Pandya Store 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Dhara Saves Rishita From Kamini’s Plan

Pandya Store 1st June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

Kalyani begins the episode by inquiring about Rishita’s jewellery. I don’t know how she obtained it, and I can’t question her. Kamini claims I stored it in the cabinet. Rishita gets hugged by Janardhan. I observed you give the thread to Dhara, and Kalyani wonders if you’re really not going to accomplish anything today. Kamini claims that I gave it to her for puja. She decides to look in the cabinet.

Rishita gets hugged by Kalyani. She tells her to cover herself up a little more. The necklace isn’t visible in Kamini’s closet. She claims that Dhara is unaware of the necklace, implying that Rishita has worn it herself; if Dhara sees the jewellery, she would attempt to take Rishita home; I must intervene. Rishita is the one who does the puja. Raavi claims that one day her eyes will open.

Rishita is summoned by Dhara to come over and knot the thread for the baby’s safety. Is it only a woman’s responsibility, says Gautam? Shiva claims that it is also our responsibility. Dev claims that we must also pray for the kid. It’s simply a woman’s puja, according to Janardhan. Who has stopped the males, according to Gautam, if a woman may pray for her family?

Couples do the pooja and tie the thread around the tree jointly. They are blessed by Pandit. Everyone participates in Garba. Kamariya….plays… Dhara is asked by Kamini to knot the thread there. Dhara suspects something is wrong, and I’m not going to allow her carry out her plan. Dhara is leaving. Rishita’s poor vision is warded off by Kamini. Rishita notices Dhara walking away. She invites Kamini to join her in the dance.

No, Kamini responds, I’ll see the visitors. Dhara continues to roll the thread. Kalyani notices this and assumes Kamini gave it to Dhara; it’s a good thing she didn’t knot it. The topic is noticed by Kamini. She is concerned. She requests Kalyani to go collect some stuff to help her with her impaired vision. If something happens to Rishita and her kid, Kalyani vows she would not forgive you. Kamini instructs her to just go collect the goods.

She secures the thread with a knot. She claims that Rishita must immediately be apprehended. She summons the thugs and orders them to grab the necklace from Rishita’s neck; Rishita will be unharmed. Gautam and Shiva are aware of her presence. Kamini is allegedly summoning robbers in her own home, according to Shiva.

Gautam says it’s OK; we won’t need to contact our people since the thieves will be apprehended. The residence is entered by two guys. The robbers are apprehended by Gautam and Shiva. We’re from the police, says Gautam, so tell us who your employer is. Kamini keeps an eye out for the thugs.

When Rishita collapses, she begs a woman to support her. I’m taking a tremendous risk, she adds, and I want her to remain here. Where are Gautam and Shiva, Dhara thinks? It’s time to take the necklace. Rishita approaches the thread. Dhara notices this and yells. She dashes over to Rishita. Rishita gets knocked out. Dhara, and keep her from running out of time.

Dhara inquires as to your well-being. Dev inquires of Rishita, “Are you okay?” and “Should I contact the doctor?” He expresses gratitude to Dhara for rescuing Rishita. He requests water from Rishita. Everyone is concerned about her safety. Dhara catches a glimpse of Kamini. Janardhan expresses his gratitude to Dhara. Kamini wonders who you’re thanking: Janardhan, the man who attempted to murder Rishita’s kid, or Dhara, who orchestrated everything. Everyone is watching.

Gautam puts Krish to the bottom of the list. The shop board is knocked over. We need to have this store fixed as soon as possible, according to Gautam. Dev reminds them that they are cash-strapped.

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