Pandya Store 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Shweta’s Mum Returns Chiku To Dhara

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

The episode begins. We’ll fetch the cradle for the infant, said Kalyani and Kamini. Rishita’s family has left. Suman delegated tasks to Dhara and Raavi. Raavi is given a chance. She says I can’t leave town. The girl makes an offer of 2 lakhs. Shiva notices Raavi. Raavi answers, “My priorities are different,” and she accepts the offer. Raavi replies we can chat later. Shiva and Raavi disagree.

He claims you care about your family, not about me. He wonders whether I should lose my life for you on the day I forget to love you, as if I forgot to breathe. She beams. He tells her to go live her life and be happy, and to remain busy on the phone. She adds, “Fine, if you want me to leave, I’ll go now.” She dials the number and accepts the offer. She says, “I’m leaving now.” Shiva mocks her. She storms out.

Dhara prepares the baby. Suman inquires whether you compiled the list. Dhara affirms. Suman inquires whether you have forgotten anything. Dhara claims she told her everything. Suman claims that we need new outfits for Naamkaran. Dhara assures me that I will get it. Dhara requests that Rishita take the infant. She claims I just changed her clothing. Rishita questions why you forced her to wear Chiku’s clothing. Suman claims it isn’t a huge deal. Rishita claims that Chiku is a stranger since she was not born to Dhara.

Chiku’s garments are thrown there by her. Dhara is depressed. Shweta is unable of dealing with Chiku. She says Chiku is safe with Dhara and that we will travel to Dhara. Dhara fantasises about Chiku. She comes to. Gautam requests water from her. He advises don’t call them at night, it won’t be good, and to go to bed immediately. Shweta’s mother reports that Chiku’s fever is rising. Her father says I’m going to the doctor. Shweta replies no, she can’t deal with him. Shweta’s mother tells her to relax and hold the baby. Shweta adds, “I tried everything, he’s not quiet, he constantly cries, let him handle it, remain with Dhara.” She becomes dizzy. Her mother grabs her and urges him to contact a doctor.

Shweta’s mother transports Chiku to the Pandya residence. Suman prevents Dhara from stealing Dhara. Shiva inquires as to why Dhara is unable to accept him. Dev adds that if Dhara takes him today, Shweta’s mother would bring him here for trivial reasons, and that we must stop Dhara. Shiva, according to Rishita, can not grasp what is good and evil. Raavi thinks we should have no trouble getting Chiku. Dev requests that Shweta’s mother remove Chiku.

Shweta’s mother advises her daughter to “simply listen to us.” Suman suggests asking your daughter to look after the infant if she has ran away. Shweta’s mother replies no, he’s sobbing a lot and isn’t feeling good. Suman inquires as to how Dhara is linked to him; you believe she is a mother on the side; no, I won’t allow you mess with Dhara’s emotions; take the baby and go; just leave. Dhara becomes agitated. Suman accepts her. They closed the door. Shweta’s mother enters the home once again. Chiku weeps a lot.

Shweta’s mother begs Suman not to become callous; Krishna was also with Yashoda; why can’t Dhara be his Yashoda for a few days? Suman claims she can become Yashoda for the rest of her life, but can your daughter become Devki? Shweta’s mother claims that Shweta has a terrible luck; she panicked when she saw the baby’s poor condition, had an attack, and is now in the hospital. She hands Chiku over to Dhara and instructs her to look after him. Chiku relaxes in Dhara’s embrace.

Chiku, she claims, became tranquil for the first time. Suman advises to return the baby since they will come back and steal her. Shweta’s mother says it’s my fault; please, Suman, let the baby remain with Dhara till Shweta recovers. She sobs. Dhara assures her that Chiku will be fine and that she would look after him till his mother recovers.

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