Pandya Store 25th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Suman unlocks the door

Pandya Store 25th July 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 25 July 2022 Written Episode on

The keymaker begins the episode by creating a key for Suman’s room. He estimates that it will take at least 2-3 hours. Dhara believes it’s too much and that you should speed up. Suman says I’ll take the money from your account. Suman unlocks the door. She enters by opening the door. Raavi takes out her phone. She claims it was turned back on. Gautam keeps his head held high. Suman receives the funds. She hands Dhara the shattered lock. Rishita chuckles. Suman is staring at her. She hands over the cash. Dhara distributes the money and sends it to everyone.

Shiva halts Raavi on the road. Raavi says I was bringing you tiffin. He believes you should have gone public. She asks whether you seen the live video, the keys came down, and I didn’t realise it was on. He claims that Suman and Dhara have been defamed, that others are making negative remarks about them, and that you went live on purpose. She claims that I cherish my family.

I know how much you cherish your family, he continues. She wonders what’s wrong with this; my postings resulted in income for veg sellers; I believe some individuals benefited as a result of my posts; and I’m not sorry. He inquires, “Are you not sorry?” A guy approaches and asks if he may take a photo with you and Shiva since he follows you on social media. Shiva storms out. Raavi sprints after Shiva. Take this tiffin, she says I was talking about uniqueness. He replies no, it’s wrong for me, and I don’t want to comprehend.

When Dev and Rishita view the baby on the sonography machine screen, they smile. That’s your baby, according to the doctor. Dev and Rishita converse with the infant. Rishita, Dev thinks it’s too much now, and you can see baby features. He cracks a joke. Rishita sobs, saying, “I’m becoming emotional, baby just kicked.” According to the doctor, your baby can sense your emotions. Rishita says I’m worried I won’t be able to care for the kid properly. Dev tells her not to be concerned. He takes the photographs. The doctor warns Rishita that her eighth month has begun. Dev tells Rishita not to be concerned.

Rishita shows Dhara a picture of the baby. Dhara converses with the infant. Rishita said you were more emotional after viewing the kid. She wipes her tears away and walks away. Shiva watches Raavi’s videos and enjoys them. He thinks she’s gorgeous. He goes through the comments. He understands Raavi’s message. He walks inside the home.

Raavi says we can sit and discuss without becoming irritated. We’ll chat later, he says. He travels to Dhara. He says I need to speak about something important, and Raavi and I had a quarrel. She claims that is nothing new. He claims the situation is severe this time, and I’m not sure whether it’s her fault or not. She claims that I will not make decisions for others. He asks who will assist and if you have any suggestions. She says I don’t have to provide any ideas since I made bad judgments in the past and can’t do so again.

He claims Raavi and my marriage is not incorrect. She says you both love each other and are happy, but it doesn’t mean my action was correct at the time; I had explained to Krish that I needed to save money, but I injured him, so he is stealing in the home; my parenting is incorrect. She apologises and adds, “I’m sorry, I’m telling this to you; you deal with this situation; I can’t be incorrect in your matter.” She sobs. He requests that she stop sobbing.

He goes and yells, “Krish!” Raavi claims to be living in his own universe these days. He also suggests that you go live all day. He walks outside and runs into Krish. He chastises Krish. He wonders what Dhara’s error is in this. Krish responds, “You’re correct, it’s my fault; Dhara makes choices for my life.” Shiva says you made the choice to love Kirti, and if she abandons you, how is it Dhara’s fault? Don’t make Dhara feel bad, and I will not abandon you.

He claims you’re fortunate since no one warned you. He reveals his back. He continues, “This is the mark of poverty; we never let you confront it; I watched Gautam carrying the bags and chose not to study; I began working in Pandya shop; why are you leaving college, only for a girl; this is the difference between you and your brothers; if Dhara cries again, you will see.” Krish is concerned. Shiva says it’s the same Dhara who always supports us, she always supports you, remain if you want, go if you don’t want to do us any favours.

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