Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara Gets The Baby Home

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

The episode begins with Dhara asking whether she may make a phone call. She claims it isn’t functioning. The woman claims that phone lines may have gone down due to rain. Raavi and Shiva dispute and implore each other to return to their former selves. She claims you have a problem since I became popular on social media.

Shiva wishes you success and adds, “I will become your fan, but do something decent, this is not proper.” She claims you believe my communication abilities are simple. He goes through the remarks on her profile. He inquires as to what satisfaction you get from such remarks. She claims that I like expressing myself, and that trolls insult people, something she dislikes. I know you don’t care, he says. He requests that she show him the lizard in its natural habitat.

She claims you are also mocking me. He adds, “I’m describing you, and I think this is defaming you.” Dhara believes the mom will first get aware and locate her kid. Doctor says it’s a tiny clinic, we don’t have a nursery, you have to go a long distance to locate one, it’s not feasible in these weather, bring the baby. Dhara claims she may hold me responsible for the baby’s abduction. Doctor says I may write you a letter and deliver it to you, but you must keep the baby with you for the time being. Dhara claims I won’t be able to take this baby. Please listen to me, says the doctor. Dhara places the infant there.

Baby frequently screams. The doctor and his team attempt to comfort the infant. Dhara departs. Gautam returns home and reports that Dhara has not returned as of yet. Suman believes she is in serious peril. Dhara takes the child. She comforts the infant. The infant is sleeping. Abhi mujhmein kahin…sings… Dhara departs. Gautam says we’ll go look for Dhara. Dhara returns home with the child. Gautam inquires as to her whereabouts. The infant sobs. They are taken aback when they see the infant with Dhara.

Suman inquires, “What is this, whose kid did you bring home again?” Shiva inquires about the new drama. Suman inquires as to why you do this. She requests that Gautam take the kid and return it to her. Gautam inquires, “Whose kid did you get?” Please give the infant to me. Dhara yells at him.

She apologises and adds, “I’m not scolding you; let me talk; I didn’t kidnap anyone’s baby; I rescued the baby and the woman.” Suman inquires about his mother’s whereabouts. She walks out to investigate. She asks, “What did you do?” Dhara says, “I was returning from the temple when it began to rain. I stood under a tree and saw a lady and the baby, a jeep was approaching, I saved them, I admitted the lady to the hospital, doctor asked me to take the baby home, there is no facility for the babies, doctor gave me a letter, trust me.” Suman advises to hand over the baby and go change your clothing.

Rishita says Dhara has someone else’s kid, and if she becomes connected to the baby, there would be another drama. God, please preserve us. Dhara is saddened when she hears her. She enters her room. Krish observes. Rishita claims I said nothing inappropriate. Gautam is leaving. Suman instructs Rishita to keep her mouth shut. She requests that Raavi bathe the infant. Raavi requests Shiva’s assistance. Shiva claims that it is not a side career for her and that she is not an expert. Suman believes you must learn it one day.

Dhara notices a shirt. He remembers Dhara giving him the garment as a present. In a flashback, they revisit an old memory. Kesariya….plays… Gautam walks in and finds Dhara cutting her top. He stops her and says, “This is my favourite shirt, and you were about to cut it.” She argues that if you don’t wear it now, our Chiku, our kid, will. He claims he is not our child. She adds, “I know he isn’t our kid; don’t connect the old things; we will care for the baby till his mother recovers; this shirt is soft material; the market is closed; how will I obtain a soft cloth for the baby; I promise I will acquire a new shirt for you.” He considers doing something.

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