Pandya Store 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Suman Punishes Gautam For His Lie

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Dhara begins the episode by placing the ghunghat on her face. Suman notices them and summons Dhara. She inquires as to why you wore the ghunghat. Dhara claims it’s for Rishita and the baby. Suman claims I have a lot of strain. Gautam suggests we go out for tea. He attends the doctor and brings Suman with him. Bhagam bhaag….plays… Doctor notices him and pursues him. Suman inquires as to what you are doing.

The doctor follows. Suman inquires about Rishita’s health. Gautam is asked to clear 30000rs by the doctor. Dev and Rishita emerge. Rishita inquires, “What was it, merely a gas in the stomach?” 30000rs for mentioning such. Doctor replies no, and Gautam returned the money after learning that the baby’s mother had fled. Suman inquires whether she fled. Yes, the doctor says, your kid stole the money; does a nice person do this? Suman answers no, a nice person would not do such a thing. Gautam is asked where the money is.

Suman chastises Gautam at home for duping her. Krish makes a joke about Gautam. She claims you came to her and requested for my assistance in getting the baby away from Dhara, and then you handed the baby to Dhara. Dhara inquires. Suman claims she wants to turn me into a villain, but I reject, as everyone tells her. They are all nodding. Dhara, according to Shiva, would be unhappy. Suman would be furious if Raavi said Gautam lied.

Shiva predicts what would happen if she discovers my falsehoods. Gautam, says Rishita. Dhara inquires whether you told Mum to keep the baby away. Suman affirms. Gautam says Dhara becomes connected quickly and should be separated from the kid; I gave her the baby on the condition that she not cause any fuss and return the baby to his mother. Suman inquires as to why you lied. Rishita claims he lied to protect Dhara’s emotions, but Dev does not learn from his older brother. She walks away. Dev pursues her.

Suman adds, “I believed Gautam was my innocent kid; you are as crafty as your wife; you lied for 30000 rupees and for giving someone else’s baby to your wife; tell me how many times you lied to me.” No, replies Gautam, I didn’t lie; I merely buried the truth. He leaves. Shiva claims that she doesn’t grasp what they want. Dhara says Gautam did it for me, so please take the baby. Suman responds, “I know, it’s between me and my son; he lied to me; you’d understand how it feels when a son curses and lies.” Krish claims that I am constantly blamed. Gautam requests that Suman accept the money. He claims that he did not do this for money, but rather to provide pleasure to Dhara. Suman claims you have broken his heart, hence 5000rs in interest. Gautam apologises. Suman advises giving it as soon as possible.

Raavi adds there is a lot of interest, and you may accept it since you are a mother. Gautam is asked not to harm Suman’s emotions. Shiva wonders how Gautam would manage to donate money. Suman promises to deliver the money. Shiva believes it’s dull to beg for money, therefore he should be punished. Raavi claims that we would make him clean the home for the whole week. Krish cracks jokes. Suman claims Gautam would pay me 5000 rupees since he has emotionally harmed me. Dhara responds, “I understand you’re furious, but don’t punish the kid.”

Suman says that if you fear I’ll leave the baby on the road, we’ll have no choice but to keep the infant at home. Dhara apologises and begs forgiveness. Suman claims that since my kid lied to me because of you, you would not be forgiven that quickly. She hits Shiva and says, “It’s OK, dinner won’t be prepared till you complete these sweets, just make two rotis for me, Raavi will make it.” She walks away.

Dhara goes to her room with the baby. She closes the door after Gautam. He replies great, I’ll go to the store. Shiva appears to Raavi. He says we should go tell Mum, that it’s not terrible news, that Mum would be glad, that we should come. Raavi replies no because she is quite upset today. He says we’ll inform you tomorrow. She says done, what are we going to do with those candy boxes? Shiva says we’ll have it, and I’ll deliver the other boxes to the Pandya shop. She exclaims, “Wow, you are so intelligent; I adore you.” He kisses her and adds, “I love you, too.”

Dhara tucks the infant into bed. Gautam approaches her. He picks her up and carries her to the patio. Rishita prepares a bag. Don’t get furious, says Dev. He says, “I’m not going to let you go.” She claims I’m bringing clothing that will be required for the birth. He promises to assist you. She promises not to let the procedure go forward. He replies it depends on the scenario and the moment. She claims I like a standard delivery. He promises, baby is wicked, he won’t come out easy, he’ll torment us. She claims he is also concerned about entering the world. Dev says we’re ecstatic. She embraces him. Gautam is chastised by Dhara for cheating. He says you are my heart, mind, and soul, and if something happens to you, I would die; you and Suman don’t get it. She sobs.

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