Pandya Store 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara Gets Accused

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Kamini begins the episode by complementing Rishita and inviting her to join her. Raavi had a disagreement with the woman. Dhara says Raavi is coming on set, so watch your tongue and consider before you speak. She wonders how this lady is, how she can converse, you leave on a shoot and come back in an hour, you get dressed when you return. She requests that Chiku’s clothing be kept in her room. She warns against mixing Chiku and Chutki’s outfits. She walks away. Raavi receives a phone call. Rishita wonders whether everything will be OK. Dev replies sure, Dhara becomes protective over children, it’s not only about Chiku, she’ll battle you for our Chutki as well, keep cheerful, it’s a great day.

Raavi leaves with the incorrect clothing in the plate. Krish summons her. Shiva observes. She goes to Dhara’s room to store the bag. Kamini welcomes the pandit. Pandit apologises, saying that the pandit who was summoned is ill, therefore he delegated the Naamkaran to me. She claims there would be a Naamkaran puja for two newborns. He claims that I was informed about one baby. She invites him to join her. Rishita shows up. When she sees the decorations, she smiles. Dhara says Raavi only retained two jodi outfits; I’ll make Chiku wear this. Suman bestows blessings to Dev and Rishita. Dhara prepares herself. She obtains Chiku. Rishita shows the pandit her daughter.

Dhara requests that Suman tell her what else is left. Suman says everything is finished, so relax and enjoy. Raavi is preoccupied with the shoot. The director instructs her to unwind and prepare her lines. Raavi is concerned about his family. According to the cameraman, the camera went missing. The director storms out in rage. Raavi, according to Shiva, is not attending the celebration. Suman wonders where Raavi has gone. Dhara says she’ll simply come since she’s on her way to work.

The puja starts. Raavi informs me that I must return home. The woman argues with her and tells her to wait because another camera is on its way. Raavi claims that everyone at home is expecting me. Janardhan and Kalyani had returned home. They get the cradle. Pandit requests just one cradle. Rishita says the baby is one, hence there is only one cradle. Pandit inquires about the other kid. Rishita claims that just my daughter’s Naamkaran is taking place today. Kalyani inquires as to how you liked the swing. Rishita thinks it’s fantastic. Suman shows Chutki the gold earrings. Dhara claims I also got Chutki a gold chain. She goes to retrieve it. Suman, according to Rishita, did not inform me. Chutki doesn’t have any Bua, therefore Kamini says she wants to surprise you with the Naamkaran. Dev says Dhara is there, and she will retain Chutki’s good reputation; I have a sister, Bhabhi, and mother with Dhara, therefore it is her right. Shiva dials Raavi’s number.

Raavi informs the woman that she has done the best she can. She informs me that I have completed the video and that I must go immediately. The woman claims that we must inform everyone on social media that this girl is unprofessional. Rishita inquires of Pandit, “Why are you doing everything twice?” According to Pandit, I was informed about Naamkaran of two infants. She inquires as to who informed you. That lady, he claims. He searches for Kamini. He motions to Kamini. Dhara shows up. Everyone notices Dhara.

Dhara, says Rishita. Dev thinks it’s alright if Dhara agrees. He instructs Pandat to begin. I don’t wish to maintain the Naamkaran today, according to Rishita. She stands up. Janardhan wonders why this feature is reserved for our Chutki. Suman instructs Rishita to take a seat and think like a mother. Rishita replies yeah, Dhara isn’t concerned about Chutki, I have no issue with Chiku, Dhara knows everything, and she still wants to conduct the Naamkaran today, so she informed the pandit without consulting anyone else. Dhara claims you’re misinformed; I didn’t tell Pandit anything. According to Rishita, you always seem to be innocent.

Kamini beams. Rishita notices the clothing on the platter. They see Chiku wearing Chutki’s clothing. Rishita inquires of Dhara about it. I informed Raavi that Dhara said she didn’t know. Kalyani replies, “Just say you can’t stand it that Rishita has given the first heir of the next generation to this family, I knew you’d do something, you spoiled a great day of your own blood for someone else’s blood.” Suman claims that this baby is not of this home till it is on Dhara’s lap. Dhara sobs. Suman says he won’t hear anything negative about this kid.

Gautam agrees that she is correct; Chiku is ours till he enters our home. Dev says we’ll maintain Chiku’s Naamkaran as well as Chutki’s.

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