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Pandya Store 3rd June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 3 June 2022 Written Episode on

Dev inquires as to Suman’s well-being, and inquires as to when this occurred. In Shiva’s opinion, Rishita and you left home while you and Rishita were still young. He spills the beans. Dev and Rishita shed tears. Suman receives a hug from Dev.

“But you’ve come now,” Dhara adds. “Suman got fine.” Suman urges Dev not to shed tears. Everyone has a grin on their face. Rishita’s tears are dried up by Suman. Dev begs your pardon, and I accept his request. He sheds tears. She says you’ve arrived, and I’m pleased to see the whole family. Everyone gets a hug from her. Yaadon ki baraat…is performed… Dev gets a hug from Gautam.

Suman’s wheelchair is his. He asks her if she’d like to sit in the wheelchair for a few minutes. Suman is forced to sit in a wheelchair by everyone. Suman sheds tears of joy. She’s the centre of attention for everyone else. ‘Promise’ me, Suman, that you won’t leave us.

We’ll do what Dev says we’ll do, we promise. After death, Rishita claims, we shall meet again. Suman advises against focusing on death, but rather on living in the present with your loved ones. As Rishita embraces Dhara, Dhara tells her that Suman was unable to speak adequately, Rishita’s feet are auspicious, and Suman was fine with your arrival.. Rishita apologises for berating you so harshly; she regrets it much.

Dhara assures you that everything is good now that you and Dev have arrived. Shiva is sorry. Dev gives him a bear embrace. They have a grin on their face. Dev thinks I should apologise since I’m older and I made a mistake. Dev yanks his ear and tells him not to apologise to his family. He embraces her. Eventually Krish will show up. A hammer? Dev wonders aloud whether you’re going to smash Dev’s skull or not. There is no need to break Rishita’s room lock, Krish tells her.

Rishita had already shut the room. Rishita has her ear to the ground. Dev smashes the door open. In his words, “we’ll start with Dhara’s room.” Dhara claims that we are broke. Even the windows and doors are in place; Dev claims that we don’t need money, but I’ve come up with a simple solution: chuna and haldi are all that’s needed to paint and clean the walls.

Dhara says we may create the space whenever we want as long as we keep our attention on Rishita. Rishita says she’ll take care of herself, and Dev will clean up the room so she can relax while she rests. Dev assures us that we should not be concerned.

Krish claims that I am speeding up. He has a good eye for colour. Dev longs for the chuna’s vibrant hues. To avoid colour mixing, Rishita begs Shiva not to sprinkle haldi to the whole chuna. The chuna is where the colours are added. …plays… in the dil of my heart Shiva asks Gautam to remain in the older citizens’ section of the building.

All of them go upstairs and start painting the walls. There will be no need for Rishita to work, Raavi tells her. They’re all here to paint. Dev and the others invite Gautam and Dhara to join them at night. They attempt to ensnare them with a blindfold. Dhara claims that this isn’t our first visit. First time in the new room for Raavi.

This is where they put Gautam and Dhara for the night. A restored chamber is visible to Dhara. Gautam thinks this is a new phenomenon. Dhara feels she looks better than ever. She bursts into tears with joy. There is Kanta and a group of females accompanying Suman. Dhara and Rishita, according to Kanta, are lucky omens for you. Raavi adds, “Praise me occasionally,” as if she means it.

According to Kanta, I won’t sing your praises until there is anything noteworthy about you to do so. As far as she knows, Raavi’s parents perished before she was ever born. Raavi begins to cry. She makes fun of Raavi. Suman responds to the lady’s insults. According to her, taunting my bahus is perfectly legal. The woman is scolded by her. Prafulla has arrived. For my Raavi’s sake, she claims, I’ve received a present for Savitri.

She asks Raavi whether she can forget him. To which Suman responds by asking why she’ll be sorely missed. Prafulla refers to me as her mother. Raavi heads out the door. Prafulla is perplexed as to what has transpired. She wonders why she’s so agitated. It’s Krish’s exam day, so he begs Dhara to give him some curd and sugar. Raavi goes to grab it for Suman. Prafulla is asked to depart by Suman.

Raavi gives Krish curd and sugar. Thank you, Krish. Suman blesses him since he hasn’t studied. He receives a blessing from Suman. She bursts out laughing. In Rishita’s case, she’s bored. Raavi is the one who supplies her with the elixir. She turns the air conditioner on. Sparks have been seen in the electrical cables. There is no AC. Rishita warns that if I leave now, I’ll go insane. Raavi claims that I’m a headache for everyone.

Precap: Krish is saved from the falling board by Gautam. Both Shiva and Dev provide a hand to these unfortunate souls. Gautam insists that the store must be repaired as quickly as possible. Dev warns them that they are still short on funds.

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