Pandya Store 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Suman makes fun of Krish

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Dhara begins the episode by remembering Krish’s statements. Raavi invites her to join her for dinner. Dhara is adamantly against. She goes and offers everyone dinner. Gautam invites her to sit and eat. She claims that I am not hungry. Krish arrives. Suman makes fun of Krish. Krish bursts into tears. Suman is holding his hand. Dhara says, “Why are you crying? Look at me, what happened?” She sobs. Krish embraces her. They sob.

He falls at her feet and apologises, saying, “I made a mistake.” She claims it’s OK. He explains, “I sincerely loved Kirti, but I committed a heinous crime for her love.” Rishita used to respond, “Right, why would any female want to remain with me?” Rishita claims I didn’t intend it. He claims, “I’m not calling you incorrect; I’ve realised my error; it’s a good thing she left me; please forgive me.” Dhara says it’s great, come here, you recognised your error, and you believe it’s the beginning of a wonderful life.

Dhara adds that one day we will all be proud of you, so don’t worry, everything will be alright. They weep and cuddle. Jeevan ka ye pahiya….plays…. Krish sobs as he embraces each member of his family. Krish embraces Rishita and apologises for breaking her heart. He visits Suman. He expresses regret. Suman invites him to eat. Krish responds, “No, I’m not furious; I sincerely loved Kirti; please try to understand.” He leaves. Dhara wonders whether he’ll be alright. Suman claims that the worst can’t happen and that everything will be great. Dhara invites them to dine; she will force Krish to eat later.

Dhara goes to the temple in the morning. She says a prayer. She begs, “Get my family out of this pain.” Namo namo…plays… Dhara departs. It begins to rain. She rushes and hides behind a tree. A woman walks with her kid in her arms. Dhara notices a vehicle approaching. She rushes forward and pushes the woman. They collapse. Dhara takes the infant and motions for the woman to get up. She cries out for assistance. Dhara supports the woman and assists her in standing.

Everyone returns home soaked. Suman believes you should have used the umbrella. She requests that Raavi bring them haldi kada. Yes, Raavi replies, I’ll give Shiva clothing first. Shiva says I’ll go acquire it on my own. Gautam is also going. Suman cracks jokes. Dev is also going. Dhara makes the woman lay down under the tree.

She cries out for assistance. She stops an automobile in the middle of the street. Dhara is helped by a guy. He examines the woman. Gautam searches for Dhara and asks whether she is with Krish. Dhara transports the woman to the hospital. Dhara calms the infant. Rishita says we’ll look after the baby. Don’t worry, Dev adds, Dhara is around. She questions if I am capable of caring for the baby. Dev replies no, since we live in a joint family, and infant parenting will be shared.

Gautam requests Dhara. Suman inquires if she is not at home; she went to the temple in the morning, and I assumed she was back and sleeping in her room. He claims she should have returned home on time since the weather is awful. He dials Dhara’s number. Her phone is turned off. Suman tells you to go find her. He walks away. The doctor asks whether you are her related; the lady’s health is critical; if you are alone, take the baby and go home; I will phone you if necessary.

Dhara claims she came here for the benefit of mankind; she was in an accident and didn’t wake up, so she was taken to the hospital, and this kid is hers. You pay the money and sign the consultation form since the doctor says we have to admit her. Dhara claims that since I don’t know her, I am unable to sign the paperwork. Doctor responds, “I understand; we’ll discuss the form later,” but hurry up and pay the costs. But, as Dhara points out… She is concerned.

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