Parineeti 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sukhwinder Comes To Neeti’s House

Parineeti 9th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Parineeti 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Parineeti Written Update

Sanju is told incorrect information by Neeti. To which he replies, “Give me the map,” he says. She inquires as to whether or not you have the map. In his words, “I’ll never be angry with you.” She suggests that let’s go back to the house and clean and organise it. A Mummy will be delivered to my house by a friend of mine.

She had no choice but to show up. Thanks for including me in your pooja, Sukhwinder. My daughter’s wedding is a must-attend for you all. There’s a taxi strike, the maid informs us. You won’t have to worry about me, adds Mohit. Pari has promised to accompany you.

Simi claims that the residence is also occupied by other people. In the words of Sukhwinder, it’s all right if Pari stays here. Gurinder adds it was a pleasure meeting you as well. Chandrika shows up with her suitcase. In Pari’s opinion, you should’ve remained. Why hasn’t Rajiv shown up, asks Sukhwinder? It appears Pari is unable to leave the office due to a lack of work. Sukhwinder has departed.

They tidy the home together, Neeti and Sanju. The mangalsutra is on display. If Rajiv’s memory serves him correctly, it is the same as Pari’s. He gushes about how lovely it is. Neeti orders the room to be thoroughly cleaned immediately.

I expect to see my mother any minute. Sanju is urged by Neeti to remain hidden. She calls my mother “old school,” and I have to agree with her. She’ll be pissed if she sees you here. She is from a rural area. Please keep it out of sight. Sukhwindere and Mohit are outdoors. The door is opened by Neeti. She wraps her arms around Sukhwinder.

Mohit is on his way in. Sukhwinder invites you to join him and me for tea. He tells me I have to get out of here quickly. Sukhwinder is brought inside by Neeti. Rajiv manages to get away. Sukhwinder gushes about how lovely the place is. Rajiv is asked to leave by Neeti. What is Sukhwinder doing here? She asks him as soon as he arrives. This purse, he claims, is mine to keep. He heads out the door.

Sukhwinder believes that a lady and a guy should not meet before marriage in this manner. She thinks Pari and his family are wonderful. I’ve heard Neeti compare my Sanju to Rajiv.

Pari reflects on her time spent with Rajiv in the past. She beams. Rajiv steps forward. According to Pari, I was watching for you. He expresses his regrets. She tells me she’s sure you’re having a great time at work. Send me an email. He confirms that it’s okay with him. According to Pari, you should go look at the moon.

Apparently, it’s a full moon today. And thanks to you, I was able to meet you in person. I got to view it while I was waiting for you. She has fallen asleep. According to Rajiv, most women become enraged when their husbands are late. She tells me she wants to get to know me better, and I’m eager to help. Rajiv is remorseful. She takes a nap on the sofa.

Sukhwinder’s mother, Neeti, says so. Today is my first day at work. “Your wedding is in two days,” she claims. In Neeti’s opinion, Pari will manage it all. Everything she needs will be there. Sukhwinder tells me that you’re a nuisance to her. Neeti claims to be my wedding planner. Because of my influence, her career took off. She then makes her way out of the room.

Pari buys flowers. Rakesh’s goon notices her. When they see Pari, Rakesh gets a call from them to notify him. If Rakesh is to be believed, is it actually the case? He confirms that she is indeed in front of us. He was contacted by video. Rakesh has complimented my Pari, according to him. She’s very stunning. Pari has departed. Her cab is pursued by thugs.

Neeti receives everything from Pari. How do you know you have everything if Sukhwinder claims you do? Yes, but there’s a lot more to do. Go and grab that for me for me, please! It is Neeti’s room. Rajiv steps forward. Sukhwinder introduces himself to him.

She tells you to sit down. Let’s have some tea. He has faith in my ability to succeed. She claims that you are her SIL. He claims to be your son and introduces himself as such. To the kitchen he goes! It’s time for Pari to go. The goons are out in the open. Then Rakesh shows up.


Pari is kidnapped by Rakesh. Rajiv is on the hunt for them and has taken off running. He engages in a scuffle. He is stabbed.

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