Pandya Store 31st May 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara Makes A Plan Against Kamini

Pandya Store 31st May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 31 May 2022 Written Episode on

Raavi and Shiva have a passionate conversation at the opening of the episode. She claims that I may be hungry for my hero for the rest of my life, that she is fasting, and that she can’t forget that her first step in this house was bad. He asks her not to believe that. He adds that while you’ve been here, this family has been finished, and that you should concentrate on reuniting Dev and Rishita. They are referred to as Dhara.

Dhara is shown the necklace by Gautam. Suman sees it after Dhara had shown it to him. She claims that’s the same necklace we took for Rishita and that she acquired it from the thief’s closet. Suman gives her a signature. I can’t leave them alone, so Dhara says we’ll break the fast there. We’ll bring Dev and Rishita home. You should have presented the jewellery to Rishita, according to Krish. Kamini would have blamed me if Raavi had said no. We know Kamini stole this, says Gautam.

We can’t tell her, Dhara explains, so our two guys must become adversaries and take the jewellery. Gautam wonders how he would find such committed crooks. Shiva responds, “I’ll make arrangements, and my buddies will assist.” Dhara reminds Suman of her pledge. Suman is the one who gets the ball. Dhara claims that all of your children will be returning home today. Suman bestows blessings on all of them. Kamini explains a strategy to Kalyani. She claims that when Rishita collapses, she will be certain that Dhara is to blame, that she will never question us, and that we will keep Rishita safe. I’m terrified, Kalyani says.

Don’t worry, Kamini replies, we won’t do this. She believes it’s a tremendous loss that Rishita isn’t going, so I’m going to go anyhow. Dhara and her family have returned home. Rishita is offered fruits by Dev. It was my first fast, she claims. He claims that this is not his last fast, and that he kept the fast for you and the baby. Everyone, including Dhara, has arrived. Krish inquires, “Did you three resolve to mend the gajra?” and “Does everyone follow Gautam?” Rishita embraces Dhara.

You will all attend the celebration as my Sasurals, not as servants, she continues. Dev gives Dhara a hug. Dhara advises don’t feel bad if you can’t keep the fast since we’ve all done it. Rishita beams. Dhara is the one who provides the clothing. He inquires as to why you spent money on the outfits. She claims that the embroidery was done by me.

Rishita thinks it’s fantastic. Dhara claims that there is something else. Gautam affixes his signature on her. Rishita receives the jewellery from Dhara. No, Rishita replies, return this; you’re already owing money. Dhara says, “I’m giving you my item, don’t refuse,” and “I’ll be delighted if you wear this.” You’re giving her jewellery, Raavi adds, and you didn’t keep anything for me. Give it to me. Dhara received it with affection, and Rishita replies no, I’ll wear it. It is worn by her. Dhara congratulates her.

They’ve all decided to meet Kamini. You aren’t slaves today, Kamini explains, but Rishita’s Sasural is here. She inquires about Dhara’s reaction to the puja materials. It would be beneficial if you did this, according to Dhara. Kamini hands her the thread ball and instructs her to tie the thread to Rishita’s clothing wherever she goes. Dhara claims that he was unaware of the rite.

She is asked to do it by Kamini. Dhara claims you manufactured this rasam, and I hope you’re found out. Shiva is her signature. Gautam and the rest of the group do the pooja. Janardhan claims that you neglected to water the plants today; sorry, I forgot; you are today’s family. Shiva receives a phone call. When he signs them, he invites his pals to join him.

Dhara gave everything to Dev initially, but she didn’t offer me such a kurta, Shiva asks Gautam. Gautam says she’ll prepare it for you as well. Gautam is greeted by Dev. You can ask Rishita if this kurta suits you, according to Gautam. When Dev sees Shiva, he grins. Rishita is the one who arrives. When Kamini and Kalyani see the jewellery she is wearing, they are taken aback. I can’t even ask Kamini how she got this jewellery, she thinks. Dhara considers using the necklace to reveal Kamini’s truth.

Rishita is on the verge of collapsing. She is being held by Dhara and Raavi. Dhara is accused by Kamini of attempting to murder Rishita’s child.

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