Pandya Store 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara Finds A Ray Of Hope

Pandya Store 8th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

It begins with Rishita explaining that this is all due to us. “Think about the present and not the past,” adds Dev. We may turn Shiva’s tempo into a mobile shop. She likes the concept. She inquires as to why the infant is so ecstatic. “Kick again,” Dev commands the infant. So it is. Prafulla tells Raavi to come to me because I’ve done my best. She offers up a prayer.

The grains, according to Dhara, won’t last more than a week; how will we fix the business? Should we receive rations or operate the shop with our money? he asks. According to Gautam, we must feed Rishita well. Dhara agrees with you.

Rishita wants Dev to let Gautam know about the cellphone store she found. Dhara takes care of her personal hygiene while conversing with Gautam. Everything would be great, she adds, because Raavi was blaming herself. But today, Rishita’s baby changed our day. She gets a few documents. It’s a miracle, according to her.

He wants to know what you have. The file is shown to him. They distinctly recall purchasing a little piece of property in order to save money for the future. After selling the land, she claims that the business may still be repaired. They are beaming with joy. In Dhara’s opinion, this land is ours. She embraces him. I adore you because he calls you the “angel of our home.”

They embrace each other. Shiva arrives at Raavi’s home. She claims she won’t see you again. He yells at her. While Dhara and Gautam didn’t want me to miss him, I know he’s not here, and I won’t experience the same anguish again when I lose you, he says to calm her down. “Don’t worry, we both aren’t going away,” he says. She reflects on the baba’s words, which she recalls.

Suman sees the land documents when they are presented to him by Gautam. Suman has a memory. Apparently, she forgot about this place. Dhara believes that I saw this area by accident today, and that Somnath may be trying to assist us out. Rishita claims her goal for this land was to sell 4 acres and leave 1 acre for the farmhouse. Gautam agrees to retain 1 acre of land for you.

We tell her to ignore us since we have to fix the shop, not listen to her. Gautam tells us that if the baby is unhappy with us, we’ll have to sell 4 acres and maintain 1 acre for the farmhouse. As a result, Krish instructs them to install air conditioning throughout the house. Shiva tells him to stop wasting his time on foolishness.

A three-story Pandya shop is what Gautam plans to build for us. He says Dev has promised to accompany you. Suman’s hope is that her children’s dreams will come true. Everyone rushes to give her a bear hug. The next day, Raavi reports that Gautam and Dev ate breakfast and then left, while Dhara is said to have gone to the grocery store.

Rishita goes out and buys them some tea. Raavi thinks I could have done it, and I agree. As for Suman, he claims that happiness has finally returned after a lengthy absence. Rishita says yes, Raavi refers to herself as a problem for no apparent reason, and I intend to hold a celebration. Both Suman and Raavi agree. Shiva’s birthday is tomorrow, according to Raavi. Suman is greeted by Shiva.

He makes his way to the store. She believes Shiva will have a great time. We can’t sell the land, so Suman wonders where we’re going to acquire the money to host a party. Mansukh receives the land documents from Gautam. Mansukh claims that JeevanLal owns this land. Gautam inquires as to the identity of the narrator. Dev claims that the paperwork is in his possession.

There can’t be two owners of the land, says Mansukh, so they need to go see it for themselves. It’s up to Gautam to check out the land. Both Gautam and Dev have left the premises. They arrive at the plot of property. They can see the board. Jeevanlal’s name appears in Dev’s mind. Angry, they slam the board down.

Unknown to them, a guy arrives to make a threat. Angry, Gautam scolds the man. He claims that this land belongs to him and that he has the paperwork to prove it. He is forewarned about Jeevan Seth by the guy. Gautam tries to get the man’s attention. There’s a crowd of thugs there.

As a teaser, Dev says we’re going to display our strength. Everybody hears Rishita’s story about the land that was taken by someone else. Shiva claims that I will reclaim the property.

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