Pandya Store 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Suman Rebukes Raavi

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Gautam begins the episode by asking Dhara not to cry. Dhara says you love me, but why don’t you understand that I love the baby a lot, that everyone takes care of the baby, that I have a right to love the baby, that I am hurt, that no one understands me, not even you. He embraces her. He invites you to come because your Chiku would be alone. Koi mujhko itna bataye…. Plays… He gives a nod.

He takes her hand in his and leads her to the baby. They sit and smile as they look at the baby. Raavi inquires of Shiva about the food. Shiva coughs and declares that it is all nonsense. She tastes it and says it’s good; if you don’t like it, go have some laddoo, you liar. He also mentions his mother. They go get Suman’s food. Dhara arrives and notices a plethora of dishes. She wonders why there is so much food, and if it is your birthday. Raavi says no, I have good news for you. Shiva beams.

Suman and Kanta are on their way. The girls come to a halt in front of her and take a selfie with her. Suman claims I became famous. Dhara says, “I can’t wait to hear the good news,” and Raavi agrees. Raavi says she wants to see how everyone reacts. Rishita claims Suman has the locker keys and thus has first dibs on the good news. Raavi says it’s not about money; she just wants to see how everyone reacts. Suman is asked about Rishita’s baby, who was the baby in Raavi’s hands, Dhara’s baby? Suman inquires, “How do you know?” She tugs on their ears. She says we’ll report them to the police. Your bahu, according to the girl Raavi uploads videos to YouTube.

Suman claims he never saw it on his phone. Suman is shown the videos by the girl. Suman watches some more videos. She believes Raavi has hidden this from me, and she will be punished as well. Raavi is waiting for Suman. Kanta leaves Suman behind. Raavi says I have some good news for you. Suman beams. Suman is following Raavi after she receives the notification. Suman, she believes, must have seen all of the videos. Suman’s kheer is procured by Shiva. He says, “I have good news for you.” Suman inquires, “Is it a bribe, or do you think I’m not understanding your scheme?”

Dhara inquires as to what transpired. Suman claims Raavi is posting videos of our family on social media. No, says Shiva. Suman says, “Keep your finger on your mouth, you know what she’s doing.” Gautam, Dev, and Krish show up. Suman claims she has uploaded all of the videos, including love, hugs, and kisses from Gautam and Dhara. Rishita cracks a joke. Dhara requests that you keep me updated on what is going on. Rishita says, “Thank God, Dev and I are awake.”

Suman claims she turned me into a torturing Saas, and that she has given you all punishment. Rishita claims that she doesn’t see any videos because Raavi has blocked her. Dev and Krish both mention me. Raavi says, “I planned to get active on social media, but I didn’t know I’d have much success; I was afraid you’d mock me, so I blocked you all; I will unblock you all now.” They are all watching the videos.

Krish bursts out laughing. He says such amusing things. Suman is staring. He claims it isn’t funny. Dev thinks the videos are great, Raavi. Gautam says the video was well-shot, and the comments are amusing. Dhara claims she turned her family into a drama. Rishita asks, “How dare you, Raavi, expose our personal lives like this?” If you want to be famous, do it yourself; otherwise, you should be ashamed.

According to Gautam, such videos are common. Dhara agrees with Rishita that you cannot upload videos while violating the privacy of others. Krish says, “Wow, Raavi promoted our shop on her page; we’ll make a lot of money.” Shut up, Dhara, one right video will not make the other wrong videos right; wrong is wrong.
Raavi expresses regret to them. She claims that I will not post such videos in the future. Shiva stops her and asks Dhara what she did wrong. Suman claims to have left. He claims she hid this, but it is not a major sin; Raavi has become well-known, and everyone knows her; she is very popular on social media; we should support her; she is doing a good job. Suman asserts that he is ahead of Gautam and Dev. Shiva claims she earns $50,000 for a single video. Suman inquires.

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