Pandya Store 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode

Raavi cheerfully declares that she will order salad

Star Plus Serial Pandya Store 1st August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Pandya Store Written Update

Suman outlines the many reasons why a newborn cries. Dev delivers the cradle. Rishita places the infant in the cradle. According to Rishita, the infant will sleep in the cradle. Dhara believes it is appropriate to let the baby alone in the cradle so that the infant will sleep with her on the bed. According to Rishita, the infant must be self-sufficient and will sleep in the cradle in their room. Suman requests that Dev and Rishita take the infant to their room. They comply.

Dhara begs Rishita to give her the baby and feed her during supper. She complies. Raavi cheerfully declares that she will order salad. Suman wonders why Raavi is so happy if she won the lotto. Shiva denies it and claims he has no idea why. He mentally apologises to Gungun for lying.

Suman inquires of Gautam if he paid the baby’s mother’s hospital bill. Rishita inquires as to why they should pay her medical bill. Suman claims that if they do not pay, they would be held responsible for her death. Suman queries Gautam about it once again. She makes fun of him for staring at Dhara without responding. Gautam believes that if Dhara finds that the baby’s mother has fled, she would be sad, and he considers placing the baby in an orphanage.

He is undecided about telling the truth to everyone. Suman chastises Dhara for overspicing the Sabzi. She mocks Dhara. Shiva complains that she prepared eggplant sabzi, which he dislikes. Dhara is enraged. She inquires if he had any issues when Raavi prepared eggplant the other day. Rishita claims that Dhara can’t cook nice meals since her whole emphasis has been on how to take the kid away from her. As a result, she fled the kitchen many times.

Dhara wonders why Rishita or Raavi aren’t in charge of the kitchen. She acknowledges that she was preoccupied with the baby. They all attempted to keep her away from the baby, she says. She claims that she is aware that it is not her child and that she intends to leave the home one day. She then walks away. Shiva questions Suman about scolding Dhara while knowing her situation. Suman is supported by Dev, who claims that she chastised Dhara for her well-being. Gautam pursues Dhara in order to persuade her. Sumam feels relieved that her boys are supporting her instead of Dhara for the first time in their lives.

Raavi is undecided on what to dress for her social media live. She wants Shiva’s assistance. Shiva instructs her to consider what clothing she does not wish to wear and requests that they be donated. He returns all of the clothing to the cupboard. Raavi claims that Shiva dislikes her job, therefore he does it. She claims she will erase her account.

Shiva takes a garment from the closet and hands it to Raavi, instructing her to wear it for the shoot. Raavi claims that it is not easy. Shiva reminds Raavi that she told him not to alter himself for the sake of others. He tells Raavi to keep things simple and nice. Raavi claims Shiva misled to his family about his support for her. She assures him that he will not be sorry. I love you, she says. Raavi is lifted and placed on the bed by Shiva. They sit on the bed, happily gaze at one other.

Dhara gets the doctor’s call on Gautam’s phone and is stunned to find that the baby’s mother has fled the hospital. Gautam appears just then. Dhara questions Gautam about why he concealed the baby’s mother after she fled the hospital. Gautam claims he was going to inform her. Gautam requests that Dhara deliver the baby. He takes the infant from Dhara and walks out of the room.

Dhara notices the infant becoming distressed. She swears to Gautam that she would not surrender the baby to the orphanage. She wonders why they can’t raise the infant at home. Gautam claims that this is not their child. He goes on to say that he filed a missing persons report for the baby’s mother. Dhara demands that Gautam give her the baby rather than leaving him at the orphanage. Gautam says he has no objections to keeping the kid, but he is concerned about her devotion to the infant and claims that they have already seen her insanity.

Dhara confesses to making a mistake in the past and offers to return the kid once his mother is located. Gautam believes that this kid will become Dhara’s preoccupation, and that she would be devastated when the baby leaves her. Dhara uses Yashoda and Lord Krishan as examples and begs Gautam to let her care for the infant for a while. She also tells him that the baby’s mother delegated care for the infant to them. Gautam observes.

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