Pandya Store 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Rishita and Raavi will take care of the children

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Suman begins the episode by asking for everyone’s help. Dhara predicts that the baby will be named Nand Gopal. Suman adds, “But you won’t become his Yashoda; give the baby to me; you take care of my children; Rishita and Raavi will take care of the children.” Dhara believes I’m perfectly capable of caring for the baby. Suman responds, “But I have a dilemma; they will take care of the baby.” Dhara inquires as to why I am unable to control the infant.

Shiva claims that you are unable to get involved in infant care. She wants him to stop talking. She claims she’ll manage the home and baby since Rishita needs to relax and Raavi is still a child. Raavi claims that I shall be trained for the future. Rishita remarks, “Wow, Raavi, you’re also breaking excellent news.” Shiva claims she’s talking rubbish. Raavi claims I was discussing the future. She invites Shiva to join her. Suman delegated her task to Dhara. Shiva and Raavi attempt to calm the infant.

Dhara becomes enraged and washes the utensils. Gautam arrives. He says I’m going shopping. She replies, “Go to hell,” and asks why you’re telling me when you can’t stand up for me. She chastises him. Raavi attempts to coerce the infant into wearing a diaper. Dhara wonders what would happen if I touch the infant. We saw your passion for the baby the last time, everyone is terrified, you won’t receive the kid, issue ends, you may break the utensils if you want, adds Gautam. She flees when she hears the baby sobbing.

Dhara arrives and grabs the child. She inquires whether the instruction has been completed, noting that raising a child is not simple. Gautam arrives. Dhara takes care of the pampering. She grabs the infant and declares, “I will handle the baby from now on; I am doing this for the benefit of this baby.” She walks away. Shiva adds, “I can’t stand up to her; I can’t watch her upset.” Gautam thinks you should be with us for Dhara’s sake and that we shouldn’t be afraid of her. Raavi inquires if you are certain. Yes, says Gautam, we will strive to keep the baby away from Dhara. He gives Raavi money and instructs her to acquire the baby’s necessities. She walks away. He receives a phone call from the hospital. He says I’ll simply show up.

Raavi notices a woman harassing a bangle salesman. Raavi shows her support for the bangle vendor by going live on social media. Raavi also purchases the bangles. The seller is pleased. Raavi believes that by assisting the merchant, I gained delight and fulfilment; it would be wonderful if I could assist someone every day. Suman has suggested that we name the infant Ladoo. Rishita responds no, it’s halwai. Dhara claims I was afraid, but Rishita didn’t tell me and brought Chiku here. It doesn’t matter, according to Rishita. Dhara believes you should have inquired about me. Suman says go to the police station and file a complaint; when Rishita’s kid arrives, would you seek permission before taking him; and what went wrong if Rishita didn’t notify you. Dev said that our infant wanted to play with this baby, so I asked Rishita to go grab the baby. Dhara wonders whether Suman heard this as well.

The doctor says we can’t spend our money on every patient. Gautam claims that since we are middle-class, we cannot arrange for money. Doctor says you may present the bill to that woman and accept the money after she recovers; otherwise, we’ll have to release her since we don’t know if she’ll live. Suman wonders how I can hear that. She tells tales. She requests that Dhara accompany her to Krish, as he needs her assistance. Dhara claims Krish is also her son. She walks away.

Raavi returns home after her shopping trip. Suman inquires whether you purchased the whole market. Raavi claims the garments cost 3500rs, yet I saved 1200rs. Suman inquires about the remaining 300rs. Raavi claims she purchased the products to assist someone. Suman inquires. Raavi informs me that I have bangles for Dhara, Rishita, and myself. Suman claims you forgot about me. Raavi replies no, I have wonderful bangles for you, but they are expensive. Suman says, “This is my money, you received the presents, I’ll deduct it from your money.” Raavi gives a nod. Suman informs me that I am on my way to Kanta. Dev says I’m going to dump you.

Krish remembers the females making fun of him. Dhara approaches Krish. He will feel better if he goes out, she says. He claims Kirti disseminated the eloping news across the campus, and he wonders whether he made a mistake by falling in love with her. Dhara embraces him. She believes that love is not wrong. He claims that I will never be able to love someone again. He leaves. Raavi requests that Krish interact with the infant. He walks out of the home. Dhara claims that everyone has turned his love into a drama, and that everyone tells him that he is worthless.

Raavi claims I told him thus to cheer him up. Dhara summons Kirti and chastises her. Rishita observes. Dhara claims that if Krish lacks prestige, you lack your own identity as well.

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