Parineeti 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sukhwinder Doesn’t See Rajiv

Parineeti 8th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Parineeti 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Parineeti Written Update

No need to worry, Pari assures Chandrika, Rajiv will be home soon. Gurinder inquires as to the whereabouts of Chanrdika’s son, Rajiv. Why has he not come down to the basement? Sukhwinder is Pari’s choti maa, she tells Sukhwinder. Gurinder explains who she is and why she’s here. Apparently, I’m in town for the wedding of Sukhwinder’s daughter.

Everyone is welcome. Gurinder promises that we’ll be there. Neeti could enjoy it, but Pari is unsure. What’s wrong with you, Chandrika? asks Gurinder. Chandrika asks whether he’ll repeat himself. Rajiv snuck into the house undetected. He takes Sukhwinder’s backpack and conceals it. Rajiv gets a call from Gurinder. Pooja must begin, according to Pandit Ji.

Everyone comes together for a puja. Simi fixes her gaze on Pari. The pooja is officially kicked off by Pandit ji. Rajiv arrives and joins her in the conversation. It appears that Sukhwinder is oblivious to him. Smoke fills the air as a result of an unexpected fire.

Before she can even see Rajiv, Sukhwinder coughs and shuts her eyes. Sukhwinder is helped out of the hall by Rajiv, but she is unable to see his face. Gurinder is escorted out of the hall by Pari.

Seeing Rajiv take care of Sukhwinder makes Pari feel good. There is a bottle of rose water that Pari carries with her. We need to begin the pooja, according to pandit ji, adds Simi. Pari is knocked down.. Rajiv closes his eyes and leans in to kiss her. Take me out, too, for my eyes are on fire.

Rajiv tells me that you make him feel at ease whenever he’s around. She brings him a bottle of eye drops. It’s good to hear that Gurinder and Sukhwinder are both feeling well. Rajiv’s face is wiped clean by Pari.

Sukwinder compliments him on how well they appear together as he looks at his back. Pooja is being performed in front of Rajiv and Pari. Sukhwinder is still on Rajiv’s side.

In order to get the cab, Neeti requests the driver to do so. He claims that the city is on strike. Neeti attempts to reach Rajiv by phone. In the background, Gurinder chastises him for not turning off his phone during puja. The phone is in her hands. Niti is heartbroken by the news.

When Gurinder shuts her eyes, Rajiv returns his phone to him. He accepts the call. A strike in the city has stranded Neeti, and she tells him so. Rajiv promises to have a ride ready for you in ten minutes. He informs Pari that he has an important matter and asks her to take care of things here.

Neeti will be picked up by Rajiv. Seeing him makes her joyful. Thank you very much for preserving my mother’s suitcase, Neeti, says. Did she seem to enjoy your company? In Rajiv’s opinion, I had a great time with her.

Neeti says she’s overjoyed to have found the perfect son-in-law. “I hope I’ve done enough to impress her,” he tells me. Rajiv suggests that we stop at your mother’s house on the way back from your friend’s house. Her response is a resounding yes. After the puja, Pari distributes prasad to everyone. On the orders of Neeti, Rajiv has left the house.

The final episode of the serial is here.

Pari is at the market when Precap-men Rakesh’s spots her. Following his lead, they set out to find her.

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