Pandya Store 20th October 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Pandya Store 20 October 2022

Suman reprimands Shweta. It’s a negative sign, according to Suman. It’s OK, replies Dhara; it’s all in the head. Rishita chuckles. Suman inquires whether I made any jokes and why you are laughing. According to Rishita, the Lord is sending us a sign, but you are unable to interpret it. Shweta and Krish go inside. There is a grahpravesh. The visitors also attend. Suman announces that there is no set agenda for lunch and that you are free to leave. The women go. Shweta, you must sleep in Rishita’s room today; you cannot use Krish’s chamber before Mu dikhai, says Suman.

Chutki screams at night, my room is full of stuff, and you don’t want Shweta to get dark circles, right? Rishita wonders why. When you both sleep in the same room and become best friends, Suman claims that you went to Shweta’s room to make friends and that he would give you another opportunity. Suman requests that Rishita give him the jewellery bag. Shweta considers selling the jewellery to get some cash. It’s what Rishita believes I won’t offer her. We had fun on the bus, but she told me something there that pierced my heart; you may ask Shweta about it. She claims we have already become close friends. So Suman won’t feel horrible, she begs Shweta to inform him. Suman requests Shweta’s input.

Rishita claims that she was implying that she was irresponsible with jewellery and that she wanted to store it in the locker for safety. Suman agrees that Krish’s decision cannot be bad. Shweta is the ideal match for Krish, according to Rishita. When I informed Suman about your sentiments, did you feel horrible about it, she asked Shweta. Shweta responds, “Why would I?” End this right now, Suman says; I’m exhausted; I’ll go to sleep; and you all should too. The jewellery is taken along with her. Shweta would likely be exhausted, according to Raavi, therefore I will take her to my room. Good concept, comments Rishita. She gives Shweta a hug and adds, “You entered the home, but only for a short while. I will expose your lies.” We’ll see what you can accomplish, Shweta replies, adding that she just got married and is now Krish’s wife and Suman’s favourite bahu. Gautam suspects Dhara is hiding something. They all leave. Thanks to Dhara, Shweta She warns that if you tell anybody else the truth, Krish will feel guilty and I need your assistance.

I don’t want to tell it, Dhara adds, so please don’t betray my confidence. Thanks to her, Shweta Gautam remembers every detail. The kids are all married now, so we can live in peace, Dhara embraces him and says. She laughs. Every relationship should begin with the truth, not a lie, according to him. Explain the situation to me, including the reasons you were upset, the people you were following, and Shweta’s involvement. I have nothing to hide, according to Dhara. I want to know the truth, he claims. The situation is finished, she claims. If you don’t tell me where you made the false jewellery, I won’t trust your account, he adds. She begs for his faith. He claims that despite your nice deeds for the family, you have caused countless messes. I won’t say anything to you, she tells him, so go join Rishita’s group.

Okay, I’m going, he replies. Don’t argue with me today, she says. I’m going to Krish, he says. When Gautam and Shiva approach Krish, they make fun of him. Dev also shows up. According to Gautam, there is a golden guideline in marriage: always pay attention to Shweta. What a farce, Dev exclaims, Rishita booted me out of the room because I was feeling drowsy. They chuckle. Dev advises you to resolve the situation so that you are not caught in the middle of your wife’s and mother’s problems. Gautam claims that you advised him too late. Gautam is asked by Dev why he came to this place. Maybe Dhara, suggests Gautam… Because I believed Krish would be busy starting tomorrow, I decided to have a bro chat. We shall sing and dance, adds Dev, since we know why you came here.

Ye raat aur ye duri are sang. and twirl. They see themselves wooing their brides. They chuckle. Dhara claims that Shweta and Krish are starting again, and that I shouldn’t talk about Shweta. When my mother names the custody documents to me, Shweta adds, “I have the flight tomorrow, and I don’t care about this marriage and this family.”

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