Pandya Store 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Suman Supports Raavi

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

The episode begins with Rishita alleging that Raavi has offered him money to silence him. She wonders how you can do this for 300-400rs. Dhara claims that you have displayed the home in the films, so if somebody comes to take… Raavi claims that everyone does this, and that I am making money. Suman chastises them for hoarding the money. She wants to know where the money is and how much you got. Rishita claims we’ll find out when we investigate the room. Raavi says I’ll break the wonderful news to you. She hands over the money, stating that it is worth $50,000.

They are all taken aback. Suman inquires, “Did you take something from my safe?” Raavi responds, “No, I earned it through filming videos.” Suman wants 50000 rupees for a few videos? Raavi confirms that there are many things. She displays the hampers. Krish remarks, “Wow, we have another earning person in our household; I will have additional pocket money.” Gautam adds, “I knew it, Raavi isn’t doing anything wrong, people are looking for influencers, and I’m pleased of her.” Dev agrees with me. Rishita confirms that she had showed Suman money and kept her silent. Suman says don’t mock me; it’s excellent for us to produce videos and earn money. Rishita inquires if she gave you the money before she was caught. Shiva said that she was going to inform you. They are all laughing. Suman inquires whether anybody has made a joke here. Gautam embraces Shiva.

Dev welcomes you to the club and encourages you to support Raavi. Rishita claims I have a problem and that my videos should not be created. Dhara claims she is correct. Suman suggests making films in my room. Raavi regrets producing the family videos.

Suman says we’ll record your sit-ups and post it. She pulls out her phone and goes live. She requests that Raavi post it straight soon. Suman double-checks. Raavi apologises to everyone and swears she would not do it again. Rishita departs. Dhara claims her rage is justified, but I’m not sure. Raavi claims that I will persuade you. They all embrace Raavi. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… They are all dancing.

Dev requests sweets from Rishita. She eats and comments on how delicious it is. He encourages her not to mock Raavi since she is family and they should support her. He claims she earned it since she worked hard. She claims she created the films in secret and that she is skilled. He adds, “Enough with the jealousy, go work if you want.” She claims you want to take your pregnant wife outdoors, but I can’t risk it. He begs her not to be afraid. She requests that the baby remain in my stomach.

She requests that he leave and not annoy her. Raavi, she claims, believes she is the smartest of all. He claims that disputing with her is pointless. Raavi goes social media live. She receives a phone call from the bank manager. She claims that I do not want a loan. He replies no, we need a commercial shot and could you come tomorrow? She thinks I should ask my family just once. He claims you may earn a lakh for this effort. Suman overhears Dhara conversing with Chiku. She is concerned. She says I have to rescue Dhara or else… Dhara requests milk from Chiku. Raavi believes he promised me one lakh rupees. She expresses an interest in me. She requests 2 lakhs. He claims that our budget is little and that we would set it at 1.25 lakhs. She considers taking a risk. She says we’ll do the business for 1.50 lakhs. He says, “OK, done.” She leaps joyfully. Ek zindagi meri…..plays….

She inquires as to how you intend to pay. He adds, “Come for the shoot, and we’ll pay you.” She requests cash rather than a check. He adds, “I’ll give you the demand draught, thanks, and have a nice day.” She beams. She says I’ll tell everyone, but if this is a hoax call, I’ll be offended; let me receive some money first, and then I’ll tell everyone.

Suman considers opening a bank account. She says I should sleep now since I have a lot to accomplish tomorrow. Raavi receives a phone call late at night. Shiva gets up and goes to investigate. She requests that they wear light-colored dresses and that they not send a vehicle since she will arrive herself. Something is amiss, he thinks, since she is speaking in a low tone. She believes that everyone will now praise me. She looks around and notices Shiva. He says don’t yell, and who were you talking to?

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