Pandya Store 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Rishita claims Raavi is filming videos outside

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Raavi begins the episode by lying to Shiva and leaving. He claims I am a member of her team; why is she lying to me? Something is wrong. Dhara says there’s no vegetable, Raavi forgets everything when she’s on the phone, and I’m at a loss for what to cook now. She asks Dev if he saw Raavi. No, says Dev. Dhara wonders why Suman and Krish didn’t eat the breakfast that Gautam had. Gautam, according to Dev, always listens to you. Rishita claims Raavi is filming videos outside, while Suman and Krish are doing the same. She has a disagreement with Dhara and Dev. Dhara speculates that Raavi may have gone to the market; there are no vegetables to cook; what shall I prepare; will you have daal? I’ll get the vegetables, according to Dev. Rishita claims you have no idea where to buy vegetables. He invites her to accompany him. She refuses to leave the house.

He says you were scared after seeing the c section tong at the clinic, but don’t worry, we’ll go get some vegetables. They depart. Dhara wonders where Suman has gone. Suman and Krish are in police custody. Krish has decided that we will return home. Suman claims Dhara saved a lady and her baby, bringing the baby home while the lady fled. She tells it all. She says she can come and accuse us of abducting the baby. Inspector says, “I understand; don’t worry; Gautam filed a report; we’re looking for the baby’s mother; please contact the child NGO.” Krish claims that you do not listen to me. He dials Shiva’s number.

Inspector says we’ll come to your house and speak with your bahu. Raavi is followed by Shiva. He receives Krish’s call. Raavi visits the bank. She obtains her gown. Shiva questions why she is accepting a gift from them and who they are. Krish calls once more. Shiva inquires as to the nature of the problem. Raavi leaves. Shiva wonders where Raavi has gone. Dev and Rishia go shopping for vegetables. Krish dials Dev’s number. Dev does not respond. Krish says I can’t call Gautam and that I only have this last option. Raavi’s words come back to Rishita. Shiva notices Raavi with the man. The ladies notice Raavi and gossip about her. Shiva claims to be Raavi’s husband. Krish dials Dhara’s number. She claims Suman drove me to the police station, she told the cops everything, the cops are on their way home, and they may arrest Chiku. Dhara is taken aback.

She says orphans go to the orphanage, but since Chiku isn’t an orphan, I won’t send her there. Dev notices two men fighting in the market. He searches for Rishita. Rishita is at the children’s clothing store. Dev does not notice her presence. He searches for her. She walks out of the shop and notices the fight. She summons Dev. She sobs and walks away. Shiva notices Raavi accompanying the man on the bike. She sees Shiva and exclaims. Shiva looks around and notices Rishita. Take me to the nursing home for delivery, she says. Shiva says it might be a false alarm, so I’ll go get Raavi. Rishita says no, she’ll see you later. Rishita is called out by Dev. She passes out. Shiva picks her up and carries her away. Dev notices them. Shiva loads Rishita into the car and drives her away. Dev yells Shiva…. He gets on his bike and rides away. Raavi creates the advertisement. Raavi notices Dev riding his bike. She questions why he is riding his bike in this direction. Raavi receives her payment.

Suman, Krish, and the cops return home. Krish searches for Dhara. Gautam appears and inquires if everything is in order. Suman says, “I called the cops and told them about Chiku.” She says Dhara and Chiku aren’t here, so call her; it’s urgent work. Gautam understands Dhara’s message…. I’m taking Chiku to Ahmedabad to find his mother, and I’m not coming back until I find her.

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