Parineeti 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Parineeti 27th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Parineeti 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

Rajiv and Niti bring Sona back to the bank. He called Kiran and said thank you. He says I have to go by helicopter, just make arrangements or I will kill everyone. Kiran says I need some time, don’t bother anyone, he ended the call. Arjun shouts at Karan not to go against the law. “We will not arrange for a helicopter,” Kiran said. It’s time to dump her and move on. She manages her team and is ready to attack.

Aki and her thugs are happy to see the money. They put black clothes on the heads of the hostages and tied them together. The robbers found police covering the building. Aki says let’s use these people.

Vicky breaks down a wall in the room and gives everyone a cement powder to use on the robbers.

Tai and Amit also reached outside the bank. He sees Kiran and his team ready to attack.

Aki tells his team that we will leave the bank behind. They blindfolded all the hostages and tied them to the door. Aki says the police will come in and start shooting these innocent people then they will regret it all. Vicki hears this and runs away with the hostages. They leave in time to enter Kiran’s team building.

Kiran starts shooting at Aki’s team. They all try to escape. Aki grabbed the hostages and told Kiran to come out or they would kill him. Kiran says don’t do that. Kiran and her team went back. They lock them in a room. Aki and his team carry the hostages at gunpoint.

Aki and his gang come out of the bank with hostages at gunpoint. Aki told Kiran to drop his gun if he wanted to see them alive. Vicky took out the powder and threw it at Aki. The hostages attacked the robbers. Kiran and his team try to catch them. Vicky starts hitting Aki. Rajiv is helping the wiki. There is a lot of smoke so Niti can’t see Rajiv. Tai runs away and hugs Rajiv.

He says I’m fine and I’m leaving. Pari tells Chandrika that she is OK. Sammy asked Vicky if she was OK. He shook his head. Sammy says yes you didn’t do anything inside. Vicky says what’s wrong with him? Chandrika says don’t pay attention to it. Tai asked the fairy if she was OK. The fairy says yes, Rajiv was with me. “My friend was here but I couldn’t find her,” she says. Embraces Tai Monty, he says I’m fine. Rajiv calls Niti, she says I am going to the police station to give my statement, I will meet you later. She ends the call and calls the fairy.

“I’m going to the police station,” said Niti. “I will see you later.” She ends the call. Pari tells Vicky that the intention is right. Everyone in the house leaves. Kiran arrested Aki. Arjun tells Karan that you did a great job, sorry for the inconvenience. Kiran says okay.

Everyone in the house returned home. Vicky says I should leave now, my family will be upset. Tai says at least stay for tea. Sammy says he’s in a hurry. Vicky says I’m late. He tells the fairy to take care of herself. He greets everyone and leaves. Chandrika says Vicky is very brave. Rajiv says he takes great care of the fairy. Tai says we will worship, I was worried about you all. Rajiv says we are fine.

Rajiv is changing his room. The shift comes there, he remembers closing the door in the bank. The fairy says I will clean your wounds. Rajiv says I am sorry. The fairy says why? He thanks her. What does he say? The fairy thanks Rajiv for saving her life, you really love me. She cleans his wound and he dies in pain. The fairy laughs and says it’s just medicine, she blows her hand lovingly. Rajiv looks at her and thinks she is very good, she thinks a lot about me but I am not like that.

Precap: Vicky is at the fairy’s house and she’s going to show him a picture of Sanju. Tai asked the fairy, “Where is Rajiv?” She says he went to the office. Rajiv goes to meet Niti and asks her to marry him in 4 days. Niti smiled and said okay.