Pandya Store 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara's bond is growing

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Raavi and Shiva begin the episode by giving the infant a bath. Raavi takes a phone call. Shiva grabs her phone and places it on the table. They are at odds. Dhara approaches and pats Raavi. She inquires if you were enraged, whether you have a mind or not, and whether you intend to put the baby in the kitchen sink. Raavi claims I built a bath tub. Dhara inquires as to how you intend to handle the infant. She directs Raavi and gives the infant a bath. Shiva grins as she watches them.

Rishita says we’ll take the baby back to the doctor tomorrow, and Dhara’s bond is growing. She mocks Krish. Suman advises not involving Krish in every situation. Gautam says Rishita isn’t incorrect, Dhara loves the kid, and we need to figure this out. Dhara brings the baby and compliments him on his beauty. Suman says sure, go prepare him some dinner. Raavi inquires as to how he would consume the meal; I have a glass of milk for him. Suman makes fun of her.

Everyone bursts out laughing. Dhara remarks, “I wish we had a milk bottle; the market would have closed by now.” Suman feels Rishita would like it since she has done a lot of shopping. Rishita confirms, “I received two bottles.” Suman requests one. Rishita makes a funny expression and walks over to collect it. Dhara says I’ll milk the cow. Suman says I’ll feed him and then go sanitise the bottle. Shiva claims that’s Gautam’s clothing, but it looks better on the infant than on Gautam. Gautam is peed on by the infant. Everyone bursts out laughing.

Rishita mulls over which bottle to present. She chooses one. Everyone looks after the infant. They attempt to put the infant to sleep. Everyone is sleeping. Gautam approaches to Dhara and tells her that we will return the kid to his mother tomorrow. Dhara and Gautam arrive at the hospital in the morning. She promises that we will return the infant in a few days. He says to consider his mother’s feelings, do what I say, and come.

They go to see the doctor. Gautam claims that we handled the infant all night, but that we are unable to keep the kid at our house. Doctor adds, “I understand your concerns; try to understand, the baby’s mother Shweta has a rare kind of tuberculosis; we had to isolate her; how should I deliver the kid to her?” Gautam advises making alternate plans, not taking advantage of our generosity, and attempting to understand. The nurse reports that the patient is not improving and that her illness is spreading. Dhara and Gautam request that the doctor recognise that the baby is secure with his mother.

Doctor responds, “I want you to look after this kid for the benefit of mankind; you come from a nice family.” Raavi assures Suman that the kid will find his mother. Suman agrees that the baby should find his mother. Gautam claims that this baby would not come to our home, but I want to see his mother. The doctor says the woman has a contagious sickness; you can wear masks and avoid her; you may meet her, hand the baby over to the nurse, and come.

Dhara and Gautam approach Shweta and speak with her. Dhara asks whether you have any family members. Gautam claims that we are afraid to take on the baby’s duty. Shweta states, “I don’t have anybody in my life to take care of my daughter.” She tosses her gold chain and declares, “I just have this.” She suffers from seizures. Her pulse is dropping, according to the doctor. The doctor requests that they leave.

Dhara and Gautam take the chain and leave. The baby is given to them by the nurse. Gautam and Dhara see Shweta’s photograph in the locket. They weep and cuddle. Dhara claims that his mother’s health is critical, and that we cannot leave the infant alone. Suman wishes for the baby and mother to be reunited. Everyone enters her chamber. She requests that they not enter her room. Gautam claims that the situation is severe and that he has brought them here. Suman inquires, “Didn’t the baby go?”

According to Gautam, the woman is really unwell and can’t manage the infant, so we had to bring the baby back. Suman says, “I don’t want the baby, so why do we care?” Gautam claims she has no relatives, she handed us this, and she claims we may sell it to cover the baby’s bills. Rishita claims Dhara purchased new baby outfits. Suman claims that if Dhara becomes enraged about the kid, it would be tough to control her. Everyone is in agreement. Gautam claims she became bonded to the infant in one day and that she had to do something. Suman requests that he manage. Krish cracks jokes. Suman adds, “I know Gautam doesn’t want to become a horrible person in her eyes.” Gautam claims that only you have influence over Dhara.

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