Pandya Store 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Gautam is holding Dhara

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

The episode begins with Dev expressing, “I’m bothered by something, I don’t know what to do, and I’m worried about Dhara.” Suman claims that the Lord created this destiny and that we cannot alter it; one receives what is written in the fate. Dev claims that Gautam and Dhara didn’t have a kid to raise us, and that I can’t even support her now. Suman confirms that Rishita stole Chutki from Dhara; Dhara would have been upset, but I understand Rishita’s anxiety. Dev says he wants Dhara to raise Chutki, but Rishita argues she has the right to do so. She believes Rishita is correct.

He wonders whether I don’t have a right to the infant. Suman says that everyone has a right to the baby and that she will be raised properly. I had a problem because Dhara is raising you three, I was helpless because I was paralysed, Dhara has raised you with love and made you capable, she did not take away my rights and respect, the entire family will raise Chutki, but the final decision will be Rishita and yours, pandit is coming for Naamkaran. Rajjo walks inside the home.

Suman apprehends her and asks her why she came. Rajjo agrees to sign her. Suman chastises her and warns her not to be too clever. Rajjo claims Raavi phoned him and said, “I’m not a thief.” Suman inquires as to why you called. Rajjo claims that the females in my village have smartphones, that they created my video, and that Raavi summoned me here. Raavi arrives. Rajjo thinks you’re stunning. She talks about her supporting mother and her hopes for her mother. Raavi says, “I saw your films, you soar in the air, I’ll make your videos viral, and you’ll become famous.” Rajjo invites her to the local fair. She takes off running.

Rishita looks after her child. She summons Raavi. When she steps outside, she finds her relatives approaching with presents and sweets. Janardhan embraces Rishita and asks whether she is well. They are all aware of the baby. Suman is mocked by Kamini. Janardhan claims you did not inform us. Suman turns to face Dev. Kamini adds, “Rishita gave this home a baby and filled it with happiness; you all are sobbing for a stranger’s kid instead of celebrating happiness; did I say anything wrong?”

Kalyani says Rishita shouldn’t do any work, so I’ll go fetch some water for her. Raavi assures me that I will get it. Gautam, Dhara, and Shiva arrive to meet. Kamini inquires whether we have the right to meet our grandchild. Dhara says yes. Kamini gives the infant a gold chain. Kalyani compares the newborn to Rishita. Suman inquires about Dadi’s present. Suman believes I didn’t give Chutki anything. Dev replies, “I despise this pretence; love is created of respect and affection, not this pretence; return your presents.” Rishita replies, “Why are you displaying ego?

They have a right on the baby, everyone is grieving here, let my family adore the baby, at least someone is there who made me feel unique.” Kamini replies it’s OK, we’ve become used to Dev’s irritation, don’t ruin your mood, tell me the baby’s name. Rishita claims that we are now referring to her as Chutki. They’re all crazy over the baby. Janardhan claims Dev is dissatisfied. He requests that Dev share the money to the impoverished who frequent his business. He inquires about Naamkaran. Suman adds, “We have the mahurat, arrive on time, and we will keep the disco celebration going for Chutki’s Naamkaran.” Rishita beams. Suman adds, “You began the family’s third generation, and we will always be grateful.”

Gautam is holding Dhara. Suman claims that I would throw a fantastic party and also deliver the present. Raavi suggests that I contact a designer for Rishita. Dhara receives a phone call from Shweta’s mother. Shweta’s mother apologises for bothering you. Chiku has a high fever; what medication did you give him? I obtained your number from the hospital. Dhara inquires, “How did he develop fever?” You bring him here, I’ll look. Shweta’s mother replies no, we’ll handle him. Take care, Dhara adds, and I’ll text you the medications. Gautam inquires as to what transpired. Dhara reports that Chiku has a fever, and Shweta’s family has phoned. Gautam says you’ve messaged the medication, so don’t be concerned.

Kalyani expresses concern for a stranger’s kid; I don’t believe Dhara is excited for your baby’s arrival; I’m not trying to provoke you, Rishita; I’m only telling you the truth. Rishita requests that she stop. She becomes depressed.

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