Pandya Store 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Pandya Store 26th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Dev and Rishita that I miss my mother. Shiv asked if I should take you home. Janardhan asked you to come home. He thinks sorry, I can’t take you home. Rashita asked where are you from? Shave makes up stories. Janardhan asked Gautam who would arrange the shoes. He says I will do it. Gautam says no, I will. Janardhan says then hurry up.

Gautam arranged the shoes. The current feels bad. Thanks to Gautam Janardhan. She cries a lot. Gautam said no. She shakes her head. Janardhan asks about tea. Dhara says it is ready, tell me when to take it. Janardhan orders them to work. Dhara and Ravi go. Rishita and Dev fell asleep. Shiva takes them to Janardhan’s house. Janardhan says they are lazy, I have to explain everything to them. He looked at Gautam and smiled. He throws juice on the floor. He asks Gautam to clean the floor.

Gautam heard the car horn. He smiled. “We told you to take us to Pandya Nawas,” says Rashita. The giant says take a U-turn. She says we will walk fresh. The giant says okay. Gautam cleaned the floor. Dev and Rishita enter the house. They are shocked to see Gautam and everyone else working as servants. Gautam smiled. He begs Janardhan and says don’t fire me, I am your slave.

Janardhan says don’t embarrass me. Rashita asked what was happening. Dev tells Gautam to get up. He asks what’s going on here. Rashita tells Janardhan. Dev asks Gautam what is happening. Gautam says I am now the gardener of this house, Janardhan gave me a job, he said all the servants will be in uniform. Janardhan asked when? Gautam says my uniform is torn, how do you know that?

Dev tells Gautam to go and change his clothes, he doesn’t need to work here. The stream marked the narrator. The narrator gives juice to the giant. Dhara says you will be tired after a long journey, eat something. Dev and Rishita throw food angrily.

Shiva brings bags. Ravi and Dhara clean the floor. The giant stops them. Asks where are the servants? Gautam says Janardhan fired him for giving him jobs. The giant says now all of you get out of here. Dev looks at Shiva and says how did you agree to work here, why didn’t you understand Gautam and Dhara? Gautam says we need money, we will work here.

The giant says I am helping you, fix the shop and take care of it. Gautam says it is not possible, Janardhan gave us a job, we will work here and build our own shop, why are you ashamed, father used to say that no work is small or big. Dev says that he remembers every lesson of his father, maybe his mother does not know about you.

Gautam says yes, my mother knows. Dev says it can’t be, she won’t let you, I will go and ask. Gautam says mother is not here, she went to Prayag Raj, I don’t know when she will come, we will work here, you see what you want to do.

Janardhan smiled. Rashita asks how can you treat my family badly, do you want me to be insulted in front of them. Dhara says it is not Janardhan’s fault. Rashita says it’s her fault and yours too, you didn’t think about how we would work for you, we can’t see you working here.

Dhara says that we know you, we will not find anyone who employs us all, we can take care of you too, we need this job, this money. She tells Dev not to say anything for the sake of her child. She clasps her hands and says don’t snatch this job.

The giant says you didn’t think we would go through. Shiv thinks we have come to take you home. The giant goes. Shiv says the color of blood never changes, the giant became restless seeing us, the plan was successful. Gautam says that seeing Rishita upset, I am sure we will take her with us. He gestured to Dhara. He smiled. Dhara says I can’t wait, I have to tell my mother the good news.

Dhara takes care of the summons at home. She says that now I can see the way to victory, Dev didn’t like our work there, Rishita was looking more angry than Dev. She feeds the summons. She asks Summon to continue practicing the ball. Summon grabbed Dhara’s hair. She laughed Dhara calls everyone. Everyone comes and asks what happened? Dhara shows Summon holding her hair in her hand. Dhara embraced the summons. They all hug.

In the morning Kamni says that I told you that they have come to take back Dev and Rishita. Janardhan says you are right, Gautam fell at my feet and pretended to see Dev and Rishita, we have to have a good image. He tells Kalyani to be careful. Kalyani says I made a big mistake, I told her to keep leftover food for breakfast. “I am very excited to be working here,” says Dhara. The narrator says yes, this leftover food will now create drama.

Precap: Kamni asked Dhara to press the clothes. She is screaming. My hand is burnt. She blames Dhara. Dev and Rishita were shocked.