Pandya Store 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Pandya Store Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 30th September 2022 Update on

Pandya Store Written Update

Dhara observes Shweta leaving at the beginning of the episode. Shweta is carrying Chiku outside as she commands Gautam to get up. Gautam glances out the window. He claims you are in error. Forum receives money from Shweta and is asked to leave. Forum adjourns. Shweta feels there is work to be done right now. Raavi sobs as she remembers everything. She receives an apology from Shiva. You’re misinterpreting me, he claims, since I saw you walking with Arnav and followed you. He claims that if you had seen me with any female, you would have been upset.

Raavi claims that if you had not acted in such a way, I would have battled with you. Chiku, according to Gautam, will visit our home indefinitely. You don’t need this right now, he replies while displaying the prints made by Chiku’s hand. He sings and plays “Hame Tumse Pyaar Kitna.” I respect and adore you, says Shiva. Raavi claims that this trust is useless since our relationship would be ruined by your excessive possessiveness. I know you love me very much. Don’t mention this, he advises. The sight of Deven astounds Shweta.

Dhara claims that I’m restless. Shweta is caught by Deven, who tells her, “I came because I couldn’t wait for more.” The taxi driver asks whether I want to go. Shweta is asked by Deven to pay the driver. Shweta claims that your pockets remain empty. She reimburses the driver. Deven is with Shweta. Dhara descends the steps. Deven claims that you have improved in beauty. Due to Krish, he threatens her. He advises you to follow me rather than wed that man. When you left me after finding out I was pregnant, everything between us ended. I had turned into a robber and a beggar for the sake of this child, Shweta says as she sends Deven away.

She sobs. He inquires as to my error in your dad rejecting me. Did you win the lottery since you returned, she inquires. He claims that since you become wealthy once again, they will welcome me if I return. She fears that he would take Chiku away if he discovers that her parents named everything after her. Looking for Shweta is Dhara. According to Shweta, my parents donated everything to the trust and as punishment for asking me to wed into their family, they made my life miserable. He demands money by extorting her. She claims, “I have no money, I want to escape from here, you keep Chiku, I’m tired of this life, take him away, he’s your kid,” and adds, “I’m sick of this life.” When the handprints frame cracks, Dhara becomes concerned.

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