Pandya Store 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Pandya Store 27th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Dhara Krishna showing the plates. She says I made fresh food and juice for her, I will take her to her room, remember your timing. He says i remember she goes. “I told them to eat leftovers,” says Kalyani. Janardhan says go and stop them before Dev and Rishita find out, make fresh food for them.

Kamni stopped the stream and asked, “Did you have breakfast?” Dhara says there is a lot of leftover food in the kitchen, Kalyani asked us. Kamni says no, when Kalyani said, put it aside, we will make good food for you, I mean you make it for yourself. Dhara says ok, I will come after giving breakfast to Rashita, the narrator is in the kitchen.

Rishita thinks everything. Dhara comes and says that my mood is not good, does it feel good? Dhara says I used to do this at home too. “It was your home, our home, the situation here is different,” she says. Dhara says we are still the same. She feeds the relative. “Now we have to go to the kitchen,” says Kalyani.

Krish comes to Rishita and says that the food is delicious, I think it must have tasted better at night, I like it very much, tell me about the caterer. Dhara says he is eating leftover food, the servants are told to take it. Rashita asks if mom and dad asked you to take it.

Dhara says no, it is for the needy, we are in need. Rashita says this is wrong. She runs and gets out. Dhara says he did nothing wrong. “It simply came to our notice then. The giant comes home. He sees Gautam and Shiva sitting on the floor eating. Shiva says the giant is coming.

They say the food tastes delicious. Gautam says yes, he has leftover food but it is not bad. The giant sits down and eats the same food. He asks what is all this? Gautam says we are having a good time. The giant drives the relationship and goes away.

Shiva smiles. Kamni asked the narrator, “What are you doing?” The narrator says I am serving food, it tastes good, can I offer you something? Kamni scolds her and says that the servants eat leftover food. Rishita asks why, only masters are human beings, not servants. She scolds Kamni. Gautam and Shiva come. “Thanks for the food, it was good, we had enough,” says Shiva. Rishita gets angry. Smile

Kamni says don’t give me a lecture, I didn’t tell them anything. Gautam says he only said that the servants had to get rid of the leftover food. Kamni asked when did I say? Gautam says maybe you forgot that now we are your servants.

The giant comes. He asks Kamni how she can feed her family leftover food. “I’m really sorry, this is happening because of me,” she said. Dev asks Kalyani for an answer. Dhara says everyone has eaten that food, don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.

The giant asks, you all had. “Today you have embarrassed me in front of my family,” she says. “I should be ashamed to leave my home and live here,” says Dev. “We did nothing on purpose,” says Kalyani. Dev says I am against your work, you will not listen to me, you will come and tell me that if anything happens I will order breakfast for you. Dhara says I promise, we won’t have leftover food, take Rashita to the room, she got upset.

Gautam and Dhara smile. Kamni asked what do you want to do? Dhara says you won’t even help animals, we are human, we are not fools, we know the reason for the party, you wanted to insult us. “I knew you couldn’t come here for no reason,” she said. The narrator says that we will take Dev and Rishita with us, they will come with their will. Janardhan comes to Gautam and scolds him.

Gautam asked what should I do, should I act alone, do you think I would fall at the feet of someone who set my shop on fire? Janardhan asked, “What evidence do you have?” Gautam says I am one hundred percent sure, now be careful, sparks of fire have reached your house.

Dhara warned Kamni. The narrator says that we do this work in our house every day, you also work, you will get fit. Dhara says stay, they will not understand, I will soon bring your little thought before Dev and Rishita, don’t fire us, otherwise Dev and Rishita will understand that you are taking revenge, we really need this work. Is. Janardhan says I shouldn’t have given you this job, I will fire you, get out of my house. Shiv says you are wrong.

The narrator asks if they will fire us. Dhara asks why do you worry about the job, who will take care of Rishita, Dev and Rishita will come home and then the summons will be fine, I have to tell the summons that we go ahead. Gautam says you want to break my family, do whatever, we will stay here. Shiv says there is nothing you can do while I’m here, just look at how we treat Dev and Rishita. He took Gautam’s hand.

Precap: Kamni accused Dhara of burning his hand. Rishita was shocked.