Pandya Store 6th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Shiva Teaches A Lesson To Prafulla

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Raavi reflects about Prafulla and Suman’s statements at the beginning of the episode. She’s lost in the woods, walking aimlessly. Shiva notices her and begs her to get out of the way .’s He races to her aid. She collapses on the ground. Shiva lifts her and places her in a private place.

He manages to rouse her from her coma. He can make out the scar on her brow. He inquires as to what she is concentrating on. She sobs and clings to his neck. She claims that Prafulla told her that her parents died because of her, that she is unfortunate, that she is a nuisance, and that she causes trouble wherever she goes.

He inquires as to the nature of her statement. Prafulla’s residence is where he drives her. Prafulla is greeted by him with an outpouring of affection. Prafulla goes into hiding. To his surprise, she comes out of hiding.

Raavi tells Prafulla how she was injured. He says he’ll tell you when we’re out at the market, so gather around and enjoy some quality time as a family. When she inquires about her health, she tells her companions to keep away from her. Get ready, and I’ll see you there! He reveals the scent.

He tells me he imported it for you as a gift. She sneezes. Shiva thinks you’ve changed a lot for the better. Prafulla wonders why this perfume is so pricey. Shiva utters the word “poison.” When Prafulla hears the news, she is stunned. Shiva assures him that he should not be concerned, since it would kill him in ten minutes. Prafulla yells, “Leave me!” as she cries. If you don’t kill this vixen in the next 10 minutes, I’ll murder your rats for you.

His departure from Prafulla has been requested by Raavi. After you informed Raavi she was a problem and then grabbed our four million dollars, watch how the poison affected your family, he says. Prafulla says she came to me and begged me for the truth, would you punish me? Raavi tells you to go, so you can. Shiva claims to be a large Chudail, according to her. He goes back to spraying the perfume. Puts her hands in a jug of water and begins to wash them. If something happens to me, she promises she won’t leave you behind.

Shiva frightens her even more by claiming that she will now die. If something happens to Raavi, she claims she will be my Maasi. Prafulla has an itchy sensation. Prafulla is doused with water by Raavi. Shiva, Prafulla tells me there must be a way. Raavi wants him to tell her something. He claims that there is just one method to do it. Prafulla is asked to sniff Shiva’s shoe by Shiva. When Prafulla does this, he or she becomes sick.

She claims it isn’t harming me, but I’m starting to vomit. Her request is for Raavi to drive her to the doctor. Shiva gets a stern lecture from her. A cheap deo is what Shiva tells Raavi about poison. Prafulla is told to unwind by Raavi. Prafulla does so without complaint.

To find out how her mother died, Prafulla urges Raavi to go to Suman. Shiva warns that if you tell anybody, no one will believe you, so don’t. Raavi is invited to join him. Rather than poison, Raavi claims it’s a deo They’re gone now. Prafulla is relieved by this news.

I’ve filled the AC with gas, and if you hold this wire, I’ll show you the other end. Holding the cable is Dev. The wall has the venom of a scorpion. Raavi and Shiva have returned home. This place is so dim that Shiva wonders, “Why don’t you turn on the lights?” Dev suffers an electric shock. He loses his balance and falls to the ground. His shout awakens Rishita up.

Everyone rushes to get a glimpse of Shiva. Dhara inquires about the incident. Dev says I’m alright, but I received an electric shock since someone had turned on the mains. Raavi sobs and apologises profusely to Dev and Rishita, saying, “It’s my fault. I’m such a problem.” We know you didn’t do it on purpose, according to Gautam. Shiva apologises to Dev for asking him to turn on the mains. The man approaches and inquires as to what transpired.

Dev has nothing to say, everything is good, and I’ll contact you later, so go ahead and do as you like. Raavi is comforted by Dhara. At the window, they notice a scorpion in its web. In Rishita’s words: Raavi, you were blaming yourself, since you protected Dev, and the scorpion would have bitten him or me if it hadn’t been for you. Dhara claims that you were instrumental in saving the lives of two people. She inquires about Dev’s well-being. She runs out to bring him some milk.

At the play, Prafulla runs into Hari. Sadhu is scaring her, she claims, because she thinks Raavi and I are about to break up. No, I will not accept Hari’s claim that Raavi resembles my daughter. That’s what she says. He claims that I am mistaken in my assessment. She is adamant. He’s on board. Suman inquires as to what has transpired.

To satisfy Shiva’s request, you should inform Raavi about what happened to her parents. Suman inquires as to why you’re interested in this information. Dhara divulges all of her secrets. In Rishita’s opinion, Dev is fine. According to Dhara, Raavi believes that she is unfortunate for the whole family. When you and your mother were riding on the back of Raavi’s father’s bike when the tragedy occurred, Suman claims that Raavi’s father was an alcoholic.


Gautam hands out the deeds to the land. The property, according to the guy, belonged to Jeevan Lal before him. It’s over for Gautam. The thugs apprehend them and beat them to a pulp.

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