protein and apparently, this toddler has a fair bit of knowledge of peanut butter benefits.

Love for Peanut Butter

That explains why he has covered his entire body with peanut butter. His smile shows he just loves peanut butter.

16. Unity is Strength

These siblings do prove that unity is strength. They have learned at such a small age that they have to work together as a team to achieve their goals.

Unity is Strength

Although a mess is created, we are sure the parents had a laugh after cleaning the kitchen.

17. Toliet Paper Amuse Toddlers

If you want to amuse a toddler, don’t bother buying toys. Just go to the store and buy a few toilet papers.

Toliet Paper Amuse Toddlers

Kids love toilet papers and this picture shows how much this toddler is enjoying destroying a harmless toilet paper.

18. “No TV for Today”

Well, we must admit that it looks like a disaster. We are not sure what material is used on the TV, but it must have made the parents feel pretty angry.

"No TV for Today”

But what can be done, right? How about keeping such items away from the reach of children…it looks like a sensible solution

19. You Learn From Your Mistakes…Eventually

Let’s face it, when you leave your child with food, you cannot expect from him/her to not create a mess.

You Learn From Your Mistakes…Eventually

At least the child was considerate enough to spread food on his face & body and not all over the house.

20. “My Baby Doll Needs Baby Powder As Well”

This is an adorable mistake and we are sure her parents didn’t get mad at her. She doesn’t even look apologetic.

"My Baby Doll Needs Baby Powder As Well”

She knows that her mommy uses baby powder on her, so it is understandable she tried to do the same to her baby doll as well.

21. Toys Belong on the Floor

Every parent will agree that even if they provide their kids tons of storage space for their toys, they’ll still manage to create a huge mess on the floor.

Toys Belong on the Floor

This little angel must put back all her toys in the storage spaces, but the problem is that she’s never done playing. So, that explains why toys are still on the floor.

22. Serving a Sentence

It seems like this toddler was making a mess in the house. So, the person in charge (the sister) decided to keep order in the house.

Serving a Sentence

It looks like the kid isn’t much worried about going to jail. Look at the giant smile on her beautiful face.

23. A Terrible, Terrible Mess

We are not sure how this kid made such a mess. Maybe he opened the fridge to grab something to eat.

A Terrible, Terrible Mess

It is fair to assume that the kid won’t be allowed near the fridge anytime soon. We guess he’ll have to wait for the dust to settle.

24. Tea Party

While some kids have imaginary friends they love inviting for a tea party, this kiddo has a really loyal friend.

Tea Party

The doggo is quite okay with the idea of a tea party, but the costume is making him feel a bit anxious.

25. “Meet Our Dog Patience”

It won’t be a big surprise to know if the owners have named their dog Patience. This picture shows why dogs are so freaking awesome.

"Meet Our Dog Patience"

It is such a cute picture because the doggo is not moving only to ensure the toddler has a fun time playing with his toys.

26. Chocolate Beard

This little angel loves chocolate so much that she has smeared it all over her face. She now looks like a baby with a dark brown beard.

Chocolate Beard

Maybe she wanted a beard like Santa Claus. Nevertheless, she looks super adorable.

27. Bubble Bath Time

Now, this is a picture that shows why it is dangerous to leave toddlers alone. As these toddlers were alone, they decided to get a bath unsupervised.

Bubble Bath Time

Although this picture is cute, it is still best to make sure kids are never left alone.

28. The Look of Shame

This little girl is fully aware that she has done something she wasn’t supposed to do. Well, at least she knows she’ll get away with this look of shame.

The Look of Shame

We feel bad for her because she was thinking about creating a masterpiece to impress her parents. Better luck next time kiddo.

29. All Laughs

We must admit that we find this pair super hilarious. We are certain the parents had great laughter as well.

All Laughs

The older sister wanted a new look and she chose a perfect partner to help her achieve it, her baby sister.

30. Shaving Cream is Fun

This kid knew how to channel her inner artist and she used none other than shaving cream. Now, that’s what you call creativeness.

