Pandya Store 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara says, educate your sister

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

The episode begins with Dhara reprimanding Kirti on the phone. She claims you haven’t earned any money up to this point, that you made fun of Krish at college, and that she has warned you not to use her name. Rishita grabs her phone and says, “How can I speak to my sister this way?” Dhara says, educate your sister, she made fun of Krish, why, because he actually loved her, teach her to respect boundaries, or else… Rishita says, “What else?” I know why you’re upset because I stole the baby without your permission; you can’t criticise me, so you’re criticising Kirti; this kid is not yours; you can’t alter the facts; accept this; we have equal rights to the baby. Raavi instructs Rishita to speak clearly. Rishita disagrees with Dhara.

She leaves with the baby. Dhara sobs. Gautam visits Suman. Suman claims that he has no money to contribute to anybody and that he should not take care of himself. He asks, “I don’t understand about this infant; the mother isn’t recuperating; what can I do?” Her claims that even she is unsure.

He claims that the baby’s mother’s hospital cost is 30000rs, and that if we don’t pay, the hospital would evict the woman; I tried my hardest to arrange the money, but I couldn’t; should we pay? Suman asks if you’re crazy, Dhara brought the baby home, we’ll take care of the infant, and that woman may be anybody linked to a dacoit. Gautam advises that whatever happens, we should aid her; if she is rescued, she will repay the money; if she dies, we will bear the guilt of her death.

Suman replies no, no one should die as a result of our actions, and he offers the money, 30000 rupees. Suman hands up the cash. Gautam thanks her and walks away. Raavi has the infant vaccinated. A guy begs Raavi to market his business; if she does, he will pay her 10000rs; if she does not, he will retain 25000rs. She is taken aback. He hands her the cash. She thinks the baby is so fortunate for me that I’ll do it right now.

Rishita receives Kirti’s phone call. Kirti claims Dhara called and humiliated her. Rishita questions why you insulted Krish; you have no right to do so; Dhara chastised you; you deserve it. Dhara notices her. Raavi appears and hands the money to Shiva. She claims you felt my films were rubbish since the restaurant paid me 25000rs for creating one. He claims you’re deceiving him.

She claims that this is the power of social media; I will create an advertisement for that restaurant, and as the client base grows, we will get free meals for a year. He claims something is incorrect and that you should return the money. Raavi adds, “I’ll go there and eat, and I’ll post the video on social media; it’ll be excellent for us.” Gautam arrives and presents the hospital woman with money. According to the doctor, the woman has vanished. Gautam inquires, “What, it’s your irresponsibility, I’ll contact the cops?” Doctor says you’ll be questioned as well; wait, I’ll contact the cops. He halts her.

Rishita looks after the infant. Raavi states that if you find this incorrect, I will remove the account since our marriage and relationship are important to her. He responds, “Don’t take this to heart; I understand your situation; you’re helping someone by doing this.” She agrees. He claims you’re doing well, that you’re a superwoman. She says don’t praise me too much or I’ll be embarrassed. He claims he is with you if you are helping people and generating money, but if you bring up the home issues, he will go against you.

She promises that I will make the businesses popular. He continues, “We’ll think about the Pandya shop as well, come, we’ll inform mother and Dhara.” Not right now, she says. He inquires as to why. Gautam returns the money, stating, “The patient has fled; why should I contribute money when you also provide some social work, doctor?” He walks away. Dhara suggests that we get the infant to his mother as soon as possible. Suman affirms. According to Rishita, this is my training phase.

Raavi says, “You know Suman, she doesn’t comprehend any of this,” and adds, “Once I have a nice piece to display, then we will inform everyone together.” I won’t wait if he says just 2-3 videos. She thanks him and gives him a hug. They both grin. He wonders why no one saw your movies in the home. She tells me not to tell anybody since she has blocked everyone.

He smiles and adds, “You’re cunning, you got them in the beginning and now you’ve blocked them when you have more followers, don’t block me, or I’ll tell everyone.” She advises against getting them in between. They have a passionate moment and embrace. Dhara and Suman quarrel over the baby. Gautam returns home. He asks what I’ll tell them about the baby’s mother fleeing. He goes to listen to Dhara. Dhara replies, “How should I explain them? I’m not acting like I used to.” Gautam claims that we must make a choice concerning the baby and locate a suitable orphanage.

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