Pandya Store 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Suman And Dhara Name The Babies

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Everyone begins the episode by discussing Chiku’s Naamkaran. No, says Dhara, merely Chutki’s Naamkaran will take place since it is her special day. She is urged to end the drama by Rishita. Suman claims that Dhara would think of Chutki’s name and I will offer Chiku the name. Just don’t dispute over the name, advises Dev. I promised you that I would use the official name for Chutki’s education,

Rishita says. We shall stick with the name Rishita, according to Dhara. Suman reprimands her. Dhara asks Sanchi, “How are things?” Suman Sacchi Pandya, finest in the world. Sanchi, not Sacchi, declares Shiva. Yes, according to Suman, Chutki would be called Sanchi and his name will be Yashodhan, which is another way of saying Yashoda’s Dhan. She requests that they play shank. Raavi intervenes and halts Suman.

Raavi claims that I am a little late because I used the money I made today to buy Chutki a necklace and some earrings. Gives Chutki a present. Everybody beams. Chutki must wear the pendant as her order. Kamini observes. Suman claims that although gold and silver are acceptable, we must also offer her a sense of our shared ideals, togetherness, and love. Chutki receives the present from Dhara, who also offers her a kiss. Shiva overhears the women discussing Raavi. Dhara is asked to sit with Chiku by Suman. Dev requests that the pandit begin the pooja. Rishita and Dhara sit with their young children. The puja is completed. Chutki is placed in the crib by Dev. Shiva is a shank player. They all proceed to do the aarti, swing Kanha, and offer prayers to Kanha. Shri Krishna performs

Rishita claims that despite asking for one day to give my baby a special day, no one stood by me. Dev declares, “I will always back you, Dhara retained a good reputation.” She debates. She exits after saying “I detest you.” Nothing can alter Rishita’s way of thinking, replies Raavi after hearing them. Rishita is correct, according to Dhara, that was Chutki’s day. Suman commands everyone to pay attention. She rings back everyone.

Rishita debates Dhara. She claims that Chiku, who is Chutki for us because you all accepted him as Pandya, is the hero and that the business and property should be named after him because it’s a good day. Don’t become upset with a small infant, advises Shiva. Dev requests that she relax in the space. Rishita turns down. Suman requests that they get her some chilled water. She claims I made a mistake. She displays the necklace made of black beads. She claims that it is from Gautam, is intended for Chiku, and will protect Chiku from any negative sights. Dhara accepts. Rishita is prevented from arguing by her. Chutki receives Dev’s black pearls from Suman. Everybody beams.

Looking at the black beads is Rishita. Get joyful, urges Raavi; your mother shows no favouritism. Given that Rishita claims to have been doing it since she was a little kid, Dev’s and Gautam’s beads are both made of silver. Dev and Shiva claim it is irrelevant. Rishita queries the cause. Suman claims that Gautam’s beads are made of gold since my father was quite wealthy before Dev was born, so be grateful that they are made of gold and not copper. I’m talking about you, not your dad, Rishita claims. Suman adds, “These beads are from Maayka; I gave them to Chiku since his family left; but your Maayka is here; why didn’t they get this imp thing; how did they forget it; it would have shielded Chutki from terrible sight; now go to bed.” Rishita departs. Dev gets questioned by Suman about Rishita. Dev apologises and adds, “I’ll explain.” Suman acts as though she would pay attention to you.

Shweta chats to her pal in the morning and organises her shopping. She claims that I wish to go beyond my past and forget it. Her mother appears and tells her, “I’m glad that you’re returning to your former lifestyle; thanks for reentering our lives.” Twinkle phoned, and we are considering travelling to Dubai. It would be a welcome change, adds Shweta. Although you’re not feeling well, and Chiku… Shweta’s father invites her to go have fun. He sends Shweta after giving her a hug. Her mother advises her to prioritise herself and her unborn child.

Give her some time; she will understand, he adds, adding that she has begun to recover from the trauma. Raavi is on a business call. Dhara picks her up. Raavi claims that Rishita and Dhara would take care of the infants, adding that the home should be taken care of and that I cannot be careless. She is urged to accept the job by Dhara. Shiva has an issue with my work, Raavi responds. Shiva chastises her after hearing this. He asserts that you would have informed Dhara of my scepticism. You shouldn’t be angry, Dhara replies; she didn’t tell me anything. Shiva contests. Even Raavi may yell, she begs him to strive to comprehend or else go to hell. Dhara becomes anxious.

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