Shaving Cream is Fun

The smug smile on her face just shows how much she enjoyed her little project.

31. Future Doctor

This little girl wants to become a doctor when she grows up. Until then, she will keep on practicing how to be a doctor.

Future Doctor

The doggo is one of her recent patients and he looks a little confused and unhappy as well.

32. One Family

The little girl was drinking milk in her glass when she tipped it and slipped milk everywhere. The cats wasted no time in making the best of the opportunity.

One Family

As we know that there is no use to cry over spilled milk, the little girl simply started drinking it off the floor.

33. Electronic Canvas

Although this girl had her first experience playing with the Microsoft Paint, she wanted to take it to the next level.

Electronic Canvas

As it seems like she has already painted her face, she wanted more and there was no better option than this electronic canvas.

34. Follow the Steps

If you want to catch the culprit, just follow the steps. By looking at this picture, we can assume that it wasn’t difficult to catch the guilty party.

Follow the Steps

She is quite immature at this; otherwise, she would’ve covered her tracks. What’s more interesting is that she slept at the crime scene.

35. “Of Course, The Dog Did It”

It seems like the parents knew who the real guilty party was, but they still asked their little angel.

"Of Course, The Dog Did It”

As expected, she named the doggo as the mastermind behind all this mess.

36. Tug of War

This is a photo that shows how much dogs love playing with kids. The doggo wants to play with the toys as well, but the toddler doesn’t like sharing.

Tug of War

Well, it seems like they have to play tug of war to decide on who is going to play with the toy.

37. White, Soft Canvas

The kid wanted to draw something and would’ve preferred a black canvas. But he had to make the best of available resources.

White, Soft Canvas

So, the kid used his white doggo as the canvas. And by the looks of it, the dog seems perfectly fine with it.

38. Flour on The Floor

One of the most favorite items kids love to destroy is flour. Therefore, it is best to keep it out of reach of your children.

Flour on The Floor

Apparently, the parents forgot to store the destructive edible item somewhere safe. As expected, the kids found it and created a mess in the entire kitchen.

39. Two Expressions, One Perfect Shot

Okay, this is a perfect shot that shows how much kids love peanut butter. They just go crazy whenever they get their hands on some peanut butter.

Two Expressions, One Perfect Shot

This three-year-old sister Emily is busy in covering her little brother, Ethan, in peanut butter and it is just super hilarious

40. Caught White-Handed

Although this kid is caught white-handed, he is showing no remorse whatsoever. In fact, he is still having a prime time of his life.

Caught White-Handed

We must appreciate the level of confidence of this baby. By the way, he is working on his big project.

41. Getting Caught Easily

This little angel got hold of green paint and what happens next is still a mystery. All we know is that she had a great time.

Getting Caught Easily

Although her hands seem like they are dipped in green paint, her face tells that it won’t be easy to take a confession out of her.

42. Cat Race Track

This is a picture of a really patient cat. Although cats are known for their impatience, this cat is showing how to live with toddlers.

Cat Race Track

This kid just wanted a black surface to imitate car race track and he sure did find one.

43. Babies Love Bathrooms, Don’t They?

So, from our list you must’ve taken one big lesson that kids really love bathrooms and that’s why they cause the most havoc in them.

Babies Love Bathrooms, Don’t They?

If you haven’t paid attention so far, you’re welcome to give it a try. You can only learn from your mistakes, right?

44. Painted Lady

First of all, just have a look at the facial expression of this young lady. It looks like she is angry at the parents for finding her like this.

Painted Lady

This little princess found a bucket of white paint and decided to paint herself in all white. It looks like she didn’t even care about her footprints. We are quite sure the parents apologized to her and promised to never make the same mistake again.

45. The Future Picasso

It seems like the baby is being taught some lessons and the picture grabs the toddler’s look of shame.

The Future Picasso

We just hope that the parents weren’t too harsh on this little cutie. One thing can be said with certainty that this future Picasso thinks the entire world is his canvas and we don’t blame him for it.

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