Pandya Store 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara Commits To Look After Chiku

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Shweta begins the episode by thanking Dhara and departing. Dhara says I will take care of Chiku, that I will not come to anyone to cry after Chiku leaves, that you all focus on Chutki, not Chiku and me, that you focus on Chutki’s Naamkaran and Janmashtami, that Chutki is lucky to have a family, that Chiku has his mother but is still an orphan, that he got his first name from a stranger’s family. She tears as she embraces him.

Rishita responds, “Wow, you don’t shed a poor light on Chutki by calling her fortunate; why don’t you say you’re sorry Chiku is unlucky?” Dev intervenes. Raavi thinks you’re mistaken, while Dhara believes Chutki is fortunate. Dhara may retain Chiku’s naamkaran together with Chutki, according to Rishita. Raavi responds, “So what? Chiku is a child, and no one welcomed him back.” She grabs Chiku and embraces her. She inquires, “Didn’t anybody miss him, and don’t you want to hug?” Shiva claims that I missed him. He embraces Chiku. Raavi adds, “I understand Shweta; she won’t perform Chiku’s naamkaran; I believe we should keep the infants’ naamkaran together.” Rishita explains, “Because Chutki is the first child of our future generation, I won’t be able to celebrate her special day with anybody.” She looks around and leaves.

Dhara replies, “Don’t feel terrible for me, I’ve become used to her remarks now,” but she has a limit, she has become a mother, how can she be so nasty to a baby? She walks away with Chiku. On the phone, Kalyani speaks with Rishita. She wonders whether Dhara became passionate about getting the baby back. Rishita replies no, the baby has returned, and she is disappointed that Chiku’s Naamkaran is not taking place. Kalyani inquires, “What must I say now?” I don’t want to jeopardise our relationship, she says.

Kalyani suggests making Chutki’s special day all about her. Yes, Rishita says, I’m doing my best. Raavi buys candy for everyone. They come up with various names for Chutki. Dev has suggested that I name my daughter Saanvi. Suman suggests that I nickname her Malti. Rishita suggests coming up with a catchy name. Suman says no, I won’t think about it. Dev asks Dhara what name she had in mind. Rishita says I’ll maintain the last name; just say it. Suman says, “Calm down.” Rishita says it’s about Chutki’s whole life; I’ll maintain the name since she’s unique.

It’s dawn, and Shiva and Raavi are swinging on the swing as he decorates. Krish and the women from the neighbourhood are watching. Chup chupke dilbar ka…. Shiva and Raavi had locked gazes. Krish stamps them. They are properly seated. Shiva claims that you constantly fall, and that the swing is set, but not for us, but for Laddoo Gopal. According to the woman, Shiva constantly finds a way to charm Raavi. Raavi beams. She receives a phone call. Shiva asks Krish, “Can’t you hold a rope? You have no strength; I’ll ask Dhara for two more rotis.” Krish makes fun of them. Raavi watches and grins.

Suman arrives and introduces himself to the women. She instructs them to sing, dance, and smile since it is Janmashtami and mahurat is at 12 a.m. Kanta and her bahu have arrived. She compliments you on keeping two functions in one celebration. Suman answers sure, you haven’t given the party in a long time. Dhara receives the gopal laddoo. Dhara and the idol are praised by the females. Gautam protects himself from the terrible sight. Dhara beams. The woman asks Suman whether they adopted Chiku and if he performed his Naamkaran today.

Suman thinks the concept is nice. Dhara claims he is just here for the day, and his mother is there to protect his reputation. Dev notices Rishita and assists her. She adds, “I’m so glad today; my family is coming; don’t say anything that may anger them.” He says I’ll give it a go. Do your best, she urges. Kamini arrives and welcomes you. Suman claims you arrived before the event began. Kamini said everyone is coming; please let me know if there is any job available. Suman claims that my bahus and kids have completed every task. Raavi receives a phone call. She says I can’t attend since I have a family event at home. Shiva requests that I place her phone in the havan kund. Gautam keeps the Kanha idol swinging. Rishita adds, “I’ll pray that the event goes well; Dhara’s overly sensitive character might cause problems.”

She can also preserve Chiku’s Naamkaran. Kamini arrives and listens to them. Rishita adds Dhara would be saddened if Chiku leaves, something I know you don’t like. Kanta asks Dhara to retain the new plates since they are for baby’s belongings and Raavi isn’t here. Dhara requests that Krish retain the plates. Raavi collides with a woman, and the phone falls to the ground. The phone goes to speaker mode. The dialogue is heard by everyone. Raavi wonders why the speaker isn’t getting up. When Raavi claims she won’t be able to attend the shoot, the woman threatens her. Raavi confronts her. Rishita says she doesn’t mind Chiku, but because it’s Chutki’s birthday, she doesn’t want Dhara to interfere. Kamini considers putting up a show during the major event.

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